Amelia Earhart’s Sewing Box!

Did you know Amelia Earhart always took her sewing box with her on long flights?

I didn’t either until I read the article, What Women Can Do for Aviation in the May 1930 issue of NEEDLECRAFT, the Magazine of Home Arts.

Upon further research, I recently learned she designed sewing patterns as well as a clothing line AND authored several books about her life and  journey as an aviatrix.

Today I was fortunate to hear Dr. Robert Ballard speak about his search for Amelia. He presented his story and research  to  students in Atchison, Kansas at the high school and Amelia Earhart Airfield. Atchison is home to Amelia’s Birthplace Museum.

Be sure to watch the video in the National Geographic video for a preview of the two hour special. Mark your calendars for October 20th and follow along with me as I share the wonderful story of Amelia Earhart and her connection to sewing, dressmaking and design. She has inspired me and I am eager to share that inspiration with you! Stay tuned! Subscribe to my newsletter and blog posts here.

12 Responses to “Amelia Earhart’s Sewing Box!”

  1. Wow! My step daughter was raised in and her mom and family still live in Atchison, KS. I’ve been there so many times. I’m so interested to learn more and more about Ms. Earhart after visiting there and hearing about her. It will be great to find out more about her. I’m a sewist and this will be some great new facts about her. Looking forward to it.

    • So happy to share this information with you! Be sure to join our Facebook Group and subscribe to my newsletter to follow along on every detail!! Have you sewn any Indygo Junction patterns?

  2. Rebecca P Stancill September 17, 2019 at 5:25 pm

    Ooooooo, any chance you can get hold of her pattern line for us?!?
    Such nifty things to learn about one of my heroes.

  3. How fascinating to learn that Amelia sewed and designed clothing in addition to her other accomplishments! I look forward to learning more about her.

  4. Amelia has always been my hero and this just excites me so much!! Definitely will be following along. Oct 20 seems too far away now.

  5. I’ve been to Atchison KS. Though it was many years ago, the museum was fantastic!

    • Yes Kim!! It is wonderful. I visited a few weeks ago and got some great video footage I will be sharing soon so stay tuned!!! I visited both her childhood home museum and the Atchison County Historical Society which is in the Santa Fe Depot. Some of her needlework was on display at the depot museum- a thrill to see!!!

  6. I believe many woman made their own cloths in that era. My Mother and Grandmothers, Aunts, everyone I knew sewed their own. I learned at 4 years old and never owned a new dress unless it was 1st Communion or High School Graduation. We made our own and altered what was handed down.

    • Thanks for sharing Betty! It was a world filled with sewing in Amelia’s day. I was excited to learn Amelia actually designed a line of patterns too! I visited a museum in her hometown that had her embroidery work displayed! I will be sharing that in a future post.