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Fabric Inspiration & Giveaway

Many times I’ve been asked how I get the ideas for my books, patterns or fabric lines? And the short answer is lots of places.  My passion for seeking out vintage sewing treasures and collecting sewing books and ephemera has lead to many of my projects over the years. The Sew-it Book, Buttonware, Hankie Style and Vintage Notions are just a few of the books that I have created based on inspiring vintage items I’ve found and collected.

Through my travels, I always seek out antique malls, galleries or flea markets to rummage through. Often, I see something beautiful that catches my eye  colors, fabric textures, the shear artistry of a piece or the details in the stitching. It may just be an old book filled with gorgeous illustrations.

Many times this stirs my creative juices and I combine the inspiration with current trends in the market to come up with a new book or pattern idea. Other times, I find a vintage piece and realize the concept or creation would be interesting to today’s consumer and feel the need to rescue it from obscurity.

One example is my latest embroidery book, A Stitch in Time with Mother Goose. This book of vintage embroidery designs, along with my coordinating fabric line from Red Rooster Fabrics of the same name, was inspired by a darling baby blanket I found during my travels. The quilt was created from an old Butterick transfers pattern circa 1920’s. I’ve also discovered in my collection the original magazine ad featuring the pattern for sale. Below are a few shots of the original blanket.

I was toying already with the idea of creating a new embroidery book with a vintage feel and had some wonderful Mother Goose line art that I wanted to use, but the project had not yet come to fruition. I happened upon this hand embroidered baby blanket in bluework, along with the original vintage transfers and the entire project took shape.

Embroidery is really making a come back. The book includes 25 designs to be transferred to fabric and instructions for 7 different projects including two quilts. Here are just a few projects included in this book:

Another method of embroidery can be done with just the Mother Goose fabric itself. Two of the fabric line coordinates are cheater blocks. These two panels one in red and one in blue  have the Mother Goose line art already printed directly on the fabric. All one has to do it thread your needle and following the lines. No transfers needed.

Enter to win A Stitch in Time with Mother Goose fabric bundle and book

For a chance to win a bundle of A Stitch in Time with Mother Goose fabric (one yard of many coordinate plus one each of the two embroidery cheater block panels – please note that only 19 of the 24 coordinates are available in this giveaway) AND a copy of A Stitch in Time with Mother Goose, you have five ways to enter the drawing.

1. Post a comment to this blog post only letting me know what you would create with this collection.

2.Like my Facebook page at

3. Sign up for my twitter account at

4. Repost this blog entry on your blog. Email me at with the link to your post.

5. Post this blog entry on your Facebook page. Email me at with the link to your FB page.

A winner will be drawn at random from all entries. Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, February 1st at midnight and a winner announced on Thursday, February 3rd.

Good luck!!


  1. Jill

    I love redwork and love doing embrodiery. I would love to win the giveaway.

  2. lyley

    I think these designs would look awesome as panels on a roman blind…

  3. Sheila Klimas

    If I won, I would use to make a pillow and a wall hanging for my 4 year old grandaughter’s room..
    what a neat design…

  4. Terri Swisher

    This looks like fun. Count me in.

  5. Pat Richter

    Really wonderful. Love all the degigns
    Thanks for the giveaways you sponser.

  6. Jolee

    I’d create a fabulous, LOVELY quilt. 🙂

  7. Linda

    “LIKE” your FB page !

  8. Linda


  9. Pam

    I would love to win and make a baby quilt.

  10. Louise L

    Looking at what you have is like going back in time to my grandma’s house and laying on her feather bed on a lazy afternoon. She had a quilt that had similar squares, but done in colors. she would tell me the stories and rhymes that went with the blocks. I would love to make small quilts and give them to the childrens ward at the local hospital. Maybe find some of the old stoy books to go along with them.

  11. Brenda Winkle

    Would love to win that fabric!! It’s beautiful and you can never have too much fabric! I want to make a redwork pillow top.

  12. Judy Craghead

    I would make a sewing machine cover for my Singer Featherweight !

  13. cynthia m

    I teach crazy quilting and hand embroidery work. A lot of the time I come up with my own piece to teach,but I also look for some thing new and different for my group of ladies to do. Because sometimes they like to buy a book or pattern and have me help them work with it. I think it would be great fun to stitch something from this book and find ways to add to it. The book looks great. I love the fabrics too! Oh the ideas that I already have.

  14. Nancy

    I would love to use this to make a baby quilt. So fun.

  15. Dawn

    I would make small purses for my granddaughters, each with a different design on them. These are wonderful

  16. Coty Squier

    That would be extremely cute to make matching pillowcase dresses for my two little girls with that. Or put it on a shirt with a patchwork skirt to match. I love making vintage looking children’s clothes for my girls. I could even do a whole baby’s nursery with that, make a patchwork quilt, with pillows and even curtains. But you can also take a mirror and make the frame to the mirror with wood covered by this material or take a white lamp shade and cover it with this material and hang light jewels from it to match a chandeleir. Make burp rags, bibs, diaper bag, changing pad…….I could go on and on with ideas.

  17. Brooke

    I would make embroidered tea towels with a fabric ruffled edge, or maybe a pillow for my infant daughters room. Love the Fabrics!

  18. Debbie

    I would love to make a quilt with this fabric if I win.

  19. Cheryl Korman

    I could create many things… a quilt,pillow, shirts, prop for my daughter’s photography business, or a dress. So much fun!

  20. Cindy L. McMinn

    I have a new Grandbaby girl. We are just starting to create new items for her room this fabric would be just the thing to make a cute quilt and some pillows and a wall hanging. with left overs I would make a few pillows and such for my own home, the patterns are perfect!

  21. bobbie calgaro

    Wow, I can think of all kinds of lovely things to do from clothing to totes to trimmings and house decor. Think neat pillows or table runners. The possibilities are endless and exciting to think about it.

  22. Joyce N. Ingram

    I would like to win this book so that I could start a quilt for our future grandchild.
    Joyce Ingram

  23. Heather

    So cute! I think I would make vintage-inspired accessories or clothing for my neice and nephews.

  24. Dana

    I’d make baby quilts for my niece who is having twins, a girl and a boy.


  25. Anna

    So cute!! I would make some sweet little doll quilts!

  26. Kathleen C

    I’ve recently rediscovered embroidery, as many other women have done. I also do a lot of hand applique and embroidery can be combined with that very well. I’m very pleased to have come across your blog today.

    This fabric collection, starting with the ‘cheater’ panels would be just right for donation quilts for children. One year ago I began doing a small amount of quilt donating-to AAQI ( and to Basics, Inc.-and I want to continue this in 2011.
    I’m sure I can come up with a few simple designs with these fabrics for mini quilts to send to AAQI, too. And something for myself, a little quilt to hang in my sewing room. Lots of ideas! Thanks very much.

  27. Debra

    My friend Jane just had a healthy baby boy after a grueling several years of trying and I am so excited for her. I would make her a lovely quilt for Mingus Charles!

  28. Paula

    Would definitely make a crib set and probably matching curtains for one of my best friends next baby (due on April). They would absolutely love it!
    Tks fr the chance, xo

  29. Chalene R

    I would make a little quilt & add blocks with stories embroidered between the fabric picture pieces. Would make a nice “Lovey” and a book you could truly cuddle up with!

  30. jody lynn

    I love this, I love vintage and I love softbooks!

  31. sandra parsons

    Hi I love redwork. 🙂 I would make a baby quilt or wallhanging. 🙂

  32. Gill

    I’d love to make these into a little quilt for a baby girl due next month!!

  33. Teresa Felgueiras

    I love embroided quilts, so I definetely would make a lovely one with such beautiful fabrics and great designs.

  34. Jane Poh

    Lately I’ve been contemplating putting my embroidery as art work. So that’s what I would do.

  35. Sally

    My Mom embroiders, so she would do the stitchery and I’d do the piecing; we’d make a quilt for her great-grandchild! (None is expected yet, but it’ll happen at some point, right?)

  36. Kasey

    I would make my mom a Kindle case using the “Mary, Mary, quite contrary” design since her name is Mary. And then I would have to find something fun to make for myself! Thanks for the chance to win.

  37. Chris Wheeler

    I would make fabric postcards to send out to others. I would love this. I normally do not enter giveaways because I have a lot of things and I know some others dont and can use it. But this is one thing I really want badly!! LOL I really do.. My kind of thing.

    Thank you for the chance. I do have a give a way on my blog also. I am giving away John Flynn Frames. Come over yourself and register.

  38. Connie

    If I won this, I would be overwhelmed with the possibilities, but would make a wallhanging,and pillowsand attempt a quilt, etc. for my granchildren’s room.

  39. Elsina

    How beautiful! I would love to make a quilt, but the pillowcase in the images is also beautiful!

  40. cathy gillette

    please note that my entry was made before midnight in my time zone……it is still Feb 1st!!!!

  41. cathy gillette

    I would make a quilt for my next grandchild. I love embroidery and these vintage patterns are wonderful! fingers crossed!!

  42. Marjorie Brannan

    I would make a cloth book from my grandaughters to enjoy for years!

  43. Jeanette Baker

    I would love to win this material and I would use it to make a quilt.

  44. Jeanette Baker

    I would love to have this material to make a quilt.

  45. Christine Gibbons

    Oh, I would sew much love to win these wonderful prizes. I would love to make up the Mother Goose for my 2 newest grandchildren arriving in April and Sept. Thanks for the chance to win.

  46. Kim

    I have a dear friend that is going to have her first baby soon. I would love to make her a quilt out of this fabric! 🙂

  47. Kathy Norquist

    I love embroidery, and am learning to quilt. And I absolutely love vintage, so what a combination. Withmy thanks, KN

  48. Renee H

    Wow,what a wonderful package. My very first beautiful granddaughter was born yesterday and if I won this gift she would be the most beautiful quilt in the world!

  49. Dee Toomey

    If I were to be so lucky as to win, I would make my granddaughter a cloth Mother Goose book with quilted edges for pages. She (granddaughter) is 6 1/2 months old now, so I think a cloth book would be perfect for her age. Would love for her to grow up to love books as much as her grampa and myself!

  50. Denise Wekwert

    I would love to win this vintage fabric as my daughter loves anything vintage. I made her a vintage fabric old-fashioned apron and matching oven mitts for Christmas, and she would love another apron from this fabric. I would also use some of the fabric to incorporate into a quilt for her, too. I’m making doll clothes for my granddaughter and great niece, so some of the fabric would be used for them. I love the prints. Thanks!

  51. Rebecca

    Two things I love; Embroidery and creating for foster children.
    I would make small pillows for small children feeling lost and alone in a big system. I am blessed to work with volunteers (CASA) Court Appointed Special Advocates working for foster children.
    Rebecca (Mimi)

  52. Cindy huntington

    I just love this, I would definatly make a crib quilt for my new granddaughter !!

  53. Kacy

    I like you on facebook.

  54. DonnaRae

    Just love the fabric and the books. I am sure I would use the book (books) to make a quilt. Just I am not sure I would want to give it away, so may try to adult it up a bit. Have to think on this one. Sure hope I win so I can show you the finale quilt I make. Or how about small wall quilts. That would be awesome too.
    Donna Rae

  55. Kacy

    I’m new to sewing, and I would use this to make something for my 2 yr old daughter.

  56. Noelle

    If I would be so lucky as to win this give-away, I would immediately make a custom baby quilt for my unborn grandchild as I have two married children with plans for children someday…..

  57. Millie

    So Glad I am not to lake to comment for a chance to win.
    Amy, your stuff is sooo wonderful. I love all the vintage (esque) stuff. And now a fabric!!
    This is so perfect for right now because there are lots of babies ready to come.
    Nothing but some vintage style embroidery items and/or items made with vintage style fabric could be any better!!.
    Oh & of course I’d HAVE to make something for my little cousins !!

  58. Sharon Wiebel

    I love to read your Blog as it has wonderful & fun ideas. I would use the Mother Goose book and fabric to make a charity quilt or maybe more for one of the two groups I belong to who do this.

  59. Nancy

    I would love to win this give-a-way and would make a precious baby quilt for a grandchild that is due in August.

  60. JoAn GODFREY

    i love this. i DO NOT do embroidery====long story. so the preprinted is great. now you need to make them for embroidery machines. THAT i can do. SOMEDAY i may even have a grandchild to make it for. until then i have some great and great-great neices.
    i am following on facebook and twitter. don’t have a blog. too much time on facebook and twitter to blog. lol

  61. Dana

    Oh my goodness, how darling are the patterns. So many fun things to make.


  62. Cecelia Brandt

    Oh after 4 wonderful sons and 5 equally wonderful grandsons, I was blessed with a granddaughter! I would use this to make her a remembering quilt..something she would have for the rest of her life to remember me by!

  63. Beverly Torres

    Oh I would love this..I have new twin granddaughters. I could make them quilts or the little pillows or wall hangings, a soft book gee there is so much you could do.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  64. Deborah in Atlanta

    What a lovely quilt these would make. I love the vintage quilt you found – so nostalgic. I’d take your book and the fabrics, and I’d dream and dream and then finally come up with something that would do honors to you and your creativity. Can’t wait to see who wins! What a generous giveaway. dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

  65. Meredith

    My mom just got a quilter and I would love to make my first quilt on it using your cute fabric.

