Meet Tommy the Tomato

It’s National Sewing Month, a perfect time to celebrate the tomato pincushion. I can only imagine the percentage of needle and thread enthusiasts in America that have a tomato in their home. I have a few!!

Tomato pincushion collection

It’s always fun to hear stories of an heirloom tomato, LOL, not the kind you eat, the kind that connects us to someone in the family who has a legacy in the world of sewing and crafts.

How did we name this fellow pictured above? Watch my video below to see the vintage children’s sewing book series that inspired his name.

Check out my last week’s replay of my Facebook Live to learn more about this friendly fellow who you can make for your sewing room or as a gift for a creative friend. I also share a fun variation made with embroidered linens. See some unique pincushions in my collection, as well as a wonderful book written by Dawn Cook Ronningen, Antique American Needlework Tools.

I also share a fun ideas for Dritz’s new cherry tomato pincushions! You can purchase a package of 12 here!

I hope you enjoy the history and will consider one of my  DIY courses when they are available next week. The DIY course I created for the Tomato Pin Cushion includes a fun interview with Dawn, the author Antique American Needlework Tools about the history this iconic sewing notion. In the meantime, let’s share our tomato pincushions over in my Vintage Made Modern Facebook group.

Here is a fun one in my collection playing in my Pearl Buttons (another DIY Course I will be launching this month!)

character pincushion

Watch the video to learn why I named him Pinocchio!

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