VN Excerpt: Cross-Stitch

[Inspiration. 1927]
The quaint charm of cross-stitch is unsurpassed by any other type of needlework, for about it there lingers the romance of its association with the old-time samplers, which had their origin in Europe long before America was discovered. Recently there has been a revival of interest in the sampler, and one now sees many pricey examples that have come down from our colonial days, as well as very modern ones characterized by a lightness of sentiment that links them with the spirit of modern interior decoration both in color and in motif. But cross-stitch is by no means confined to samplers. In simple motifs and borders, it makes the most delightful deco- ration imaginable for children’s clothes, underwear, blouses, handkerchiefs, and innumerable household linens. By varying the color, the size of the stitches, and the kind and size of thread, a great number of different effects may be obtained from a single pattern.

* * *

Reading this excerpt, reminds me of a phrase that hit me over and over as I worked on this book…What’s old is new again. Trends seem to repeat generation after generation. In fact, I recently had a Quilt Shop owner tell me how popular her hand embroidery classes were and how many younger customers were asking for more!

While contemplating the design on the cross stitch pages, I purchased some vintage linens (see above) embellished with cross-stitch. I love the simplicity cross-stitchand the designs seemed so timeless. ~ Amy

* * *

I aspire to teach my daughter cross-stitch, simply spelling her name in cross-stitch would be a fun way to introduce her to the craft. Share a comment about a needlework project you have created or aspire to create.

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  1. I was given an old magazine called Cross Stitch & Country Crafts. This magazine has Instuctions for counted cross stitch doll faces. I sewed the these faces and the dolls for my first counted cross stitch project. I love them! I make my own designs now, and give dolls to my family.