  66. Pam Kenney

    What a fabulous giveaway and perfect timing. The Kansas State Button Society theme for 2011 is Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales and I would love to have this at the show. Even if I don’t win I may have to buy it anyway! Thanks Amy for everything you do!

  67. susie chapple

    I would make a baby quilt for sure. I would also consider enlarging the design and bead it for a wall hanging.

  68. Janice Spears

    I would make overnight totes for all of my grandchildren, and also embroidery their names on them.

  69. Christine M

    If I was lucky enough to win I would make a quilt and put it away in my hope chest for future grandchildren!

  70. Kara Morris

    I would add this to my hoard of fabric, and make something wonderful with my 14 year old daughter, who also loves to create. We are twinners when it comes to making things. Thanks!

  71. Heather Chandler

    I would make a “quiet time” activity book with the fabric and use the embroidery for the covers.

  72. kathy h

    I have been looking for some new embroidery projects and this book looks great. I would make a baby quilt for a friend’s new grandson.

  73. ReNae Crabtree Allen

    My mom taught me how to sew and embroider with those large sewing cards with the holes in them (in the 50’s) and I have been sewing ever since!
    I hand-embroidered a crib blanket when my daughter Ashley was a baby and I sewed my children’s clothing (especially my daugter’s) until they were out of school! I loved making little cotton playclothes, her first communion dress, and prom dress too! I handmade everything!
    Now my daughter is married and has a new baby son. She sent me a photo of him swaddled in her old handmade blanket, so worn from years of love.
    I would like to make my new grandson a quilt with this fabric bundle. It is just perfect for a handmade baby quilt for him! Thanks for the chance!

  74. Kathleen Widmer

    Ay this moment we are waiting for 2 feet of snow!! A new baby was just born in our family on Friday and I wish I could be working on a baby quilt from this book as the snows fall and we are all stuck indoors. I love lookig at all your patterns-remembering things from the past. This new Mom just loves traditional patterns.

  75. Elaine Sessions

    I’d make a quilt! I hand embroidered the Sun Bonnet Sue series BEFORE I had a granddaughter then made her the blocks into a quilt. I love, love all things vintage!!!

  76. barbara cuevas

    We have a baby boom here at work and I am known for giving “keepsake” sewn gifts. I would love to make some bibs or pillows for the babies due in April, June and August.

  77. Susann Hoskins

    I would love to win this giveaway, then I could make wall hangings for my gr.grandchildren, 4 girls, and 2 boys. They would be so cute hanging on their bedroom walls.

  78. e butler

    I would love to win this package, however my only luck is that I would be able to buy it. My best friend and I have different talents. It would be my hand work and her quilting, we only have 8 months to get it done. So…. winning would be fantastic!!!
    This is a great collection!! thanks for sharing.

  79. Deb

    I would love to win your fabric and pattern book and would make a quilt definitely. I’ve never done redwork but all I’ve seen is just lovely.

  80. Rebecca Lawrence

    I would use this glorious package for an all-out blow-out of a quilt: The transfers, I’d select a handful of my favorites (not an easy task, from what I see here!) & do them up right on plain ivory/ecru/tea-died “vintage white” fabric, then back the embroidery with at least one square of your wonderful fabrics as a frame (all different, of course). Those embroidered squares would be the focal squares of the design (I guess I have to decide on how many I’ll embroider, before this leaves the drawing board, huh?!). I would fill in the pattern on the top of the quilt with squares that highlight your fabrics – a central square of the best feature of a cut, with a frame of a co-ordinating (or not) piece – so these squares echo the embroidered ones. We’d end up, I’m thinking, with an All–Amy, Ever-Embroidered, Much-Stitched Mother Goose Quilt! (With a quiet, snuggle-up flannel in a sleepy color on the back!) As a Mother Goose + Fabric Fan, I’d hang this on my wall, while trying to find it hanging space in a local museum! Okay, enough silliness! Thank you, Amy, for yet another chance to think creatively with pattern & fabric! Love your stuff!

  81. Jane Bailey

    I have always loved Mother Goose and this collection looks wonderful. There are so many things you could do with this but I think I would make a quilt for my daughter who loves vintage things.

  82. Martha Rickard

    Would love to create with this collection!

  83. Ute Scherer

    What a generous give-away! What a wonderful book and what beautiful fabrics.What would I make? The possibilities are endless. There’s something for every one of my mother-to-be friends, my children, the list goes on. If I don’t win, I intend to buy the book and the fabrics. Thank you for the wonderfully inspiring books

  84. Carol Bublitz

    Love this collection and patterns. Would love to make baby quilt for my new granddaughter!

  85. Tammy Shelton

    I would use the fabric to make a wonderful quilt for my Grandkids!

  86. jennifer norman

    I know what I would do if I was the lucky winner!
    I remember a quilt my Mom and Grandma made me when I was little. It was a series of stitched squares and calicos. The squares were the months of the year…I would love to make a quilt for a dear friend of mine that is expecting her second child.

    hugs to you!
    jennifer norman

  87. Susan

    I have been helping my daughter plan a nursery for my yet to be conceived first grandchild. These fabrics would make an amazing quilt, wall hanging, runner…….I’m not sure what yet….but what ever it is would be fabulous.

  88. kathy

    the fabric insirped me to make a quilt my knowlegde for embriedery is limited but the fabric would make a great dollquilt

  89. mel

    pillows and pillow cases

  90. TMMDuncan

    This set would be perfect for the baby quilt I plan to make for my friends’ 1st Grandchild due in April. I plan to make 2 quilts at the same time; 1 for the new baby I will know and 1 to donate to the selter for abused Mothers and Children.

  91. Sherrie Horacek

    I’m having a new grandson in March and would love to make a crib set in a nursery rhyme theme.

  92. Kristy

    Would love to win this. I’ll share, I promise 🙂

  93. Amanda Starr

    Like on facebook

  94. Amanda Starr

    I have a new nephew and one on the way so I’d like to do something for them, not 100% sure what yet haha

  95. Sandi Miller

    Lovely Patterns, Fabrics, and book!!! I would like to make purses for all us older “little” girls in the family. Would be so cute for us all to coordinate and reminisce about our childhood when we are out together!! Thank you for the chance to win such a wonderful packaged gift!!

  96. elliesewsweet

    Shared this link with all my friends on Facebook!

  97. Alina

    I probably will make another quilt for my baby. If any leftover, I will use it for a little apron, and probably a little dress for her as well. Thanks for the chance!

  98. elliesewsweet

    I think I would love to make some pillowcases for my daughter, just like my Grandmother did for me!

  99. Kate

    I’ve always loved vintage fabrics.
    Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful fabrics!

  100. Kelly Riley

    I am just learning to sew and embroider.. These would be great for a quilt.

  101. Sue Lipscomb

    I love these Mother Goose stichings. I have a baby quilt that belong to my cousin. His grandmother was an excellent quilter and made this for him with Mother Goose appliques on it. These would be wonderful to make shams or even an extra coverlet so I could display the two together. My cousin and I were like brother and sister, he passed away at the age of 42. I miss him everyday.


    I would love to make wonderful doll clothes from this collection. It would be a fabulous wardrobe!

  103. Colleen

    I would love to make a valence for my nieces room with the blocks and a cover for a mother goose book as a gift! thanks for the chance to win. It is a lovely giveaway.

  104. Clorinda

    I love to quilt so naturally I would make a quilt – blue and white of course – my favorite colors!

  105. Clorinda

    I love to quilt so naturally I would make a quilt.

  106. Helle

    Great give-away! Fabric looks lovely, think I would make a nice quilt combining piecing and appliqué, maybe also some embroidery. There is a good chance I would find some nice patterns in your lovely book. Greetings from Seoul

  107. marilyn

    I would most likely make a quilt with this sweet fabric and perhaps embroider some hoops for the wall. Love it all…..thanks for offering a chance to win;)

  108. Jennifer Barr

    Like” my Facebook page at

  109. Polly Cox

    I would make some wall hangings to give as gifts.

  110. Jennifer Barr

    I woud make a baby quilt

    chevybelair1 at juno dot com

  111. Martha

    Just found out my cousin is having twins. Lot’s of baby things need to be made.

  112. christine smith

    I would make a crib quilt and wallhangings in to have baby gifts at the ready. Love all of your creations !

  113. Diana Sterling

    Please enter me into your fabric giveaway. I would love to win this fabric collection. I would make a quilt and clothes for my little raggedy annies I am working on.
    Thanks, Diana

  114. Chris Casey

    I would like to create a multi-media, generational fabric scrapbook for all my Grandkids. We are living in far flung places and don’t see each other as much as I’d like, so family history and “the old stories” are not being passed along to our next generation. Vintage fabrics and embroidery along with collage and thread art could build a family history scrapbook for my family to enjoy for future generations. I share your passion for Vintage sewing and craft projects, though I doubt my collection is as extensive as your! Thank You for all you are doing to preserve our creative heritage!!

  115. Mary

    What beautiful fabric to make a quilt out of ~ I taught preschool for 8 years and love mother goose! Some children had never heard of mother goose til they came to school.

  116. Sandra Lightburn

    I am just learning emboidery and would would find this book very helpful. After a bit of practice, I would like to make a baby quilt for my neice who just had a baby girl.

  117. Mary

    I signed up to “like” you on FB. BTW, I forgot to say what I would make with the fabric. It would be a quilt for our newest grandbaby.

  118. Mary

    What a gorgeous collection of vintage feeling designs. Mother Goose has been a favoite of my children and now my grandchildren for years.

  119. Myra Graves

    Love it!! I wil be embroidering this summer on my vacation to the beach. I always take along some needlework and this would be perfect!


  120. Marcie Ortmann

    I posted about your wonderful giveaway on my Facebook Page.
    Hope you have a great day!

  121. Marcie Ortmann

    I “Liked” your Facebook page! Your Mother Goose line art is so cute!

  122. Cristy Davies

    I would make a quilt, but I think I would do full color rather than redwork. Tea towels would also be fun. Or a panel on a bag/tote. The possibilities, with are endless!

  123. Marcie Ortmann

    What a fabulous giveaway! I would use the fabric to make cute dresses for my Raggedy Annie dollies. I would love to do some embroidery on their skirts too!

  124. Janet

    I would make a quilt for my darling grandson. thanks for a chance at a nice giveaway.

  125. Sue Goodin

    I’m following on facebook.

  126. Sue Goodin

    I would love to win this package. I have several baby quilts I need to make and this would be perfect.

  127. Jennifer

    I would love to make a quilt out of your pretty patterns. Thank you for the chance

  128. Pat McCoy

    I would put it in my quilt of embroidered mother goose blocks.

  129. Melissa Corry

    I posted about the giveaway on my facebook page 🙂

  130. Melissa Corry

    I would turn these into an adorable quilt!!

  131. Michele Van Epps

    What a darling quilt! My husband had a quilt made by his mother that was similar to this. I will have to get this so that I can make it — but I may not want to part with the finished quilt.

  132. Katie

    Beautiful projects and so hard to decide which one I would create! I am so glad embroidery is now back in view for the younger generations to discover. It has always been my favorite needleart and I’ve been stitching, sewing and quilting since the 1970’s.

  133. Robin (RsIslandCrafts)

    I love to mix quilting with embroidery. Mother Goose designs would be so adorable in a quilt.

  134. Sherry Edwards

    I would love to win this!!! I love Mother Goose and would defiantly use these patterns. Thank you!

  135. Mary Arsenault

    It is so wonderful to see the old fashioned embroidery projects come back to us. I particularly like doing Redwork and would love to do a quilt for my Granddaughter for her to have as a loving rememberance of her Grandmother. Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful project.

  136. Ruth

    This is an awesome giveaway! I love redwork and love to embroider. I would definitely make the pillow for my granddaughter and a quilt with redwork.

  137. Marilyn Lennis

    I just love the fabric designs from this era…takes me back to my childhood. I would make doll quilts with this fabric and give them to all the little girls in my life.

  138. Abiga/Karen

    With ten grandchildren, one born week ago, I would definitely make a quilt with embroidered blocks! Blessings.

  139. Brenda Griffith

    What a lovely Giveaway please sign me up
    I am doing all of the above and will send you the links.
    If I won I would make my dolls using the patterns on their clothing…maybe do a few tea towels I just found some wonderful vintage ones at an estate sale. My mother is 89 and loves to embroidery to stay busy I would transfer the fabrics onto items to let her do them.
    Thank you

  140. Yvonne Russell

    What a fab collection and patterns. I’d love to make something special for my little granchidlren. – for a start, a wallhanging and I’m also inspried by the pillowcase idea you’ve pictured.

    Thanks so much. for your generosity.

  141. Daisy Sue Hecht

    Wow, this is great. We are doing over and moving to an old farm house next year (retirement project) and I am making vintage things to put in it. A lap quilt would be perfect in my guestroom.

  142. Joan

    I would make a beautiful quilt for my new grandchild coming in August.

  143. Linda Olson

    I would surely make a lovely keepsake for my granddaughter.

  144. Andrea Hadwin

    I would love to sew a quilt with these fabrics.
    Thank you for the giveaway. Very generous.

