Make a Mask & Eyeglass Chain

It’s Game Day in Kansas City! The Chiefs are playing Pittsburg in the NFL Wild Card Game. I have a DIY project I will be wearing today with my Chiefs mask, and I want to share it with you. I love the Kansas City community’s team spirit and the creativity celebrating our team, check out this wonderful knit scarf on a statue in my neighborhood.

Amy wearing DIY Mask and Eyeglass Tether/Necklace project

Upcycle a t-shirt and buttons to make a comfortable necklace to hold your readers or face mask. A  great gift to personalize for family & friends. A fabric option as well as a chain design made with wire and buttons is  included. Get the PDF Instructions for this project here .  Make this fun fashion accessory you can personalize with unique buttons and t-shirt colors.

Royals Face mask tether

Make a chain for your mask or eye glasses. The soft t-shirt knit is so comfortable around your neck and the buttons add a little weight to the cord to keep it hanging in place.

This is the version we made with pearl buttons and wire. If you love buttons like I do, you should check out my Vintage Modern Makers Pearl Button Course.  I share both history and projects in both video tutorials and PDF content.

Would you like to learn more about my Vintage Modern Makers DIY Courses? Visit this blog post for a video that explains all the content the courses offer.

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