My Vintage Notions Book-a-Day Give-a-Way

My Vintage Notions Book-a-Day Give-a-Way Countdown

So excited to announce my new book, Vintage Notions: An Inspirational Guide to Needlework, Cooking, Sewing, Fashion and Fun, is a week away from its official launch. This book has been an absolute joy. From discovering Mary Brooks Picken and letting her into my heart and my life as my muse, as my “Julia,” to sharing its content with all my friends and family, it’s been an unbelievably fulfilling journey.

To help spread the word about the book and its release, and to reward all of my friends, blog readers and Facebook friends & “Likers,” I thought that I would spend the next 7 days before the launch giving away some copies of the book…and there’s more than one way to win. Every day I’m going to give away two copies of Vintage Notions, one winner from the list of folks who “Like” my fan page ( and one winner drawn from the list of commenters from each daily blog post (

Thank you all again for your support and friendship…and good luck!

~ Amy

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  1. Can hardly wait to see this book. I love all vintage sewing and have quite a collection of buttons, laces, patterns, fabrics and children’s clothing. It is fascinating to see how much craftsmanship went into the fashions of the past.

  2. I love vintage items in clothing and house hold items. I always look for them in vintage stores and flea markets. I have several books when I have embroidered and make quilted items from. I really the memories they bring from my mother and grandmothers.
    I love looking at the items you post on your site.

  3. Oh, the book looks full of wonderful memories. I’d love to win one 🙂

  4. Would love the book and really enjoyed the feature of you in the magazine WHERE WOMEN CREATE.

  5. I’m new to vintage crafting and am finding it absolutely fascinating – probably because I enjoy collecting and have been accumulating “stuff” for a long time that I am now finding a use for! HA! My family and friends can no more chide me for having so much “useless stuff” tucked away to wonder what they will do with “once I’m gone”. I LOVE IT! I discovered my mother’s treasure trove of memorabilia after she died and thought I’d struck a gold mine! No one in my family cared about any of it until I started organizing it and using it to tell our family story to our grandchildren.

  6. Love Amy B. and Indygo Junction. This looks to be a great book and huge success. Kudos to Amy. As a child of the 60’s I gravitate toward the vintage look often. Must be my Grandmothers influence. Thanks!!

  7. How very thoughtful of you to offer your wonderful book this way! I’m new to your site, but can’t wait to see this book hit the shelves. Positively love that vintage look!

  8. Your book looks awesome! The history of women, fabrics and fashion certainly is interesting and something to be preserved and appreciated. Thanks to you for sharing such a wonderful work of art.


  9. Dear Amy, I have lots of notions and trims from the early 70’s. My grandchildren think it is so cool to see them and we experiment with ways to use them on their clothing. It is great to see a book that is all about the tried and tested methods from past times.
    As for cooking with grandchildren I spent the last weekend with 3 of my 16 grandchildren making cookies and meals. This week I’ll be helping 2 of the older grand kids with learning more about canning. Of course the garden is giving us lots of time to pick all the tomatoes for trying different salsa recipes.
    Looking forward to your book. It will be well used by all of the extended family. Best wishes for a great book signing.

  10. I (51) have just been helping my Mom (85) sort through some vintage sewing bits and bobs that came from my great aunt (passed in 1982) and I love how everything is of such beautiful quality. I am really looking forward to seeing your book in the flesh Amy!

  11. I can’t wait to see your book … love the story of how it came to be

  12. Love the preview of your new book. Would love to win a copy.

  13. I hope that your book will be released in Canada at the same time as its US release. I cannot wait to crack it open!

  14. It is so neat to learn about Mary and what a pioneer she was for all of us! Truly we have to be thankful for her efforts and dedication.

  15. I’m so excited about this book and can’t wait until it’s published!! I have so many vintage things that used to belong to my mother and grandmother — this book will be right at home in my house!

  16. Dear Amy, your book is a bright picture of my aunt America. Born in the late 1880s, she lost her hearing at 16, never married, and earned her living primarily as a dressmaker and a tailor. She was such a gifted person – could make dolls, carve wood, make mattresses (with horse hair!), sculpt animals, churn butter, write beautifully, make shadow boxes, and so many other things. She taught me everything I could learn, even planted cotton seeds so I could see where cotton came from. She was “my” dressmaker until one week before her death at 89 years of age (I was 7). I’m sure whatever arts & crafts talent I may have I definitely inherited from her. And what amazes me most is that she managed her own life in a small but rather strong matriarchal family surrounded by the machista South American social and economic structure of the 1900s.
    beatriz souza

  17. This looks like it will be a very exciting book and just in time for winter sewing and crafting and making presents. YAY… thanks for the give away. Kitty

  18. Marcia Reinoehl August 25, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    Your book is of interest to me! Learned to sew on a treadle machine on my grandmother’s farm in KS…..made many things from feed sacks! Congratulations on it’s debut!

  19. It is really awesome to see your children do things for the first time. I have been teaching my son and daughter both to sew and I get the biggest kick out of seeing their excited faces as they show off their latest accomplishments.

  20. My middle name is “vintage”!!!! Love the book.

  21. I am really looking forward to getting a copy of this book. I love vintage items & I love to quilt and do redwork. I would love to win your book.