  145. Susan V

    I would love to use the fabric and pattern book to make a baby quilt or quilts for my local crisis pregnancy center. When love goes into each stitch, how can the finished object be anything but a blessing to the recipient!

  146. Suzanne Whetzel

    I love the embroidery designs. I would like to make quilts for babies to come in our family. This would be a great heirloom for future generations.

  147. Gail L.

    I have always been a fan of Mother Goose. I remember making dish towels many years ago, when I was first married with a similar design. I am starting to be a fan of the 1930’s fabrics and think this would be a great project to start with. I think this would make wonderful quilts for my grandchildren. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win this incredible gift.

  148. Margaret

    Oh, the memories. This gives me the inspiration to recreate the quilt my Grandmother made for me that I have loved and cuddled with for over 50 years.

  149. Linda

    Thinking an embroidered pinafore or apron would be unique and special.

  150. juau4

    So cute! I would make a quilt for my niece and probably a couple of wall hangings too.

  151. valiegal

    I love this bundle and would love to win it. I would definately get back into embroidery and some of the new patterns and books out there. I’d love to buy your book, Amy. I love your site, on the internet. valiegal

  152. Donna Manning

    I would make these for the head start school here. I know they would love them and I would love making them.

  153. Alison

    I would love to make a pram set from the fabric. Soooo adorable!!

  154. maria

    i have been teaching my 11 year old daughter how to quilt. i would love to do the blocks in redwork and have my daughter help me with the sashing and to put the quilt together. she loves to sew and this would not be difficult for her do once the embrodery on the blocks are done. then the quilt would be something my daughter morgan would treasure

  155. Melinda V

    Wouldn’t the fabric make a cute little quilted jacket? And you could put some small redwork design squares here and there on the jacket. What fun to think of creative things to do with it!

  156. Grace V.

    I would use your fabrics to make a darling children’s quilt to
    raise money for our elementary school where I am a teacher.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  157. Maria S.

    I’d like to try my hand at making those soft baby blocks…or maybe embellish some tea towels…or a drawstring bag…or bibs for my grandson…..The fabric looks so cozy and homey!

  158. Loretta M

    I can see these patterns as small cushions for the backs of white-washed wood chairs in a kitchen set — for a cute shabby cottage look.

  159. Denise McCandless

    I would absolutley love to win this giveaway. I adore vintage fabrics. I love Mother Goose , this would be the perfect start for a baby quilt for the grandchildrem I hope to have someday. Thank You so much for the opprotunity to win this giveaway.

  160. Loretta

    My grandchildren would love these patterns. The fabric is beautiful!

  161. Bonnie Nyquist

    I would love to make a Redwork quilt for my family heirloom, I have been stitching for two years now, this would be a trip back in time! No end to what a person could make, pillows, wall hangings, towels. I like to see things I make every day someplace in my home. Thank You. Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline at aol dot com

  162. Jan

    This is the primo giveaway! You’ve done some very nice ones, but this one!!! It has the innocence of another time, todays kids are all about Dora, Dr. Suess, Car Pix, etc. I grew up in the 50’s when this exemplified babies. I did tons of embroidery and entered it in the local county fairs. Giving a nod to today, I think I’d make a duvet cover for a childs single bed with a matching pillow sham. Love it, thanks for the chance!

  163. Kenna R

    I would definitely make a quilt for my newest granddaughter! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  164. Brenda H

    I am a school bus driver. I started a new elementary route on Monday. I quickly discovered that the children LOVE to hear stories from when Miss Brenda was a little girl. I would take each one of the Mother Goose blocks and make mini wall hangings…and clip one each day next to the big mirror that hangs over my driver seat. I could then share the story that matches the block. I’m betting that 99% of the children have never heard of Mother Goose! I think storytelling is a great way to exercise their imaginations…much more so than any electronic game that they have (in their backpacks.)

  165. margie c

    I will also be following your tweets!
    Thank you!

  166. margie c

    I “like” you on FB too 🙂

  167. margie c

    I would love to do a wall quilt! and maybe some frame work as well!
    I am new to embroidery, I just picked up all of my supplies today 🙂 and I have just started putting together my fabrics for my first quilt too! This would be wonderful for me!
    Thank you for the chance!
    hugs, margie

  168. Judy Anthony

    I love, love, love anything vintage! So many things I would like to make with this collection – baby quilt, aprons, and pillowcases.

  169. Jane Rhoades

    I love all things vintage, and I’m always on the lookout for ways to use new materials to create something with a vintage feel. This fabric would be a wonderful challange!

  170. Diane Sanford

    Scrapbooking is a new project for me. These fabrics and embroidery items would be great added features for pages with pictures of family and friends using the wonderful pictures on personal creations made especially for them. Good idea!!

  171. Dale Bell

    I would use the patterns to make a quilt for my great grand daughter who is 18 months old.

  172. Chris Davis

    i have a new nephew and a niece that is soon to come — the motifs would make a nice redwork type blankie for them!

  173. Lois Davis

    I really hope to win the giveaway!
    I would embroider, sew on borders and frame and use as gifts.
    Lois Davis

  174. Jan

    I have a Mother Goose quilt my grandmother made for me. It is blue and white with pink and blue embroidery. I keep it in our guest room where our new grandson sleeps when he is over for the day.
    I would make a little quilt for him to remind him of Grammy’s house when he’s not here … and extras for future grand-babies … and gifts!

  175. Emelia Burgess

    I would use this collection for Mommy and Me aprons, diaper bags, crib bedding, pillows or toddler bedding! Thanks for the inspiration!

  176. Susan

    I would make some pillows to start out as they are smaller, then I could think how I might use the fabric and the patterns in a quilt.
    The designs are cute and the fabric is colorful.
    Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas.

  177. Lauralee Hensley

    I signed up at your Twitter page and I’m now following you there.
    Twitter ID lfhpueblo
    lfhpueblo at msn dot com

  178. Lauralee Hensley

    I Like Your Facebook page and used the link above.
    Lauralee Hensley
    lfhpueblo at msn dot com

  179. Sherry Dailey

    A wonderful inspiration to learn embroidery…no more excuses. If I don’t win, I plan to purchase all this beautiful fabric!

  180. Lauralee Hensley

    I’d create Baby Kimono Robes and a Baby Quilt with it. Then I might also create some Baby Fabric Quilt Blocks in a Fabric Toy Block.
    lfhpueblo at msn dot com

  181. Karen K

    Mary Mary Quite Contrary is looking for a sweet little sundress. I would be delighted to show her the way.

  182. Alisa Vogt

    I love to make baby quilts for family and friends when they have new little ones. My third grandchild was just born and I have not yet begun his quilt. I’m a bit behind because I just graduated in December with my BFA in Art. So this would be perfect for little baby Allen’s new quilt!

  183. Trudy Smith

    Although I am a quilter, I have never learned to embroider. Winning this gift would give me the chance to learn. I have kitchen towels that I cherish that were made by my mother and my aunt with some of these same patterns. Would be nice to make something for me to hand down to my children and grandchildren! Thank you for the chance to win this great gift!!

  184. PeggyLou Z.

    What a delight it would be to be able to have this beautiful embroidery book and fabric. Being blessed with a wonderful granddaughter and 2 great grandchildren, making quilts and soft books for them would be on the top of my list of things I would do first. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway offering.

  185. The Hungry Crafter

    These are adorable. I’d love to use them to make a baby blanket for me new niece who is coming in June! My aunt made one for me when I was born that is actually very similar in look and feel — this would be perfect!

  186. Kathy in Mukilteo, WA

    This is just the sort of embroidery and fabrics that I adore. Thanks for bringing it to us.

  187. Cynthia Landrie

    The book and fabrics are lovely. I would be happy to own them. I think I would make a redwork wallhanging. I really enoy hand embroidery while I am watching TV. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  188. kathi shelley

    What a great idea! This would give me the incentive to dig out my embroidery hoops and needles and get back to “stitching” again. Some of my friends are becoming grammas for the first time so I would make crib coverlets and pillows for “gramma gifts”. Isn’t that a delicious idea?

  189. Pamela Reim

    How generous of you. You have such a knack of interpreting things you find. i liked one person’s idea of q quilt for Project Linus, something I always try to participate in.

  190. Janet Miller Dickinson

    My GP is having a surprise baby in 6 weeks. Her children are older and so is she. I want to make a quilt for her and this new little baby boy. I’d love to make it with these wonderful fabrics of yours! Wish me luck!

  191. Ann J

    Oh, how wonderful it would be to make redwork quilts for my 2 granddaughters; very much like the one my mother and then my sisters and I grew up with. Alas, it is no longer. Seeing your fabrics and designs brings back many fond memories. Thank you.

  192. Angela

    I love redwork and bluework also. I have been making items for my granny hopechest. My dd is “thinking” about babies and I am wanting to be ready!

  193. Gwen McGinnis

    This would be a wonderful gift for my future grandchild, which is a great possibility! I want to get a head start! I had a quilt my mother handquilted for me that was Mother Goose!

  194. Bev Bosch

    What fun! I had just been thinking about doing some red work and was going to keep my eyes peeled. I have embroidered since I was 7, maybe even earlier. I have a great interest in vintage anything, perhaps because I am now 72. Keep going, Amy!

  195. L'Ann Lackey

    I love embroidery, especially the redwork. I have always loved the poetry from Mother Goose, and would like to make quilt blocks to frame for my 2 yr. old grandson’s room ( and for other future grandchildren). I also would like to make a cloth book with several of the patterns. The fabric looks beautiful for these!

  196. Marcia W.

    Liked you on FB as Margaret W (Margaret and Marcia)

  197. TERI WEST

    This would make a very nice altered journal or fabric book for a baby gift.

  198. Jeanne Zukowksi

    WOW With a 3 year old Granddaughter wouldn’t this be perfect.

  199. Andrea Rice

    Yo-yos would be on top list, if I won the fabric. I haven’t done stitch work in a long time, since I thirteen. The patterns would take me a bit to figure out, but I am sure I would be able to find something to do with them. Thanks for the give away. Love your style.

  200. Marcia W.

    I would use the fabric and book to create a redwork quilt for a grandniece. She would love all the playful children.

  201. Kathy T

    I think they would make a lovely wallhanging or perhaps make a diaper bag for the new mom along with some burp clothes (the diaper ones that are so popular) bu decreasing the size a little bit.

  202. Anna A

    I would use these great embroidery patterns and fabric to make a quilt for my 1st grandchild due in August.

  203. Judy Brennan

    Amy, LOVE the designs! I would make a wall hanging for a babies room out of the designs, probably using black and whites so it would catch the baby’s attention. Great job, Amy!

  204. Beatriz

    greetings, came to you through ‘driving miss stacey!” what a sweet giveaway! i would do a quilt, but i am loving the pillow covers and tea towels, too — maybe a clothespin bag! thank you, and please count me in.

  205. Debra Hayward

    I just found out that I am going to be a Grandma. I would love to make this as my first baby quilt for my first grandchild.

  206. Susan Lloyd

    I am involved in a ministry that provides blankets and quilts to homeless families, a nursery rhyme quilt would be a joy to present to a little one or expectant parents.

  207. Grace Brown

    Oh what a wonderful collection of fabric, and book to win….
    I have 2 grandbabies,,,and I can just see the fun I would have stitching wonderful Red (or maybe do it in pink) Work..
    I love vintage Red Work, and how fun we can have doing it in any color we want.
    Keeping my fingers, eyes & legs crossed that I win.
    : > )

  208. Leena Salleh

    I think I would do up a playmat quilt…for the kids….

  209. Kate

    My children have outgrown Mother Goose but I won’t be expecting grandchildren for a long time either. Should I win I’ll have lots of time to make a little quilt for the future. Mother Goose never goes out of style and I love redwork embroidery. It reminds me of my childhood. Thank you for the offer!

  210. Ann in PA

    I “liked” you on Facebook.

  211. Ann in PA

    I would make a quilt for my best friends first grandson.

  212. Helen Davis

    What can I say.. embrodery is my passion.. I learned to embrodery when I was 8.. love your fabric as well as the book … I would definately use fabric and embroidery pattern to make baby quilts for my granddaughters babies to be … so they have a part of me with them always… Thanks for this giveaway offer.

  213. Leena Salleh

    During my childhood days…I would read the stories….about Mother Goose, etc…I would probably do this as playmat quilt for my kids….

  214. Ruth

    Years ago, when I was pregnant with my son, I made him a quilt which was nine squares, each one with part of the nursey rhyme, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep…..I’ve kept this quilt tucked away for when my son has his first child.
    I would love to make two more quilts in the same fashion – keepsakes for each of my daughters.
    Thank you for your inspiration.

  215. judy

    i would create that darling six-image redwork quilt for my older sister Sue. she adores beautiful vintage handwork, our grandmothers’ quilts and doilies, old hand-sewn aprons, emboidered tea towels, and the like. childless herself, Sue does love children, paper dolls, nursery rhymes and all the other trappings of little ones. also, she admires the craftsmanship that she has never quite felt she herself could achieve when it comes to creating anything ‘by hand.’ i would take that sweet quilt to her in north carolina as my gift, along with ‘A STITCH IN TIME’ (i already have a copy of my own!) and the two ‘cheater block panels.’. and together, we would hold class on embroidery and quiltmaking! i would show my sister that she, too, has creative hands.

