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“It is a book I’ve read over and over, and find something new every time. There is really nothing else like it out there, and I am so glad I bought it!”

“Amy Barickman has created a beautiful book; inspiring and in some cases, as relevant today as it was in the 1920s and 30s.”

“I have enjoyed this book so much, I bought another one for my friend…”

“Amy’s book takes a soulful look at the beautiful connections we have with our sewing and crafting sisters of the past. This book inspires all of us to discover our own personal heritage by sharing stories between mothers, daughters, grandmothers and friends. It celebrates what women can create with their own two hands and what we can achieve together.”
~ Amy Butler
Industry-leading artist/fabric designer

“What a completely charming book! Filled with projects and ideas from long ago that are still perfect for today, it’s illustrated in a style that’s right up my alley! I can’t wait to break out my embroidery thread and make something!”
~ Mary Engelbreit
Internationally recognized artist/illustrator

“Amy Barickman’s new book is a different type of book. It’s a book that slows us down and encourages us to live deliberately and with attention to detail. By culling some of the most imaginative content from her collection of vintage books and magazines, Amy puts forth a blueprint that helps us incorporate the authentic spirit of vintage into all of our creative pursuits.

The book is cleverly divided into months, allowing us to discover lessons of all sorts, from cooking the perfect winter soup to stitching the prettiest springtime applique, from walking with poise and confidence to wrapping the perfect gifts and so much more.

Bravo to Amy Barickman for showing all of us how not only to love vintage, but to truly know and understand vintage.”
~ Jenny Doh
Founder & president, CRECENDOh

“It’s not often I find a book that not only catches my eye but also captures my heart like Vintage Notions by Amy Barickman. From my first quick flip through Vintage Notions I knew this book had to be in the library of all sewers and quilters! The beautiful vintage illustrations and color backgrounds made me want to read the book immediately, but it is the charming, historical chapters relating to the heritage of sewing, quilting, and other home arts that made me remember and rejoice in the joy and fulfillment these creative arts have brought to my own life!

The writings of Mary Brooks Picken make me wish I had known her in person to swap life stories! I was amazed as I read how her life lessons and creative opportunities relate to my life today. I got goosebumps’ reading how her work and writings empowered women to use sewing as the springboard to independence, financial security and self esteem! I want to use the patterns, make the projects and try the recipes. Now that I have read it through, I plan to read each month’s chapter as it relates to the seasons and holidays for ideas and projects, but most of all, for life encouragement and inspiration! Happy Sewing.”
~ Sue Hausmann
Sewing and quilting educator, host of America Sews for Public Television

“Amy Barickman is a great collector of all things vintage. Her book Vintage Notions is indeed packed full of her treasures, along with inspiring projects to nourish the creative spirit. It’s amazing to see this timeless collection of domesticity preserved for modern women, proving everything old is new again.”
~ Nancy Soriano
Lifestyle & design consultant, co-founder of The Creative Connection

“Mary Brooks Picken’s philosophy has been the basis of inspiration for great women like Amy Barickman. Amy tells her inspirational journey in her new book, Vintage Notions. The design of her book and the old-fashioned artwork throughout is, well, over the top. I couldn’t put it down, and when I finally went to bed, I got back up 10 minutes later … I needed more!
~ Mary Jane Butters
Editor/founder (MaryJanesFarm), author, organic farmer, designer (bedding) and
Web entrepreneur ( & Project F.A.R.M.).

“…Vintage Notions…is a celebration of domestic aesthetics…the book itself is art, overflowing not only with sweet morsels of fashion, needlework, and cooking, but with beautiful textures and colors…This book would be welcomed by anyone who is inclined to a vintage bent, who fancies home economics, or who finds happiness in making art out of life.”
~ Foreword Reviews (Gaia Neashasha Nesvacil)

…and from other readers:

“Dear Amy,
I recently stumbled upon your book on a display at my library. I checked it out, and loved it immediately. I do not buy books new often, unless I love them (I read ALOT). I knew I needed Vintage Notions in my personal collection! Your book is absolutely wonderful! I plan on telling my friends about it. I am working on starting a Quilting Bee in my area. I am a big fan of vintage. Your book inspired me.”

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