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Accessories Make the Costume, My #MeMadeMay Jewelry

But they sure make me happier! I love jewelry, especially statement pieces with meaning.

In the month of May I took a pledge along with thousands of other makers in our sewing community to join the Me Made May challenge, officially known as #mmmay18, hosted by So, Zo What Do You Know?. This challenge encourages makers to create a pledge that works for them to wear and share handmade clothing through the month of May. My pledge was to wear and share Indygo Junction patterns every day.

As the month evolved, I realized how much my jewelry has sentimental value and how much it contributes to my wardrobe.

Here’s some of my favorite Indygo Junction pattern and jewelry combinations!

This is my frog ring with the Indygo Junction Turn About Tank, made in Heather Ross’s Sleeping Porch fabric. I love her book How To Catch a Frog,  and I constantly try to “catch” frogs with my photography.

The Indygo Junction Classic Caftan ended up being the perfect backdrop for jewelry from my good friends and designers Kristin Christopher. I went to college with Kristin, we met the first day in design class at KU and have been buddies ever since.  I own many pieces and wear them religiously- their work is modern and timeless. The designs go especially well with all of our Indygo Essentials patterns.









This is a Vintage Made Modern piece that checks all the boxes! This turquoise pendant was originally my grandfather’s bolo tie and I worked with a jeweler to convert it to a choker.  It’s one of my favorite pieces in my  collection, and I’m wearing it here with the Everyday Tank in Shannon Double Gauze. This is my brother Rob and I with Gramps, who’s wearing his bolo tie. He lived in Sun City Arizona, and we would visit him every spring break. 

The before and after, bolo to necklace:

The Urban Tunic made a great backdrop for another one of my most treasured possessions. 









This turquoise ring was made by my incredibly talented grandma, Mildred. The craftsmanship on it is amazing, and I’m thankful to have this piece of family history. Another Vintage Made Modern piece with great meaning!

The Indygo Essentials Shift Dress pattern is one of my favorite patterns.

It lends itself perfectly to showcasing great jewelry pieces (I am wearing another KristinChristoper piece)! Here I’m wearing an upcycled leather cuff from thrift shop leather made with a vintage button clasp, and a button ring. Our Indygo Junction line of upcycling patterns and books is a passion of mine, and I love scouring shops for things that can be reworked into great Vintage Made Modern pieces! 

The ring and the cuff are both designs taught in my book, Button{ware}.

I love the Elastic Button Ring because you can stack favorite buttons for a truly unique and special piece of jewelry that is comfortable, and goes together quickly. This one was actually in the book! The cuff is a version of the Fabric Cuff Bracelet, made with a fun leather ruffle. Here’s a better picture of it, with a few more upcycled leather cuffs in my collection!

Do you have Vintage Made Modern pieces with a story to tell? Join my facebook group, Amy Barickman’s Vintage Made Modern, and share a photo of your favorite jewelry with the group!

To read more about  my #MeMadeMay adventures, you can head over to the Indygo Junction blog.

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