  216. Linda

    Thank you for the contest. Good Luck to all

  217. rosemary

    I would make a quilt each for our brand new great grandsons,Seamus & Murphy. The designs are precious.

  218. Jeanne

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful giveaway! The fabrics are perfect for my studio/guest room up at our cottage. I think I would make a quilt or pillows for the back of the daybed in that room.

  219. Susan

    What delightful designs! I would make a pair of lap quilts for my parents who are in assisted living and undergo weekly medical treatments. These designs are timeless – and I think they would enjoy looking at them and sharing them with those around them while staying cozy during chemo and other procedures. You are NEVER too old to enjoy a good rhyme! (These could be shared later with grandchildren who have yet to arrive… 😀

  220. Judy

    The designs remind me of the ones my grandmother gave to me when she taught me how to embroider. I would create a wall hanging to display the designs.

  221. Denise Y

    I would love to make my 5 mo old grand-daughter a fun play quit with these designs and co-ordinating fabrics! Thanks

  222. Marie

    I just your patterns!!! I could make some little ones some great quilts with these materials. I make and donate quilts for the highway patrol and sheriff’s department and these would be great for that!! I also have a 9 yr old granddaughter that would love one of these quilts. They would be a heart stopper!!!

  223. Karen Gleim

    As a retired kindergarten and preschool teacher I’m surprised (and saddened) that so many young children are not familiar with nursery rhymes that we all grew up reciting. I always included a monthly unit on nursery rhymes while I was teaching. If I won the great redwork book and beautiful fabric I would make a quilt for my granddaughter so she would become familiar with our beloved nursery rhymes!

  224. Patty

    I hope I’m the lucky one!

  225. Darcia Furney

    I’d have to make a child’s quilt. One design is never enough, I’d have to stitch them all.

  226. Lisa N

    I would make quilts for my two youngest grandchildren or for charity. Our quilt guild gives quilts to hospitals and charities. Thanks for the chance to win your wonderful fabric and book!

  227. Kathy Dahlstrom

    Our friend is helping build a church in Haiti. I would like to make pillowcase dresses for him to take to children there.

  228. Sharon Lee

    I have recently been combining redwork with my scrapbooking. The queen of hearts will look wonderful framing my daughter 1979 halloween costume, which of course was the “Queen of Hearts” I hope Deedle Deedle Dumplin’, My son Jon” is in the book. The first rhyme my grandson memorized was “Sing a song of Sixpence”. These will make a wonderful Quilt ! thankyou Amy for keeping Mother Goose alive!

  229. Janis Campbell

    If I won this material I would make my grandson, Brady, a soft-sided children’s book of rhymes. Now that I am retired I would have time to do the embroidery work. Brady could learn his nursery rhymes which will help him when he learns to read!! What a wonderful giveaway!! I will cross my fingers and hope I win!

  230. Lori A

    We just started “Blankets of Hope” at our church where we get together once a month to work on projects such as this! How exciting to find your blog and giveaway… Thank you for offering it to someone very fortunate!

    I’m off to spread the word 🙂

    Love and hugs ~ Lori

  231. LuAnn Parker

    wow I just love this giveaway.I’ve Never had a chance yet to make a redwork quilt or hand embriodery.Would love a chance to work with this wonderful book and lusious fabrics. Thanks for adding me to try to win this magnifient collection.

  232. Cecilia

    I have been wanting to try embroidery for a while now and would love to use this for a quilt for my two grandaughters. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful package. Stacey sent me over.

  233. Mary Wippold

    How sweet! I would love to win that to start on a project for future grandchildren. What a heirloom that would be. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  234. Susie Allen

    I don’t quilt but I collect vintage children’s books and if the cover is in good condition (not torn or marked upon) I frame them in a shadow box. I could use the material as a mat behind the books or as a mat to the embroidered designs and frame them or turn them into a cloth book.

  235. Kay L

    I would create a wonderful baby’s quilt for the first grand baby in the family.
    I love you site and your inspiration.

  236. Dee

    Since my Grandmother taught my sister how to embroidary and crochet and knit, I have always loved the nastalgia of any of these crafts. My grandma was my sister and I’s saving grace. A very special lady. Was a great cook, flower gardener and just all the things a grandma should be. She set a good example for us and we cherrish anything that remind us of her. I will help my granddaughters embroidery several of the designs. Maybe for their hope chest.

  237. Judy Berna

    Think it is wonderful that you are reproducing these old embroideries. They will live on….. I would make a quilt for the children in our extended family.

  238. Karen

    How cute! Doing something in redwork is on my list!

  239. D.Foster

    I would make a wall quilt with the embroidery designs and fabric as well as an apron, table runner, place mats and hot pads with whatever is left. I love to use up every bit of fabric that I like.MAkes the kitchen/ dining area seem like new when there is a new color scheme on the table and wall. These fabrics would look beautiful with my golden yellow and red walls and the light wood on the cabinets! I love to show off wonderful fabrics!!!!

  240. Linda Gibson

    I love these patterns. I remember these when I was a little girls,my Grandma use to help me sew. This is when I lived in Iowa.Long ago 1950’s Love to get these. Thanks so much Linda

  241. Trisha Bryant

    I haven’t embrodiered for awhile,but your book and fabric have me wanting to again.

  242. Karen Shackleford

    I would start working on a baby quilt so I have it ready when my niece has her first child. Wouldn’t it be fun to include a book of Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes along with the quilt! Thanks for all your great projects and vintage inspiration.

  243. Trisha Bryant

    I haven’t embrodiered for a while,but your book and material have me wanting to start again.

  244. jessica c

    I would make some cute little blankies for my friend who is expecting to expect soon!

  245. edyB

    Love this and could make several little quilts for my great grands! I really enjoy doing Redwork or Bluework. It’s a very sweet collection of fabric.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  246. Maureen Pierson

    Oh what an inspiration. My newest granddaughter would be the perfect recipient of this quilt. Grandma and Charlotte Ann will be able to tell bedtime stories about the embroidered children for years to come.

  247. Kathy A

    I would probably make a pillow to start off with:-)

  248. Shirley S. J.

    January 31, 2011
    I have been doing quite a bit of quilting but have not done a redwork quilt. And, have not done much embroidery, but would enjoy trying this new endeavor.

  249. Debbie

    Love, love, love redwork! I received your “Vintage Notions” book for Christmas — so enjoying it!

  250. Debbie Kiefer

    I could see a quilt done up for my grandson and maybe any future grandchildren I am blessed with. I love the redwork quilts I have seen and would love to make one.

    I have ‘liked’ you on your FB page too!

    I will post on my blog for you too!

    Take Care,
    Debbie K

  251. Karen Hope

    What a lovely give away….I love everything that Amy does!!!!

  252. maggiep

    I would love to make a baby quilt combining both the fabric and the redwork blocks.

  253. Julie

    I am getting into making quilts and love learning about new quilting blogs miss stacey had a link on her website!! I love the idea of a mother goose quilt!! I am trying to teach the nursery rhymes to my 3 year old and a cute little quilt would be so fun!!

  254. Kris Curtis

    Vintage transfers speak to me! I enjoy the simpliciity of the line designs. I think a baby quilt for my newest granddaughter would be a good project.

  255. Elaine Leko

    I am so very fortunate to be of the generation that my great-grandmother, grandmothers and mother all mentored me in my embroidery! It is still my favorite way to un-wind (along with binding a quilt!) One of my more memorable gifts as a young girl was a red round tin FULL of scrambled embroidery floss. I think of the hours spend untangling before I could use it. The hidden lesson – PATIENCE!

  256. Heartsdesire

    I would do something for my daughter. She loves redwork, but seems to be embroidery challenged. lol
    I think a quilt for my 1-year-old grandson would also be great. He loves Mother Goose.

  257. Janet McGregor

    I would make a fabric book using these fairy tale characters. Combining the fabric and mixed media techniques I think the combination along with these delightful characters would be magical!

  258. Cyndi Neumann

    I need the “follow the line” embroidery and I would love the children’s red or blue patterns to learn on. I would be so inspired to make a pillow for my wicker chair.

    I adore the antique and flea market malls also. We never know what we will come across to re-make something or get ideas!

    Smiles, Cyndi

  259. Anna Amesbury

    I adore embroidery and the 30’s and 40’s reproduction fabrics. I have been thinking of making a quilt to donate for a fundraiser for a small animal rescue group that I am a member of ( we rescue house rabbits – the House Rabbit Resource Network or HRRN). Up until now I have been undecided because peoples tastes vary so greatly. But I think this may be the ticket. I think an embroidered quilt using reproduction fabrics would have a wide range of appeal and fetch a nice raffle or auction price for the bunnies! Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win the fabric and book.

  260. Beth

    When I first started adding embroidery to my quilting it was redwork and would love to win this great gift.

  261. Cathryn Bay-Fowler

    Finally – a theme for our Grandchildren’s bedroom.
    How many times I’ve read Mother Goose to my daughters! It’s the perfect choice!

  262. Marina Gaurd Whigham

    My Grandson, Zachary Keith, named after his Father and my Father, (who was more of a Father to my Daughter than her Father was) came early, on December 12. Born to my Daughter, Mariah, who lives with me and refuses to leave due to my disability with MS. I would love to be able to create a quilt for Zachary to show my love and appreciation to Mariah by creating a quilt for the new love of her life.

  263. Su Hall

    What a precious set of patterns and designs. I love Mother Goose! I would make a quilt for the grand children. Thank you!


  264. colleen

    I would definitely want to create a Mother Goose soft book. I loved fabric books for my kids when they were little, and now I have two grandchildren to read with! This is a lovely giveaway, thanks for making it available.

  265. Sheryl Goulette

    I have a Grandchildren Room in my home. I currently have a cover sheet in the crib that I embroidered when I was a teenager. I would love to use your patterns for a quilt for colder weather.

  266. Terri Swisher

    I would make a quilt for my first grandchild who is on the way.

  267. Phyllis

    I would love to make a quilt for my first Great Grandchild. This would be perfect in the blue floss because its a boy.

  268. Stephanie

    I would make a quilt for grandma’s house. We have had the blessing of our first grandchild this year. He is almost one! We are hoping for more in the future and it would be the perfect quilt for the grandkids to use at grandma’s house! Thanks for the opportunity and for your generosity!

  269. Barbara Linzey

    Oh, I just love the vintage patterns. I love doing redwork and would use these wonderful patterns & fabric to make a baby quilt.I think I was born in the wrong century. I just love 30’s fabric and remember my mom embroidering pillow cases for my sisters & I. Theres alot of fond memories. I would really love to win.

  270. Pat F

    This screams to be made into a child’s quiet book of some type and perhaps a small take-along quilt to Grandma’s.

  271. Jeana

    I would love to do a quilt for my furture grandchild!

  272. Cris Marsh

    Love the fabric…reminds me of my childhood.

  273. cheri jenkins

    I have been blessed with a great grand-daughter. I would love to make her a quilt to remember me.

  274. Carolyn Sharp

    I’ve recently “rediscovered” embroidery and I’ve been wanting to do a “coloring quilt”. These patterns and fabrics combine both art forms and would be great for that. How exciting! I love to meander through antique stores looking for special treasures people are actually willing to part with and figuring out how I can use them in my crafts. Just like the quilt you found! Just finished crocheting metal wire bracelets with old buttons I’ve gathered here and there. Fun! Fun! Fun!

  275. Ann Schucker

    When my two 20-something daughters were 7 and 10, my beloved aunt gave them her old embroidery iron-on transfers. These kept them busy all summer, as they perfected their French knots and lazy-daisy stitches. Unfortunately, my aunt has passed away, but her gift to the girls lives on as they both enjoy many types of needlework and crafts. I would present this fabric to my younger daughter who loves to quilt and whose wedding is next July. I know she would start embroidering these right away, so she has a head start on a baby quilt when she begins her family.

  276. Carolee

    I haven’t done any embroidery in years, but this is definitely something I would enjoy doing! I would make pillows for my two girls’ room!

  277. NanaB

    I would make a baby quilt for the newest great niece or nephew

  278. Amber Rutz

    I would love to get a head start on my great grandchildren. They’ll start coming soon, I’m sure. Sign me up to win (I hope). Amber

  279. heidi davis

    I would love to create a quilt to hand down to my son’s children (my grandchildren) with this whimsical fabric that reminds me of all the nursery rhymes and fables that I shared with him as a child. With this quilt, i would hope that it would encourage he and hid partner/wife to carry on that ‘ bedtime tradition with their children with “granny” in mind as they were tucked away to bed.

  280. Shelly S.

    Although I don’ t have any children or grandchildren to make quilts for, these fabrics would be delightful to work with to make some extra special quilts to give to children at our local women’s shelter. Our guild makes many beautiful quilts for charity, but these would extra special!

  281. Lisa

    I love this vintage Mother Goose fabric!! It would be perfect for a little lunch tote and a coordinating picnic blanket – for those teddy bear picnics little girls love to have!!

  282. Stephanie

    Since I don’t usually use vintage-looking fabrics, I would love to use this as a starting point! What fun!

