Vintage Notions Book Club: Welcome, Spring!

book club headerThe March chapter of Vintage Notions is all about celebrating Spring. I still see snow on the ground as I look out my window, but I know the warmer weather is almost here. I can’t wait! As I reread the pages of this chapter, I realized how much I love the messages and wisdom in the pages of Mary’s essays in her book, Thimblefuls of Friendliness. Some of my favorite quotes in the whole book are in this chapter…

“Cheerfulness is much more to be desired than riches. Those who possess it have something riches cannot buy a great possession because it creates goodwill and makes for real happiness.”

-Mary Brooks Picken

blue flowers

Roses Every Day

Roses also make an appearance in March’s chapter in the excerpt, “Roses Every Day”. Vintage rose postcards were some of my original Vintage Workshop images and are particularly dear to my heart. I thought I would share one of my favorite rose images with you and also a gallery of some fun rose photos that I’ve collected on my vintake-seeking adventures!






“Let’s give the roses every day. A petal of cheer now is worth
a dozen roses after awhile.”



stitch mag

  apronMy favorite apron is in this chapter as well. The slip-over apron is cut on the bias and seems to fit everyone perfectly! It was featured in Stitch magazine awhile back, as you can see in the picture to the left — I love this vibrant color combination!


Now it’s your turn to share your favorite apron style and why you like it. If you need to refresh your memory or find a new apron to create, check out Indygo Junction’s aprons. We have 25 different designs, plus several new styles that were just released! Click here to check them out.

Until next month, here’s one last gem from Mary to think about during your day:


  “Interest yourself in the heart next to you, and your own troubles will melt away like icicles in the sunshine.”



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