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Many times I’ve been asked how I get the ideas for my books, patterns or fabric lines? And the short answer is lots of places.  My passion for seeking out vintage sewing treasures and collecting sewing books and ephemera has lead to many of my projects over the years. The Sew-it Book, Buttonware, Hankie Style and Vintage Notions are just a few of the books that I have created based on inspiring vintage items I’ve found and collected.

Through my travels, I always seek out antique malls, galleries or flea markets to rummage through. Often, I see something beautiful that catches my eye  colors, fabric textures, the shear artistry of a piece or the details in the stitching. It may just be an old book filled with gorgeous illustrations.

Many times this stirs my creative juices and I combine the inspiration with current trends in the market to come up with a new book or pattern idea. Other times, I find a vintage piece and realize the concept or creation would be interesting to today’s consumer and feel the need to rescue it from obscurity.

One example is my latest embroidery book, A Stitch in Time with Mother Goose. This book of vintage embroidery designs, along with my coordinating fabric line from Red Rooster Fabrics of the same name, was inspired by a darling baby blanket I found during my travels. The quilt was created from an old Butterick transfers pattern circa 1920’s. I’ve also discovered in my collection the original magazine ad featuring the pattern for sale. Below are a few shots of the original blanket.

I was toying already with the idea of creating a new embroidery book with a vintage feel and had some wonderful Mother Goose line art that I wanted to use, but the project had not yet come to fruition. I happened upon this hand embroidered baby blanket in bluework, along with the original vintage transfers and the entire project took shape.

Embroidery is really making a come back. The book includes 25 designs to be transferred to fabric and instructions for 7 different projects including two quilts. Here are just a few projects included in this book:

Another method of embroidery can be done with just the Mother Goose fabric itself. Two of the fabric line coordinates are cheater blocks. These two panels one in red and one in blue  have the Mother Goose line art already printed directly on the fabric. All one has to do it thread your needle and following the lines. No transfers needed.

Enter to win A Stitch in Time with Mother Goose fabric bundle and book

For a chance to win a bundle of A Stitch in Time with Mother Goose fabric (one yard of many coordinate plus one each of the two embroidery cheater block panels – please note that only 19 of the 24 coordinates are available in this giveaway) AND a copy of A Stitch in Time with Mother Goose, you have five ways to enter the drawing.

1. Post a comment to this blog post only letting me know what you would create with this collection.

2.Like my Facebook page at facebook.com/amybarickmanstudios

3. Sign up for my twitter account at twitter.com/amybarickman

4. Repost this blog entry on your blog. Email me at amyb@amybarickman.com with the link to your post.

5. Post this blog entry on your Facebook page. Email me at amyb@amybarickman.com with the link to your FB page.

A winner will be drawn at random from all entries. Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, February 1st at midnight and a winner announced on Thursday, February 3rd.

Good luck!!

880 Responses to “Fabric Inspiration & Giveaway”

  1. For a Great-grandbaby that will be born in May. Yipee

  2. I’d love to make a quilt or wallhanging

  3. Oh my a person could make all kinds of things…I am trying to work on some quilts for some organizations now this would come in handy….

  4. I would use this to make a quilt for a Great-grandbaby, that is due in May.

  5. This would be the perfect fabric to make the new grandson something special and I could dust off my embroidery skills.

  6. I love your books and your vintage style! I am a new auntie and would love to make a bluework quilt for my nephew!

  7. aawww, these are so sweet! I collect MotherGoose books as a hobby…love going to flea markets, yard sales, library booksales to find them. My daughter recently married and I would start NOW to make a quilt for my grandbabies to come! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  8. I also have a love of vintage linens and love doing hand work. I’d make a quilt for one of my grandchildren.

  9. If I won the giveaway, I’d make my little boys a quilt!

  10. Went to “like” your Facebook page, and I already have!

  11. I have a very sweet grandson who has special needs and I have tried to make him gifts that “light up his day”. This collection would truly be one of those moments. Thank you.

  12. This is a great giveaway! I would use the fabric and book to make a baby quilt for my newest grandchild that is due in June. My son is in the Army and stationed in Korea with his wife, so I will not be there for the birth. Boo Hoo!

  13. Priscilla Frappier January 31, 2011 at 9:15 am

    I have a couple of new great nieces and projects from this collection would be great for several occasions! I just love Mother Goose.

  14. I love these, I would either make a quilt or a children’s soft book with them.
    Thanks for the chance to win these,


  15. We are expecting our first grandbaby in September. I too am a redwork fan! I am also a miniaturist and collage artist and would love to create something special for the baby from this beautiful stash of goodies!

  16. I would love to stitch this quilt. What an awesome opportunity of doing “old fashioned” work. My favorite.

  17. Would love to win this fabric and book. I would make a baby quilt, or maybe a cute soft baby book.

  18. Jane T in NW Louisiana January 31, 2011 at 9:13 am

    With the fabric I would make my two great granddaughters little summer frocks. With the book I would make some quilt squares to embroider. Love this fabric!!!

  19. Marcia Kosturock January 31, 2011 at 7:23 am

    I would make a baby blanket for my grandchildren. This is SO special.. I would want it to be in the family forever.