  283. Marnell Marrone

    Such wonderful pieces of fabric…and I love redwork, bluework and also blackwork. Having identical twin granddaughters I would double enjoy making a quilt for now and for keeping for the future.

  284. Terry H

    I love these old stitchery patterns. Would make pillows with them. I have made many, many pillows with all kinds of stitcheries on them and some small quilts/wall hangings.

  285. Wendy Reuther

    these designs are addorable! I have a packet of embroidery transfers that my mom ordered through the mail when I was a baby(50’s), and I have enjoyed using them for projects over the years. I have always enjoyed embroidery and would love to do a redwork project–maybe a quilt for the little room in our home where I keep a crib for our grandchildren when they take a nap here.

  286. Sue S

    I really like the fabrics and would use them for a child’s quilt probably for one of my great-grandchildren.

  287. Brigitte Gonzales

    Part of the magic in quilts is the homemade feel. Amy’s prints would create wonderful quilted panels for a nursery or child care facility. Add to that crib covers and perhaps a cover for the existing rocking chair with the matching fabric. I’m always looking for ways to redo our church nursery. Amy’s work inspires us to be creative! Thank you~

  288. Sharon Stewart

    This giveaway drawing is fun!
    I would make an apron, with the Mary Mary Quite Contrary block on the bib.

  289. Julie K

    The design book caught my eye a few weeks ago, but with the coorindating fabric I was really taken back to my childhood. The first book I ever had was the over-sized book of Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes – the one with the black and white border…. I’d drag it all over and give it to anyone who would read to me until I’d memorized every page by heart. What an sweet and sentimental collection!

  290. Ann Pierce

    I too collect bits and pieces, or their patterns, of old children’s quilts and re-purpose them into special little gifts for friends with new babies or their little bit older brothers and sisters. These wonderful patternsand fabric would definitely be a welcome addition to my treasure trove of inspiration!

  291. Deb

    I love, love, love this fabric line – so adorable and cute and wouldn’t it look perfect in my FIRST grandbaby’s nursery (due in May 2011)? A devine quilt with matching pillow, maybe a toy or two and of course baby’s name spelled out in fabric letters. Redwork is another favorite of mine. I have a treasured piece made by my great grandmother, whom I never knew. My grandmother taught me to appreciate, cherish and honor our great American history. It connects us with our past and binds us to those precious memories.

  292. Kathy K

    I am rediscovering quilting! I am sure I would make a quilted wallhanging or a small quilt.

  293. Shari W.

    Wow….I’ve got a grandniece(yep) on the way and this would make a wonderful quilt for her.

  294. Irene S

    I would love to use these patterns and materials to complete the quilt my grandmother started in the 30s. She had embroidered half a dozen blocks very similar to the Mother Goose patterns and just never got around to finishing the quilt. I still have the blocks and have always wanted to figure out a way to complete the quilt. This fabric and the cheater panels would be the perfect complement.

  295. Nancy Crawford

    I’m making a wall quilt with 1 piece of fabric and butting many images together. Love your pictures!

  296. Rose Landon

    I love all things vintage! Mainly redwork. I have loved redwork for many years and always have some kind of redwork [purple and blue] going. Thanks for keeping the love of the art alive.

  297. Kathleen Perrone

    I Love anything that is old .I like to sew quilts and embroidery and crossstich. I would make a quilt for a friend or a new baby.I would enjoy to get this fabric and fabric.

  298. Nancy S

    What a wonderful quilt the fabric and embroidery would make! It would take me back to my childhood, and I can read the book to my grandson while snuggling under the quilt!

  299. Pamela

    Amy, you are one talented woman! I have one of your books and enjoy looking at all your fabrics and other items at my local fabric store. How nice of you to have this giveaway contest!
    Thank you,

  300. Carol Coleman

    What a cute collection! I use it to make outfits for four (4) little girls – sisters whom I can to play with each Wednesday afternoon.

  301. DQ

    What a lovely give away! I would make a quilt for my little girls and try to adapt the patterns to a doll sized matching quilt or there dolls!

  302. Barb Dawson

    i would make a lap size quilt for one of my grandsons (3 yrs old!) He loves to be read to & would enjoy cuddling under a quilt w/ Mother Goose squares!

  303. Diane B

    I follow you on Twitter, as well.

  304. Laurie

    I love the pillow idea or maybe a girl’s peasant dress featuring the cheater block on an attached apron.

  305. jeanne muckey

    This is just beautiful, any little girl would love to have a quilt out of mother goose. I would love to make a quilt for me with this because i’m a little girl at heart. This type of redwork would be in the family for years to come.

  306. Diane B

    I “like” your Facebook page.

  307. Diane B

    Oh my goodness! I have been having such fun lately teaching my grandsons how to embroider! I would love to make a quilt for my newest granddaughter. I think perhaps pillows would be a wonderful project for our weekly crafting sessions, as well!

  308. Teresa

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter such a fun contest! I love to do embroidery. I have done blocks for several quilts, baby, as well as others for my kids. I have also done “Days of the Week” towels for myself and friends. I have not done any red work yet. Would love to, though!

  309. Nancy Crawford

    I’m making a wall quilt of 1 piece of fabric and filling it in with redwork. Also a pillow top cover. Love your pictures!!!!

  310. Lynn Carter

    I would love to make a quilt for our first Granddaughter -who is due in 4 weeks!!!

  311. cathy f.

    I love aprons, especially vintage and these designs and patterns would make up beautifully! The older I get the more nostalgic I have become and appreciate your lovely designs!

  312. sandra cook

    What lovely designs! I would use them to embelish a pinafore for my granddaughter, Willow!

  313. June Griepp

    During the winter months we live in a lovely RV park in Arizona. Our quilting group of about 125 women, who come from all over the US and Canada , spend alot of time making quilts and pillowcases for a local home that houses at risk mothers and their children (among other charity projects). The Mother Goose fabric would be put to good use for this purpose. As for the book–I’d keep it and cherish it. We also have a Redwork group that meets each Monday . Lots of embroidery is completed during this time. What fun we have all winter long in sunny Arizona.

  314. Donna D

    My daughter is expecting the second granddaughter (in Japan) and this would be absolutely perfect. I would make a crib quilt with the fabric and use the embroidery in two ways. First the label for the quilt would be embroidery and then I would make embroidered blocks to be framed for her room. What a wonderful way to keep those nursery rhymes going with such an inspiring collection!

  315. Jennifer Fraunfelder

    How absolutely beautiful. I adore vintage and hand embriodery work. I love the colors and designs and would use this the fabric to add something sweet to my home and daughters’s room like a few decorative pillows. Maybe even a small throw blanket. I would also love to use some of the fabric to make teddy bears and small lap blankets that we donate to the children’s hospital here locally. ( I Liked you on Facebook as well)

  316. Janene Stott

    I would make a wall hanging for my grandchildren’s play room in my home. I would also make some dish towels and hang them as a valance in my kitchen.

  317. Susan

    Simply beautiful! I love the look of redwork and am thrilled to have this opportunity to win. I have to agree with the others that it would make an adorable nursery rhyme quilt for a special child.

  318. holly

    i would use this fabric for adding into my eclectic memories quilt! x

  319. Marya

    These designs and fabrics scream baby quilt to me. I’m thinking “pinkwork” for a girl and “bluework” for a boy. It would be just adorable!

  320. JOYCE S. SAYS:

    I would be thrilled to receive your giveaway, I remember my mother cross stitching a blanket for my daughter and it was stolen a number of years ago from our home . I have looked off and on for fabric to quilt into a blanket for my granddaughter.

  321. Lori Gilcreast

    I had a blanket with these designs on it when I was a small child! I am now motivated to see if it is still at my mother’s house. This would be a great project for a grandchild!

  322. Lin P

    Love, love, love the designs and redwork. Would love to make a wall hanging for the girls to look at while reading the stories to them.

  323. Joyce

    I would have a very hard time deciding what I would do, but I think I would end up making a quilt and pillowcases for our grandchildren. Fingers crossed!

  324. mary mac

    My best friend Hazel makes and donates quilts to our local pediatric unit and I would give this gift to her to make a beautiful quilt

  325. Judi Reiss

    I LOVE handwork. I always have something small in my purse as well as larger WIP whenever I am the passenger in a car or to work on while waiting for appoinments or getting gas. Yes, while the tank is filling, I am stiching!

    I think I would make a grandmother’s hope quilt and coordinating pillows for a future grandchild ( my son is getting married this June) I think the embroideries would alos go a baby day dress and matching bib, burp cloth and a framed picture.

    I can’t wait to buy this book!

  326. Rosie Perez

    My first love was embroidery. Now that I’m a grandmother and my friends are becoming grandmothers, I have been quilting alot of baby blankets. I would love to add this to my collection of patterns.

  327. Linda Weinberger

    I would love to create a “Mother Goose: storybook for my grandsons. It seems like yesterday, I was reading “Mother Goose” stories to my 3 daughters.

  328. Connie

    My mom made a similar quilt for me when I was a newborn 60 years ago. The pattern has long since disappeared. I would like to make one for my granddaughter.

  329. Kathy J

    I do love anything vintage, I found a baby quilt of the Subonnet Sue with some embroidery on it from the 20’s or 30’s, both are two of my favorite things. If I won the book and fabric I would make a quilt for my future grandchildren. Dear son just got engaged, no date yet. I want to share with my grandchildren the pleasure of making something special and sharing it with others, as well as an appreciation of the past .

  330. ~*~Patty

    I would very much enjoy doing the charming embroideries and using your lovely fabrics to create mixed media postcards, with ribbon or fabric loops for hanging. They would make really special gifts for art friends and family.

    Thank you so much for the chance to be the lucky winner of your fabulous and most generous giveaway!

  331. Denise

    I would love to make a quilt with those patterns. I enjoy redwork and have made one with Kate Greenaway patterns. Vintage designs have such charm!

  332. Becca

    In 2010 we added two grandchildre to our family, Lilie and Micah. I would love to make them each a quilt to honor my grandma. Little, as I called her, is the one who taught me to sew and embroider. Thanks for the chance to win.

  333. Nancy Jones

    Dear Amy,

    I can’t tell you how excited I would be to have my name drawn. I have 15 grandchildren so it won’t be hard to use every inch of that beautiful fabric. I just made a mother goose quilt out of one of your panels and the brown toile print. It is adorable. I love your style, your fabric, etc. etc. I would love to meet you sometime. Do you ever come to Utah? Please do! Love your style….

    Nancy J.

  334. Hilary Catron

    I love this fabric and design combination, as well as the Mother Goose theme! I have been thinking about doing a redwork-based guest room ensemble for some time, and I think I just found the inspiration I needed. Thanks, Amy!

  335. sue feely

    Pilows, pillows, pillows; that is what I would use the book and material! Also a baby quilt for one of my many friends who are becomming grandparents right abut now!

  336. Regina

    Those are great. My kids are huge into Alice in Wonderland right now. I’ve been reading them one chapter every night before bed. So I’d probably make them a block with the Queen of Hearts and frame it for their bedroom wall. I’d also love to do a child sized table cloth with matching napkins.

  337. Terri Massie

    Well . . . . my oldest daughter is getting ready to graduate and leave for college in a few months. We have homeschooled her for the past 8 years and although I have encouraged her to get a college education, I have also taughter her that to be a wife and mother is a young woman’s highest calling. I would make a baby quilt and give it to her (with her laptop) for her graduation present. I love to sew and I love vintage looking fabric. This is adorable. Thank you.

  338. Mona L

    Oh these are wonderful. I would make pillows for my daughter’s room or something fun like that! I love the look of redwork.

  339. Patricia Sloup

    These patterns are so adorable and I love the bright cheery fabrics! I would use the material and patterns to make a quilt for my mother in law who loves vintage nursery rhymes. She has not felt well for a long time and I’m sure that this quilt would lift her spirits.

  340. Karen Tuttle

    I love the items in this new book and will be purchasing it in the near future. I would love to make the blue and white pillow with the sleeping child. This evokes memories of both my Grandmothers teaching the art of stitchery! I plan to pass on this wonderful skill to my Granddaughters!! Thank you for a place to go for all things vintage. Karen Tuttle

  341. Jackie

    What WOULDN’T I do?!? My mind is spinning with endelss possibilities! A baby blanket, of course, but towels for my kitchen would be fun too! Or pillows for my little girl’s bed (she LOVES throw pillows) and to use as gifts for her little friend’s birthdays! That Queen of Hearts image above would be fantastic on a purse…!

  342. Jan Dudley

    Amy, you have so many rich ideas! I love your retro patterns and fabrics…brings back days of making doll clothes from scraps of dress fabric, ric rac and buttons. Hope your new line is successful!

  343. Marion

    This giveaway is a great gift for the winner. I would make a qiult or pillowcases.

  344. Holly Bliss

    I would create lovely Valentines for my sweethearts

  345. Terri C.

    What wonderful fabric and book. I would make a scrapbook album and get my 90 year old grandmother to help me make a quilt. What a wonderful gift that would be to my son and his wife. I LOVE that you have made it so easy to stitch this. I am really glad to see the vintage look in the fabric.

  346. Linda Pingel

    I think these fabrics would make a cute wall hanging for a baby’s room. Thanks for the chance to win!

