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Vintage Made Modern: Scrappy The Clown

Yo-Yo sewing projects are a favorite vintage find of mine. I love seeing the inspiring combination of fabrics, which were likely made from the scrap bin and can be a great snapshot of vintage fabrics. One of my favorite yo-yo patterns that we updated is Scrappy the Clown. I saw many different variations of this adorable little guy and knew he would be a perfect addition to our yo-yo family.


You can see Scrappy‘s roots clearly in Jingle Bell Jack, a vintage yo-yo clown from my collection.


Jingle Bell Jack got his name from this 1950’s children’s book…


Dr. Frances Horwich – otherwise known as Miss Frances, the host of the children’s television show Ding Dong School – wrote Jingle Bell Jack as part of the Ding Dong School book line. The book tells the story of a child named Jean who is stuck at home with nothing to do, so she and her mother make Jingle Bell Jack. The book encouraged readers to create a doll of their own using scraps of fabric.

If you love Scrappy, you might also check out the rest of our menagerie of vintage inspired yo yo patterns – see all the fun animals below!


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