  20. I would lve t make these with my 8 year old. What a great collection! I’d love to work with her on the embroidery – we’re just thinking now about crayon tinting some of the stitching we’ve been doing here at home and this would be a great group of patterns to try that with! Thanks for the contest! Beautiful and great t have the focus on women’s history in the domestic sphere.

  21. Gorgeous! I adore the sweet embroidery shown. If I won I’d make a lovely quilt. ~~Lisa

  22. I would make a quilt, which my daughter would like claim!

  23. thepricklypinecone January 30, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    I would love to create this for my grandmother, she sadly can’t see well enough to do embroidery anymore and has been after me to make her a quilt. I think this would be just the thing to create if I were to win. Thanks so much for the chance.

  24. These designs look wonderful as I am sure the book is too. My Mother read Mother Goose to me and my siblings throughout our childhood. She now reads them to her Grandchildren. I would make this into a quilt for her to have in our family for rememberence of those wonderful memories.

    Thanks so much for the offer and opportunity to try and win!


  25. I would use this book as inspiration for my 2 year olds new bedroom. We are moving into our first house and he has shared a room with my husband and I since he was born. Now he will have his own space and he loves it when I tell him all the old nursery stories…

  26. I think I’d do a baby quilt for the future (not yet a grandma but hoping)

  27. I love the fabric and the Mother Goose stitchery. I would really enjoy stitching up a baby quilt or something for a nursery!

  28. Lovely! I have a similar baby quilt I made for my daughters, I was given the blocks already embroidered (depicting Now I lay me down to sleep…) and I put them into a quilt. Your blue quilt reminds me of them. This was 35 years ago!

    Would love to embroider one for my grandchildren.

  29. I would love to make a nursery rhyme quilt for my new grandchild. Thanks for the opportunity.

  30. I would use it to make a quilt for a friend who is expecting in May. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize! I love vintage!

  31. What adorable embroidery. This would make such a cute quilt. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  32. Oh, how I would love to have your book and fabric bundle. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am the lucky lady to be chosen. Keep up your wonderful, important work.

    • I would embroider some blocks with the patterns and use the fabric to make them into a quilt for a great grand-child.

  33. I think I would make an adorable wall hanging to be enjoyed by all who enter my house.

  34. I think I would probably make a couple of pillows for my daughter and definitely some dish towels. thank you for the chance to win!

  35. I came to your blog after reading about your visit to California on Kim’s blog http://kimsbigquiltingadventure.blogspot.com/
    I would make a beautiful baby quilt for the grand Child I hope to get someday. Just think another project that is finished ahead of the need.

  36. What a wonderful book … it’s books like that that keep me going through boxes at garage sales … every now and then there’s such a find! If I am lucky enough to win, I’ll make a quilt and pillow – for myself! And I may make a block or two to frame as well.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  37. Hi Amy! I was at the Sacramento “event” on Friday night and enjoyed it a great deal. I didn’t realize, though, that you had this embroidery project coming out. Quite a few of us here in Sacramento belong to embroidery groups and classes through Lindy’s shop. I’ll certainly look forward to your new book–I, too, love vintage “stuff.” I wrote a little bit about Vintage Notions on my blog tonight. Thanks again for a lovely evening!

  38. I would love to do a quilt for my new granddaughter Maegan.

  39. My best friend and i were enjoying her mothers handiwork during a visit to CA this last week. We love vintage embroidery, this would be perfect for both our grand children both now and future. My hand work and her quilting, join effort. I’m excited.

  40. What sweet embroidery patterns! I would use this book and fabric to create a quilt for my newest grandchild, Tova. What fun to have a quilt with Mother Goose on it to look at as we recite the rhymes.

  41. How lucky to find this quilt! Years ago, I found a similar one at a yard sale. It was only 10 cents–all that love and the work that went into it and I found it so sad that no one treasured it any longer, so I brought it home… We used it for our last two children and now for a granddaughter. I like to think that the woman who made this would be pleased to know that she is still keeping someone warm.
    Your book and fabric line looks wonderful! I think I would make a quilt and pillowcases using this. The individual blocks are the right size to take for a ‘travel’ project or while sitting in a waiting room.

  42. I have a vintage quilt top just like this, stitched with red. I would love to make a new one for my new grandson.

  43. Thank you for the offer of this giveaway!
    I’m tempted to say I would make one for myself – it brings back memories – but I know I will make something for future grandchildren!

  44. Maybe a soft-sided childrens book, or a crib quilt, or a set of small pillows. How to decide?!!

  45. These darling embroidery designs would be so fun, framed in a childs room. I love anything in redwork.


  46. Those are so cute!! I love redwork. What a cute baby quilt that would make!

  47. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to create a quilt for each of my 4 children to have in their families for future grandchildren. I love the look of your fabrics and have enjoyed embroidery for a very long time!

  48. Oh my! What a wonderful giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win. I would probably make a little quilt for Project Linus and add some panels to the quilt I have been working on for years for my daughter.

  49. i would love to do a redwork quilt.

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