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Halloween Greetings

Happy Halloween! I had some fun making treat bags for my neighbors and wanted to share the project with you. The image is a printable in our FREE Printable area! You know I love vintage notions so take a look at the simple mother-of-pearl button details I added to the candy bag tags. Enjoy this image and share it with your friends!!

Download this printout from my shop to create your own Halloween crafts.
We made tags for candy bags!

I hope you enjoyed these vintage made modern ideas for your Halloween treats! I also added this Jolly Halloween Wishes image to our FREE Printables, and it inspired me to film a video sharing some of the handmade Halloween treasures in my collection. You can watch that video on my AmyBarickman_Studio Instagram feed or on my Facebook Page. For even more FREE content join my Vintage Made Modern Facebook Group!

Print and mount or frame the postcard art!


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