  347. Connie Zadylak

    Love the fabrics, they take me back to my childhood. I’d make fancy aprons, maybe some decorative tea towels, adding vintage buttons. I look forward to your newsletters, great stuff!

  348. Georgette Mitchell

    I would make a lovely quilt for my precious granddaughter. The color of the fabrics are gorgeous and I love redwork.

  349. Brenda Winkle

    I would make a red work pillow using “Mary Mary Quite Contrary” A wonderful give-away!! I would love it as I believe one can never have too much fabric or too much fun sewing and creating.

  350. Karene

    I have a collection of vintage baby clothes which is displayed in my spare room. These gorgeous embroideries would be lovely made into a little quilt to display with them

  351. Irene

    I absolutely love your designs. I would use this line of fabric to replicate an old baby blanket of mine to make for my upcoming grandchildren!! ( or maybe I may just keep it for myself, as we all know sometimes it’s hard to give up beautiful things in life)

  352. Beth

    These fabrics would make a fabulous nursery for my youngest granddaughter. A quilt, bumpers, curtains and pillows all to coordinate would make a fabulous look. I love the vintage look of the fabrics. Thanks for the opportunity!

  353. Judy Boyd

    How generous of you! I’ve collected Mother Goose books as gifts for each of my 4 grandchildren, and now a ‘never thought possible’ grand-nephew is coming. July 7th is his expected date of arrival – just enough time for me to make his quilt and decorate the nursey!

  354. susie

    Yes I love vintage fabrics I would use someof it in my scrapbooking and sewing projects too.Have a nice day, Susie.

  355. Sandy H.

    I love the whole Mother Goose story line and am always making baby quilts to be donated to charity or to special little friends. I would love to make a quilt using this book and your line of fabrics.

  356. Linda Smith

    I love vintage and redwork. I would make a quilt to put away for my future grandchild

  357. Tracie L

    I would love to be entered!!! I’d love to make some little embroidered pillows for my children’s rooms as well as some blue stitcheries to put in my shabby chic navy and white bedroom. I liked your FB page and will be posting it there as well! (Tracie Luquire)

  358. Sharon Stewart

    I absolutely love to embroider and most especially redwork. This would be a wonderful gift for my future grandchild due in late August. What a nice welcome to the world surprise! Thanks for such a generous offer.

  359. Debbie

    I used the lie button on Facebook to add you to my list.Love all you are giving away and would make a bed quilts for my Grand children who have out grown their baby blankets i hand quilted and embroidered.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  360. Gerri

    I think it would make a lovely quilt for the grandkid’s guest bedroom.

  361. penny

    I used to do more needlework and this intrigues me. I would like to make framed pictures or a snuggly lap quilt.

  362. Pat M

    Your site is so cute. I love the fabric. Please enter me in your giveaway.I know just the little child that would love this.

  363. Rebecca

    I would make gifties for my grandkids. I probably shouldn’t be entering as I have committed to using my stash instead of adding to it but it’s just so yummy!

  364. Marilyn

    Winning this fabric would be great to make kitchen towels.

  365. Carolyn

    OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH my! What wonders and possibilities for uses of any of these delicious fabrics. I can see them gracing any of my patterns of vintage sewing accessories. The images would be so fun to add to a little bit of “crazy” work as well. Thank you for the opportunity to use these newest fabrics!

  366. Marion C

    This giveaway is a great gift for the winner.
    I would make a quilt or pillowcases.

  367. Carol

    I would love to embroider these designs onto curtains in a baby’s nursery

  368. Amy Butts

    How wonderful! I was recently given my Dear Grandmother’s sewing machine. I am new to sewing , but remember times streched out on her bed talking and watching her sew. I would use the adorable panels to make little girls aprons.

  369. Carol

    Lovely delicate designs, I would be using them to embroider baby wear, making nursery items, like nappy holder and cot quilts.

  370. Marion C

    This giveaway is a great gift for the winner.
    I would make a quilt or pillowcases.

  371. Elizabeth Bowers

    My heart literally sings as I look at these embroidery patterns and vintage type fabrics. I would use this gift to make several small quilts to be given to foster children in our area in the hopes that they could feel a warm hug as they received their gift.

  372. Kathie L

    I, too, love embroidery, and your new fabric to go with it looks great. I’m putting together a stockpile of baby quilts and will donate some to Project Linus. Kathie L in Allentown

  373. Wendy P

    I love all things vintage, especially baby and childrens things. I would make a quilt and accessories for one of my grandchildren.

  374. Mary on Lake Pulaski

    I would use the embroidery to make a cloth book for my granddaughter Audrey.

  375. Nancy Phillips

    I am redecorating my large laundry room. I have lots of wall space, your designs are perfect. Thank you for the giveaway.

  376. tayma legg

    this would make wonderful gifts for my grandchild she is two and we love to read mother goose together , and she has already started helping me craft

  377. Ruby

    My, my, my! What an unlimited number of things I could use the fabric and embroidery patterns for. Perhaps a wall quilt with vintage theme to begin?

  378. Dani

    It would be so fun to make a quilt for my new nephew, Jacob. It would be fun to make it in fun colors. I would love to see his little eyes light up when he is covered up and getting ready for his nap. Good luck to all.!

  379. Mary S

    There are “sew” many things that could be done with these items…..a quilt, pillows, bordered framed pictures, burp cloths…I ‘d use thread appropriate to the gender of the child…blue, pink, or any color that would fit the decor of a new babies room.

  380. Kathy Cooper

    I still have my Mother Goose book that I received for my first Christmas 56 years ago and read it to my grandchildren. It would be so fun to create a quilt to go with it for our story time!

  381. Sandy H

    I love the little lamb. I am decorating my rec room with a vintage farm theme in memory of the farm that I grew up on. When I was a teenager we got some sheep and even though they constantly got into my garden they are still special to me. I would love to do cushions … or even make the pattern smaller and use them in card making. The pictures are so sweet and reminder me of the simpler days of childhood.

  382. Carole M.

    This would be wonderful project for me to get back into hand embroidery,

  383. Laura P

    What sweet embroidery patterns! I would use this book and fabric to create a quilt . My grandkids would love it

  384. Dianna

    I would love to make a redwork quilt, I have a new grand niece and a god child/great niece. I would love to make one for both of them and maybe a pillow or two.

  385. jan C.

    These patterns are wonderful. I saw an antique quilt witih the same patterns while doing a quilt history project in WI and would love to make my own quilt for a future grandchild.

  386. Kathy Welch

    You have inspired me! This give away makes me want to make a quilt for each of my four granddaughters to put in their Hope Chests.
    What a wonderful things to pull out when their first baby comes. They will quickly remember how very much I love them. Thank you.

  387. Nancy Myers

    I think storybooks when I see fabrics like these. I would make soft fabric storybooks for children.

  388. Melisa Bakos

    I would make a quilt for a baby or young child it seems there are a few babies coming around here.
    Melisa Bakos

  389. robin

    I just signed up to be a follower on Twitter. @birdie00000

  390. Marny S F

    I would love and caress each item … enjoy looking through the book, and the ecstasy of contemplation of finishing!


  391. robin

    I “like” you on Facebook. 🙂

  392. Kelly Paquet

    Dear Amy,
    I feel such a connection with your work. I am a nostalgic person, a collector of vintage sewing tools and fabric, also.
    I would use your delightful fabrics and your beautiful book
    to make children’s-style aprons for my sixteen granddaughters. Thanks for the sharing your inspiration!
    Warm wishes,

  393. robin

    I’d HAVE to make a quilt! It would be a joy with those lovely fabrics! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  394. Sharon Carlen

    Love the Mother Goose theme, especially in redwork. I have 6 granddaughters and one of the little ones would get a quilt made out of this–how exciting and what a fun project.

  395. Susan Hemann

    How darling the quilt is that you found! I have a grandson who is 2. I would embroider and then make a quilt for him.

  396. debra kinkade

    You have the best giveaways ever that you offer on the net. I would do a redwork quilt for my grandaughter (5) and a blue on for my grandson(2). They love mother goose and beatrix potter characters. Thanks for the opportunity to win your wonderful giveaway. thanks debra k

  397. Jenny

    So cute! I’d be making kids clothes from this for my two youngest (2 & 4 years old).
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  398. Marge P

    I love Mother Goose rhymes and I LOVE hand embroidery. I made 6 sets of embroidered flour sack towels for Christmas presents and would love to have a chance to do these patterns. I would most likely make the first quilt for a St Jude’s patient as I love giving quilts to the kids that are going through cancer treatments. I am sure it would be well loved. Thanks for the opportunity to win the lovely fabric and great pattern book.

  399. Kathi HB

    I love your fabrics and think that I would make little dresses and rompers with the fabric, using an embroidery here and there in just the right spot on each garment!

  400. Muriel Olsen

    I would love to do a quilt for my great-grandchild to be (expected in June). What fun it would be! Thanks for the chance to win.

  401. Marty Gaston

    I love redwork and would do several projects with these adorable patterns! I also have grandaughters to sew for and plan on making quilts for them to use and keep for keepsakes from Grandma!!! Thank you for such cute and irresistable patterns!

  402. Donnell

    When my mother was a child, she and her sister did similar blocks. As an adult, her sister put the blocks into a quilt for my mother. I’ve loved the quilt and would love to make one for each of my sisters.

  403. Shelly Rebol

    Oh how I would love to put this together for my first grandchild due 7/78/2011. I love vintage patterns and am glad to see they are making a come back.

    Shelly R

  404. Bonnie R.

    I caught the collecting and vintage bug from you! Can’t clean out stuff because it all has memories of times past and I want my children and grandchildren to have all that plus the heirlooms I am creating for them. Pity those who are filling up the landfills with all those memories!

  405. Gini Simpson

    Love this fabric! I already own the book and am on my second embroidery for a quilt and now with this beautiful new fabric I won’t have any trouble finding just the right fabric to compliment the embroidery. Thanks so much!

  406. Patti Eigenberg

    I LOVE these vintage looks! So many things you could do with them!
    I think that it would be adorable to make some drapes for a Childs room, or so cute as a baby blanket, or baby bibs, or, or , or… thoughts are racing thru mh mind!!! Hope I win! Thanks Patti

  407. Crystal

    These are just too cute! I am new to embroidery but my Grandmother used to do it, and the stuff she made me is most precious to me. I want that for my children and future grandchildren. Right now though, I would probably make a baby blanket for my future niece. Thanks for the chance at a wonderful giveaway!

  408. betsy

    I have been working on some stitcheries and have incorporated some in my quilts. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  409. Rob

    Hi Amy,

    What a gorgeous collection. I have several grandchildren and I would love to use these beautiful designs to make quilts and cushions for their beds. Thanks for the opportunity.

  410. Joni

    Cute! Baby quilt, wall hangings for a baby room, decorative pillows, embroidered bib or baby towels, so many options! 🙂

  411. Denise Stahl

    A child’s travel set would be perfect for the designs. The set would include a slumber bag, pillow, plus pockets for a stuffed animal or two all in one tote and another zippered closed tote with lots of outside pockets for clothing and other traveling needs. Both bags could be carried on a plane for a family trip or used to spend the night at Grandma’s or a friend’s house.

  412. Lorrie

    I would love to pass this along to another generation by making a baby quilt. (I have one newlywed and one engaged, so I’m hoping for a grandbaby sometime in the near future!) Not only would it pass on the Mother Goose legacy, but the cheery colors would brighten a child’s room for years to come.

  413. Jeanne

    I do love redwork and Mother Goose ! I would make some pillows for my three little granddaughters!

  414. Nita Sims

    Love hearing that embroidery is coming back! (It never left my house, but then I’m a crafty throwback to many pastimes.) My grands are probably past these, but my niece’s baby isn’t quite two and as sweet as they come. Just the right recipient for a quilty bit of love. Besides, aunty has been known to do things simply for her own pleasure, and if someone else gets the result, why that’s wonderful, too! The cheery fabric would certainly brighten the rest of this winter. Thanks for such a generous offer.

  415. Marla Brown

    Love the Mother Goose I would make some thing specail for my great grandaughter like a quilt or wall hanging for her room.

  416. Norma Weeks

    I do so enjoy everything that comes to me under the name of Amy Brackman and/or Indygo Junction. Should Lady Fortune visit me and I win your fabulous giveaway I can see myself loading up my purse with fabrics and notions to while away the tedious hours of sitting in waiting rooms – doctors, dentists, chiropractors and so on and on. What a wonderful way to turn wasted hours into creating something beautiful!

  417. deborah345

    I love the fabric. I have a grandbaby on the way, making one of these quilts would be so adorable and especially since my daughter loves vintage.

  418. beckie

    what wonderful fabrics, I love the vintage feel!
    I would def make a quilt and some pillow cases,
    but I also think they lend well to a nice clothespin caddy for my line drying outdoors or in the laundry room….
    also a nice crayon caddy tote for a youngster
    and even nice panels to cover a scrapbook.

    there are just so many ideas!

  419. Pat Pulis

    Now that I am retired, I can devote more time to quilting. I would want to create a nostalgic quilt for one of my grandkids!

  420. Laura

    I would probably start quilts for my 2 new grandbabies. Something for them to keep forever.

  421. shari j.