  22. I am really looking forward to getting a copy of this book. I married into a wonderful family that cherishes everything. My husband’s Grandma Helen preserved everything & we all were recipients of items from the past. After everyone had gone through Grandma & Grandpa’s house we were allowed to go in & see if there was anything else we wanted. I found 3 books of Grandma’s 2 cookbooks & a book on how to do just about everything around the house. I like to look back & see how women’s lives were & learn from them. I quilt with my Singer Featherweight & always feel like I am stepping back in time. I would love to win a copy of your book or I will buy one.

  23. I am sitting here visualizing this amazing gift in my hands, enjoying the time with a cup of tea and chocolate chip cookies. Brings back oh so many memories of time at Grandmas’ house and time with my Aunties during my visits with them every summer.

  24. Can’t wait to see more of this book! I would love to win one during your giveaway.

  25. I am really looking forward to seeing this book! I love vintage everything. After all I am vintage!

  26. I love vintage everything, sewing, recipies, dishtowles, clothing and I know I would enjoy haing this book in my sewing collection, Thanks Amy

  27. Your new book is like the times I spent by my grandmother’s side while she baked, canned made candy, knitted for over a dozen grandchildren, did fancy work and always had time for all of us. I can’t wait to see more ideas ! I love vintage and even mixing it with contempory! Hope I win! Thanks for inspiring us to keep on ” creating” .

  28. Congratulations on your new book and thanks for a chance to win a copy of it. I am a fan of all things “vintage”. Iris

  29. Hi Amy, I’ve been a fan of your vintage images and projects for a long time and I’m looking forward to this book. Thanks.

  30. So excited to hold your book in my hands. Just recently heard of Mary Brooks Picken and did a little research. What an inspired creative and wonderful woman! Kudo’s on the new book!

  31. I come from a long line of southern women who taught me to cook , sew , crochet and do hand embroidery and most importantly to make gravy!
    I guess I thought all women knew this stuff , but as I’ve gotten older I have learned that not everyone had the opportunity to learn these skills. For me nothing makes me happier than to show someone they can do it too, I love teaching other women and little girls to embroidery or crochet it’s very rewarding to me
    it’s what makes me happy!

  32. I REALLY look forward to seeing this book- I LOVE vintage buttons, and all things vintage and quirky today- things I remember from my childhood in the 40s & 50s. I use some vintage fabrics, paper (LOVE old wallpaper) and buttons in my greeting card-crafting and other small crafts, and others I just have and love in my home- warming my heart. I think this book really has my “name” on it. Great job!

  33. The Vintage Notions cover is so beautiful! It reminds me of
    the aprons and tablecloths of my mother and grandmothers. Am so excited about your book and can’t wait to see it!

  34. Dear Amy,
    I received the love of sewing from my mom who passed away nearly 2 years ago. Your book brings back those tender memories of sharing sewing with her. She was so proud of my accomplishments (teaching sewing to adults and children and owning a retail sewing store). With my inheritance from her estate I couldn’t think of a more appropriate thing to spend it on but a new sewing machine. I am a proud owner of “June Bug” the Bernina 830E.

  35. Looking at each page of the book, brings back memories of sewing with my Grandmother. She taught me how to quilt, crochet, and tat. It was very fun times. Can’t wait and see the whole book. Want to add it to my collection. Thanks for bringing back some of my most cherish memories.

  36. Wonderful! Will love to look through this new book!

  37. How nice of you to have a give away! This book sounds so fun and full of vintage, right up my alley! Thank you!

  38. I love all things vintage and can’t wait to find the book in my area!!!

  39. The cover of your book is so wonderful with the 1930’s pastel print fabric. A few years ago I made a quilt with Aunt Grace’s Fabric and just love the fabrics in the quilt. The prints remind me of my childhood even though I was born much later. Anyway, I love sewing hats, purses, crazy quilts, crazy quilt pillows and especially love adding the embellishments and would love to have your book!

  40. So ready for a copy of this book!!!

  41. Vintage notions are such fun to look for and collect. I try and search at every tag or garage sale as well as local antique and “junque” shops!

  42. I love the idea of this book—just chock full of things. A good buy

  43. It looks like a wonderful—ideas and remembrances, and good recipes.

  44. I love vintage anything … my family dosn’t get it (unless of course it is a car, then my hubby is interested!)
    Thanks for your “eyes” on vintage!

  45. Looking forward to getting the book!

  46. Hi Amy, The book sounds great, I would love to have a copy. I enjoy quilting and know the joy of a finished project.

  47. I love looking at things made in the past. I think this book sound great. I love all the old sewing, embroidery, and quilting items. I don’t come from a quilting background bu have have learned to love and make those wonderful quilts.

  48. This post reminds me of the time I made my little sister’s wedding dress. She loved it and I felt such joy and accomplishment! There is no better feeling than making gifts for family and friends.

  49. This post reminds me of the wonderful feeling of accomplishment and great joy when I made my little sister’s wedding dress. She loved it! There nothing better than making gifts for friends and family.

  50. I have had fun with images from Vintage Workshop & look forward to more inspiration from your new book!