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Last year I launched my new Vintage Notions Monthly magazine. This magazine allowed me to share more of the material that inspired my book Vintage Notions. It brings to life more of Mary Brooks Picken’s writing and wisdom as well as the lessons the Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences. Mary & her students at the Institute in the early 1900’s built a community of learning, entrepreneurship and creativity long before the age of the Internet and social media.

This year as we begin our second year of the magazine, I wanted to share some of the vintage inspiration from last year’s issues. Every back issue is available for purchase as well as a subscription for future issues. Visit our magazine page for all the details.

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite excerpts from our inaugural issue from January 2016.

Each issue contains a “letter from the editor”. I love this month’s inspiring letter on starting a new year as they were still in a state of recovery from the “great war” – the year was 1920.


“So, as the New Year advances, let us all try to recognize and utilize the wonderful possibilities of getting a new start. A new start will help us to bear our trials and tribulations and overcome them. It will soothe and conquer our fears and worries. It will help us to deliver ourselves from inference and inspire us to real endeavor. It will instill in us the courage and determination to win. It will urge us on to the performance of acts and deeds that will be for the berrment of ourselves and thereby for the betterment of those we must associate with us.”

Still wise words to live by!

In addition to inspiring articles, this issue contained articles on soup making, making rompers for little ones and fun updates on the institute including as always an insightful question and answer section from the students.


Also included in this issue are amazing illustrations of 1920’s fashion! Long dress coats, tunics and dresses, this section not only provided the artistic renderings of these fashions but also a detailed description of the garments including materials, alternations and other interesting details.fs-mar29-ensemblenotype

These illustrations are not only beautiful to look at but fun to color! We do include a separate print at the end of each issue that is suitable for framing.


I think one of my favorite parts of each issue is the Magic Pattern. A magic pattern is a stylish sewing project that does not require a printed tissue like modern patterns. You simply use your personal measurements and the guides provided in the magazine to create your fashion. This month’s project is the Glamour Cape & Hood.


Each issue also provides a helpful chart with guidelines on taking accurate measurements so you get a good fit!

Join me next month as we explore Issue 2. For more information on purchasing back issues or signing up for a monthly subscription to Vintage Notion Monthly, visit our magazine page. A FREE copy of the Vintage Notions book comes with every yearly subscription.

Vintage Notions Monthly is a magazine that celebrates the love of Needlework, Cooking, Sewing, Fashion and Fun!












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