    I would love to have these fabrics and this book to help my grandaughters develop an interest in redwork. They could try their hand at pillow tops and Nana would make them some p.j. bags to go with the pillows on their beds. Thanks for the opportunity to win this lovely book and fabric.

  422. kylie corboy

    What a great quilt for little ones. As a mum of a 4 kids under 3 i would create this quilt for them and one day they may hand it down to their children.

  423. Mary P

    Probably not going to have another grandchild to make a baby quilt for but still I think I’d make a baby quilt to donate to my church’s quilt guild and they would in turn donate the quilt to a new mother at a shelter my church supports. Someone in the guild recently mentioned they needed to some baby quilts as they’d been making larger quilts and throws.

  424. Julie S

    I have been quilting for years but only recently started to embroider. I would love to have this for a take along project for waiting times. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  425. Sharon C

    I would use the book and fabric to make a learning quilt for the nursery school at my church. The children could color pictures that match the quilt to learn these chilchood rhymes.

  426. Sandie~ call me crazy

    I love doing redwork! I would love to make a quilt for a future grandbaby. 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  427. barbara clayburn

    I am planning a new baby quilt and this giveaway would be a wonderful way to start.

  428. Starqueen

    Hi Amy,
    What sweet inspiration! I’m one of those people who is bringing embroidery back…it’s so satisfying to create something handmade! I would start with a wall hanging that I can give to my niece, a little Queen of Hearts!

  429. Eleanor P

    I love the embroidery in blue! I’m going to order your new book.

  430. Bridget in MN

    I would love to make this into a quilt for my friends little girl-she has disabilities but this kind of thing makes her smile! i did some embroidered pictures for her and she love to feel them!! but mom has to take them off the wall for her-the quilt would be wonderful!!

  431. Susan

    My husband has a “3 Little Pigs” quilt his grandmother made. When we had children they could not use it because it was so fragil. I would make a new quilt with the different Mother Goose characters to give to my future grand children. And it could be used and loved ’till it falls apart.

  432. jane

    I probably would redo a child’s room. Everthing from bedding to pillow cover to prints on the wall. If room for baby would add a diaper caddy and maybe even a diaper bag. Love these designs and fabrics!

  433. Pat C.

    This is a ver cute set I would love to try to make a sft book with it for a baby gift.

  434. jane

    What couldn’t you do with this!!! I probably would redo a room with these designs from bedding to pillow covers to framed prints to even diaper caddy if room was for baby. Love these designs and fabrics. Thanks for the giveaway.

  435. Mary Whipkey

    I just love the fabrics for Stitch in Time. I have several grand daughters that would love a quilt made from them. And I know one big girl that would like one for her quilt collection. I have your book Vintage Notions, and it would be great to have the Stitch in Time. Thanks for all your great work..

  436. LJ

    Thank you for helping to keep vintage alive! I know all the work involved in vintage linens and am pleased there are others like me who cherish them, too. I still have many of the embroidery transfers we used as I grew up in the 50s; embroidery is in my blood.

  437. Robin Critenden

    What beautiful designs. I’d have to do the blocks in redwork or maybe bluework and make a lap quilt to use everyday. The designs just take me back to my childhood.

  438. Joan Bauer

    I’m always interested in anything that stirs memories of childhood, children, and grandchildren, to share with them things from the past that tells our stories. It makes me feel young again. Looking forward to seeing the fabric and book.

  439. Kim

    I would love to create a redwork quilt for displaying in my home.

  440. Cheryl Keil

    I would make a quilt and pillowcase. I love these
    old time patterns.

  441. arlette

    I love the embroidery, I’ll make a quilt for my bed for sure, I have that idea stuck in my head and I couldn’t find the designs

  442. Iris Soscia

    I would make some red work pillows and dish towels. Iris

  443. Amy Bohner

    OOOh I am so into purses lately and I just got this pattern for little purses for little girls. {Hey never too early to train ’em to carry a purse!}
    These fabrics would be perfect for a vintage look! Love em!

  444. Jill Clark

    My first granddaughter is arriving in April, I would love to make her a blanket or quilt with the Mother Goose embroidery. I would also like to make an apron for myself with Mother Goose designs on the pockets. Hot pads too. The list could go on…

  445. Eunice Olson

    lovely fabric, beautiful illustrations…I would be inspired to make something for my 2 young nieces. Something that would be as dear as the things made by my mother and grandmother. Many thanks for your inspiration and offer!

  446. Carmen

    We have a new baby in the family, and another is expected. This would make some beautiful blankies for the babies!

  447. nancy nebeker

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such cute fabric and book of designs. I love the little blue pillow. Grandchildren would like it but I would like to do it for myself- who cares that I’m almost 60!

  448. Joan S.

    Oh my ! what a wonderful opportunity to create a fairy tale on fabric….,i donate quilts and knit hats for the patients at a Children`s Hospital…….I would love to be able to make a lovely memory for some loving child…thank you for your blog.

  449. Eileen Steffenhagen

    I have a new Granddaughter to arrive in May . what a lovely Baby quilt this would make . Such a wonderful giveaway <3

  450. Gay McClure Love

    Awesome. Just discovered your site. Would love to win as my guest room is being re-decorate with vintage baby furniture and toys to theme in with by toddler grandson. This would be a perfect project for me to work on in the evenings.

  451. Loretta Houben

    What lovely fabric! Thanks for a chance to win. I love Mother Goose characters. I’d love to try making a quilt with this fabric, or incorporating the designs into doll clothes, if possible.

  452. Lynn Bierwagen

    I belong to a group called The Friends of the Quilting House (a local quilt shop) and we make quilts for veterans and preemie babies. I would “pay it forward” by embroidering several blocks for the preemie quilts, using one block for each quilt that could then be framed in a variety of quilt patterns.

  453. Emilie

    i would make a quilt for my grandchildren to use when they come to stay with me. I have 7 small grandchildren who love to read nursery rhymes with me.

  454. Amy Arnold

    Love this! I would be making blankets for the grandchildren!

  455. Fran

    This is a lovvely collection Amy. I have twin grand daughters my quilts are done 2 by 2! This would be a fun project to get my hands on, Thanks

  456. Sheri

    I just love the old fashion look of this collection. I think it would make a Beautiful quilt. I just love the colors and the embroidery patterns are so lovely.

  457. Sari C

    I’d make a quilt with the fabrics…hopefully more than one…I have 3 grandchildren!! My grandma made me a quilt with state birds that was embroidered just like your sample…years ago!

  458. Vicky H

    I really enjoy doing red (blue/green) work. It is so quick and easy and yet the results are amazing. Being able to combine a classic design with fabric that is so true to the era is going to result in a truly beautiful finished project. Thanks for making this possible.

  459. Sue Neitzel

    Probably a sweet little lap quilt for one of my granddaughters, your work is lovely! Thanks for a sweet giveaway!

  460. Debbie Aud

    I would use this fabric to create a quilt for my grand daughter.

  461. Jansie

    I am now following you on Twitter.

  462. Jansie

    I have ‘Liked’ you on FB.

  463. Jill

    I would love to make a wall hanging!

  464. Pat Vetterlein

    I would make some nursery wall hangings and charity doll quilts. Love what I can see of the fabrics…

  465. Bea

    Your new fabric line and red work book are so delightful! What a wonderful heirloom baby quilt they will make. It won’t be too many years before the great grandchildren will come our way & because I always have so many quilts in so many stages in the works, I always like to think ahead. Fingers crossed! Would love to win the prize, but am adding this to my wish list in case I am not that lucky. Wouldn’t this make a lovely pillow case, too. How about a valance to go with it all?

  466. Jansie

    Beautiful! I would make a lap quilt for my little niece.

  467. Bea

    Your new fabric line and red work book are so delightful! What a wonderful heirloom baby quilt they will make. It won’t be too many years before the great grandchildren will come our way & because I always have so many quilts in so many stages in the works, I always like to think ahead. Fingers crossed! Would love to win the prize, but am adding this to my wish list in case I am not that lucky. Wouldn’t this make a lovely pillow case, too. How about a valance?

  468. Diane

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would make a baby quilt

  469. Bonnie Emmons

    Love the Pattern and the fabric. I would love to make a child’s quilt with the wonderful patterns.

  470. Nancy Pinn

    Thank you for this terrific opportunity to win a book and fabric! I work in a clinical setting where many younger children are seen each day. It would be fun to make smaller quilts with 2, 3 or 4 blocks to hang in each office area.

  471. lura brown

    oh, this is soooooooooooo sweet, as sweet as my little granddaughter quinn who is 1 1/2 years old. no doubt in my mind i would make her first quilt for her with this. i live on social security disability so there is no way i could afford this so i sure hope that i have a chance to win. just love the whole package. thank you for the opportunity to win. hugs,lura

  472. Connie Forseth

    I would make a quilt and some bibs to match for the grandchildren that I am just dying to have!

  473. Karen H

    What a generous offer. I would love to do a quitl for a little girl across the street.

  474. Dianna Oliver

    Oh Amy! the pictures in the book bring back so many memories! My first grandchild, Ryan just turned one. We take care of him three days a week and I love the chance to tell him the old nursery rhymes and stories. They are so much calmer and loving than the things we see now for children. There are so many projects to be done using the panels and your beautiful coordinating fabrics. It will be hard to decide which to start with!! I considered a blanket for the baby, but I may need to keep it for myself!! Thanks for the opportunity to win your gorgeous book and the fabric! If I don’t win, are the book and fabrics available for sale???

  475. Karen H

    What a generous offering! I would make a quilt for my neighbor’s little girl,

  476. Ellen M

    This quilt reminds me so much of quilts that I made when my 2 sons were infants. I would love to do this quilt for my granddaughter. I love vintage and dabble in it constantly!

  477. Sue

    What pretty fabric and the book looks interesting! I would make a quilt for my granddaughter who is turning 2.

  478. Karyn D

    I would create individual pillows. When I read the poem or story that relates to each motif, my grandbabies could hold each pillow. It would be a great way to help very young toddlers learn to match two separate items up (poem and pillow) and have a lot of fun at the same time.

  479. Sara

    I like this kind of embroidery and often do this on cross country trips while my husband drives. I would use the patterns to make quilts for much anticipated grandnieces or nephews, two of them being expected in August this year.

  480. Shirley

    I would love to win this so I could make a set of pillows to be shared with the family.

  481. Shirley

    I would love to win this so I could make a series of pillows to be shared with family members.

  482. Nan

    I’d stitch up a set of flour sack cloth towels. The designs are too cute!

  483. Kathy

    I share your passion for vintage sewing and vintage embroidery. I would love to make a special quilt and pillow set, or several tote bags forem this collection.

  484. Andrea

    I would make the first quilt of many for future grandchildren.

  485. Tania Worth

    I would just love to win this and I would make a quilt. I think these would also make nice pillows too.

  486. Heather

    I treasure my big Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes book from childhood.
    I would love to create vintage inspired corsets with a touch of whimsy! With hand painted accents and delicate lace and ribbon trimmings …. cant’t wait!

  487. Debbie

    Thank you for this generous opportunity! If I were lucky enough to win, I would use some of the fabric for projects on Craft Hope. (

  488. Susan Lyle

    I love redwork! I would use this first to make a quilt for a friend’s soon to be born baby girl and then for charity quilts.

  489. Deborah Woolley

    I have seen the book and it is wonderful, but my local shop does not have the fabric. I am sure one of the grandkids would adore a redwork quilt from this book and fabric.

  490. Doris Hernandez Huston

    It would be quite a thrill for me to make a quilt for my new great niece. It is my desire that my great nieces and nephews be interested in reading from early on. A loving gift such as this will be a treasured heirloom for them some day as well as a way for me to pass on the love of reading and the legacy of times past.

    Thank you for the chance to win such a treasure!

  491. Barbara Carlson

    Thank you for this opportunity to enter. I would create something wonderful for my young grand daughter. My goal is to teach her needle arts (which I love). She is learning to knit and is doing counted cross stitch, and is now old enough to begin using a needle and thread to learn embroidery stitches. I would show her how to create somethng special to enter in our county fair. (She is 7 yrs. old and has won best of show in her age category for the past two years. This book would offer many ideas for that. Thank you once again.

  492. Diane Caton

    Reminds me of linens my husband’s grandmother gave us when we were first married. She loved aprons (I still have a couple of them) so I would make some for the girls and women in our family to remember Great Grandma!

  493. Kathy Adair

    Charming! I would make a special quilt for our 1st great-grandchild. I don’t think parents today tell/read the Mother Goose rhymes to their babies. What a perfect introduction for her to be exposed to them! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  494. Cheryl Gunderson

    The fabric is lovely, and the patterns are so nostalgic, the theme being one of my very favorites. I make at least one special baby quilt per year, for a grandchild or great niece or nephew, and this would be a real beauty. Lots of possibilities here. Thanks for all you do, it’s a real inspiration.

  495. E. Jean

    I would use this pattern to make a wall hanging for my grand daughter…the fabric would set it off perfectly.

  496. Donna Farr

    What a delightful collection of motifs and coordinating fabrics. I would make a quilt and matching pillow slip for my Grammy Bedroom where the grandchildren sleep when they spend the night. This goes right along with the nursery rhymes we read and recite together.

  497. Paula Bush

    I absolutely love this and thank you so much for giving us a chance to win! love from Sisters on the Fly!

    • Paula Bush

      oops! I would make a baby quilt of course, then embroidery the designs on a baby layette to match!

  498. Rosalie KOLL

    This will make a beautiful baby quilt for my great grandchild.

  499. Kelly Toth

    I would start with a quilt for my grandchild (yet to be conceived, so I have some time) and then frame some for the wall.

  500. Laurie

    These bring back such memories! I would definitely use one of the patterns like that Queen of Hearts to make some flour sack towels, all in one color like you’ve pictured them. Thank you for the chance to win it!

  501. Amydawnf

    This truly is the first giveaway I have ever entered and I would LOVE to win.
    I have RA and am teaching myself how to quilt and sew to retain full motion of my hands. It’s hard having arthritis when you are in your 30s, but (my daughter and) projects like this keep me moving!
    I don’t have a blog, or tweet, but I sure am going to try it out now.
    If I won I would make a quilt for my daughter first (like the redwork ones I’ve admired) and I would work on a project for the infusion center I attend monthly. It’s always cold there, and we could all use a llittle cheering up.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win! I have to get my hands on this one way or another!!!!
    Regards, Amy

  502. TC

    Our north Texas library is facing serious funding cuts (99% less money from the state). I’d like to see this giveaway made up into a quilt that could be raffled by the library.

  503. Jeannie

    Stunningly awesome! The patterns remind me of the embroidry my grandmother used to do. What would I do? I would make a quilt in anticipation of having a grandchild … which would allow my grandchild to have an heirloom like I do. Thank you for the chance to win!

  504. Susan DR

    I had a blanket like this when I was a child and would love to make this for my young grandson

  505. Sue V.

    I love your book and I love redwork! Your blue/white is particularly nice…These designs can work for little ones, as well as those of us not so little ones. I’m currently working on a Mother Goose set of blocks, some you show here I do not have…they’d be great additions!

  506. Jean Carpenter

    Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway. I have started to incorporate my love for embroidery with my quilting. So, I would say that if I was to be the lucky winner, I would use the materials for a great quilt.

  507. Kesten

    What a delight! My mother would have loved this quilt, and I would make one in memory of her for my grandson.

  508. Mary Ann

    I have recently started to do embroidery and cross stitch again…..after many years of not doing any. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I would love to own a copy of A Stitch in Time with Mother Goose. I’m a new grand mother and I will certainly use the images to make something for my grand daughter…..perhaps a soft book or maybe pictures for her bedroom walls.

  509. beth b

    I would make little pillows that I could display in my office or studio.

  510. tamara

    This is a wonderful line of fabric, it really takes you back to a simpler time and of childhood. Thanks for sharing with all of us with your giveaway!

  511. Mary W

    No grandchildren yet. I would make the blocks for a soft book for my nephew. He’s just the right age for this. I really love redwork and have used many designs for towels and table runners in the past.

  512. Jean Carpenter

    Thanks for the chance to win this fab giveaway. I love to embroider and I have started incorporating my embroidery into my quilting. It’s just so much fun.

  513. Julieanne Ratliff

    Amy, This quilt project would be wonderful, since 3 of my 4 children are blessing me with grandbabies in 2011. Beautiful design and fabrics!

  514. Connie Douty

    The giveaway would be a special blessing to use in honor of my dear mother who taught me to embroider. Because of my age, the fabrics will make a vintage quilt for my great grand daughter, age 10, whom I am teaching to quilt. She is good.

  515. LaNan

    This would be very cute as a baby’s quilt and I’m awaiting the arrival of one very soon! Thank you for your cute ideas.

  516. PAT JONES

    I would make pillows and sachets and embroider some tags to match.
    Please enter me in y our drawing. I love this offering.

  517. julie

    Thanks for having a wonderful giveaway! I’d want to use it to make a quilt for myself. 🙂

  518. Stephanie

    I would use this adorable fabric to make a quilt for my first born Baby girl, coming in June!

  519. Colleen

    I love these patters! I have some vintage redwork,not enough for a full quilt so maybe I would use the to create more blocks.

  520. Anne Trudel

    This is exactly the new technique I would love to learn..If I won the fabrics, I would be able to make the children at the
    Betty Ann Krancke shelter some new quilts for their beds.

    Thank you for the chance to win these lovely fabrics..

  521. Jessica Monte

    I do a lot of red work and have been looking for patterns like these to make pillows with patch work crochet squares around them for my daughter.

  522. Kathy Antoniazzi

    Thank you for the give-away offer. I enjoy doing redwork when I am traveling as I only need to take along one color of floss! The coordinating fabrics look lovely.

  523. wendy g

    Love the Queen of Hearts, it would make a great apron!

  524. Joyce

    I love redword…and would enjoy making a baby quilt for my newest great-grand child…using these fabrics. I also have enjoyed your new book. Too pretty to put away. Thanks for it all.

  525. alyson moore

    Hello Amy,

    I would like to enter to win fabrics for Mother Goose.

    I am a crazy quilt maker and also embroidery children’s themes. I would love to make a Mother Goose Quilt or pillowcase for a Down’s Syndrome Child who is my neighbor. Her name is Mazzie: age 7 years old.—-her little sister can share it; she is age 3.
    my great grandmother taughy my grandmother, then me how to crazy quilt. My mother is from Paisley Scotland and the young girls learned to embroider in school.–so I learned embroidery from my Scottish Aunts. I’ve create my own samplers. My scottish family dyed and weaved the fabrics for the Paisley shawl Industry.

    I am not computer confident yet—have no clue how to display my peices on the computer.

    Children’s Hospital of Michigan and a embroidery piece of mine hanging in the Trauma Center.

    Someday, I would like a website. I’ve lots to learn about this process.

  526. Suzy

    My granddaughter, Helen’s, nursery is decorated in reproduction vintage fabric. My daughter and I had so much fun picking it out and working with it. When I make her dolls or blankets I incorporated some vintage in it. We also work with many of the red work patterns. This fabric and book would give us unlimited ideas for years to come.

  527. ShaRRon

    I had a baby quilt made for me that is almost identical to your pictures. (1956) If I were chosen…I would love to make it up as a Nursery Quilt for my anticipated…not yet created…Grandchild.

  528. Janet

    What a great selection! Reminds me of days gone by! Would make a wonderful quilt for my new Granddaughter.

  529. Kris Martinez

    I love the Mother Goose themed embroidery – one of my favorite subjects! I think I would try to make a quilt for a grandbaby that will come along someday or make some redwork banners/pennants to hang on the wall. Thanks for the giveaway!

  530. Sandy Forbes

    Wonderful Design and I would love to win adn make quilt for my grand daughters. I have loved the 1930 look.

  531. Allyson Baldwin

    I love everything vintage. I would love to use these fabrics for several projects in order to share the smiles they bring out. Thanks for your inspirations.

  532. Hazel

    These items look fabulous. I would love to be able to use them for a Guildford Quilters group quilt to raise money for charity.

  533. Tabitha O.

    I did a redwork crib quilt for my now 13yo daughter and would probably make up one for her twin sized bed now that she is significantly bigger lol

  534. Debbie St. Germain

    Love doing stitchery and love the fabrics that coordinate with it.
    I think it would make beautiful baby quilts for moms in shelters, I want to do charity pieces, but make them as nice as something I would make for my own grandchildren.


  535. annette richmond

    I just love red work. I love t do embroidery. I think I would make a soft side book from this.

  536. Marna

    This would be great to win! I have wanted to try making a quilt and love embroidery. I don’t have any grandchildren yet but hope to one day, since one son is married and another is getting married this year. So maybe I would use it for baby items also, hoping! 🙂

  537. denise robinson

    With this fabric I would make a comfy quilt to snuggle up with a good box. My grandson is 4 and he loves for me to read him books. I have a child craft book set from when my children were young and we read from that all the time.

  538. Cheri Johnson

    I love this collection. Would like to make a quilt for my Mom out of it.

  539. Susie in CO

    Ooooooooooooh, I love vintage things. I would use either red or pink and make a quilt for my only grandaughter! Thank you for all your great ideas!

  540. Burtine K

    What a beautiful book and fabrics. I love to quilt and hand embroider and I would make several of thes little quilts to donate to the women’s shelter for the children who often arrive with nothing.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  541. Betty Wildeman

    These fabrics are so beautiful. Love them all and also the embroidery book. I always have a piece of embroidery on the go, and I am learning to quilt. I would use these item together to make a story time quilt. Keep up the good work.

  542. Brenda Umphress

    Red is my favorite color! I sew for 3 little grandchildren and have a 4th on the way. So, I would use the fabric to make them items with love from grandma! Thanks for considering me!

  543. Muriel K

    What a great giveaway! I just love these patterns. I would probably make dishtowels with them or maybe dresser scarves. Maybe I’d attempt a baby quilt. These darling patterns remind me of my childhood. Just love them.

  544. Linda Kernodle

    I would do a quilt for me.

  545. claire tharp

    I think I would make children’s craft aprons, pillowcases or library book tote with the fabric bundle. Dog coats would be funny and good advertising too!

  546. Kelly Carithers

    My mother’s friends all stitched a quilt block for my first child and my mother lovingly made it into a quilt.25 years later I would do the same for my best friend’s first grandchild.So old fashioned and so special!

  547. Linda

    I adore this fabric and these designs! I’d love to use them to make fabric collages…how pretty!

  548. Mary massey

    Embroidery is on of my favorite things to do…from a quilt, towels, and a design product of my own. Your books are full of ideas, and ideas to build on.

  549. Adrienne Acoba

    I would make redwork tea towle as well as a blue quilt!

  550. Connie

    I love your fabric and redwork designs. I’d start by making a baby quilt, then work on blocks as a “take along” project to work on.

  551. Jennifer Rodriguez

    When my first daughter was born, I decorated her nursery in vintage nursery rhyme items.
    I would love to make her a quilt with these images for her big girl toddler bed.

  552. Dianna Hamilton

    I think I would make pillows. I have a bedroom that has an antique bedroom set it in and i am trying to keep it vintage. It has a round mirror on the dresser and I have old vintage hats hung around it. I think some vintage looking pillows would add to the look. I also have some vintage pincushions in a cabinet in the same room so anything sewen would just add to the look. I love you Vintage Notions book!

  553. Beth Cole

    Hi… Love love love this fabric and book ! What would I do with it??? After making a baby quilt for my new grandbaby, I would make a set of floursack dishtowels-the best dish drying towel ever- . If It is a granddaughter, I forsee some little sundresses with special embroidery on them….and I also forsee a set of flower sack cafe curtains, with redwork, of course for my kitchen and laundry room curtains !


  554. Donna Joy

    I have always loved embroidery, since my mom sat me down one very cold winter day. I was 6. I would treasure this book and make a Childs quilt.
    In time I will teach young children to embroider. Kids would love to embroider this collection. Thanks so much for the giveaway, fabric as well,how exciting.

  555. Wienerwane

    I would make a “blackwork” wall hanging to hang in my black/white dining room. It is the 1st room you see when you walk into my home. Beautiful….

  556. Gretchen

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for offering it. There are so many things I would want to do with these new patterns and fabric line. I would start with a handbag panel and I’m a quilter so that would definitely be on the to-do list with some cute little pillows to go with. Yum!

  557. Kathy King

    I would make quilts and pillow cases for my two grandaughters. It would be such a treasure for them. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest.

  558. Stacey

    Your fabric is so sweet! Love it!

  559. Margaret

    What a treasure you found,,The new book will surely be a must have and embroidery has really come full circle,, I really like your work and creativity.. Good luck to everyone.

  560. Nancy Ellison

    Hi good friend, we haven’t meet but I feel like you are a friend because of your other books I have and your news letters from both Indygo Junction and Vintage Workshop. I love you ideas and designs.
    I would make a red or /and blue work quilt of a great grandchild . Or just wall hanging for a fun thing to do . Your fabric is soo what I like.

  561. Sharon

    I would make a quilt top with the fabrics and embroidery patterns in the book.

  562. Dedee Duckham

    I’ll be very honest- I’ll be making the quilt for MYSELF! I love hand embroidery and quilting. I am 57, mother of 10 grandkids ranging in age from 1 week old to 22 yrs (who just got married before being shipped to the middle east.) I would make the quilt for myself because then I would have it to share with my family. I’d want it available to any child that came to my home. I love Mother Goose rhymes. I can also see a few kitchen towels, tote bags for kids etc …wow! there’s a lot I could do with it!

  563. Terri Sue

    i have a grandbaby on the way. i have to admit i already have your book but that is as far as i have gotten. i am sure the materials would inspire me and get me going. thanks for the chance at such a great give away.

  564. Jill Dykehouse

    Have a new little one expected in our small
    office. This would be perfect!
    It’s just darling.

  565. Donna Ree anderson

    I do adore embroidery. Taught myself when I was twelve.
    I make the quilt for myself until I met the person it already belongs to.

  566. Sharon

    ps. I already follow you on facebook and twitter

  567. hugoria

    I cannot win because i am french, but i would make a beautiful quilt for my daughter.

  568. Vicki Adkins

    I would make a cloth book for my grandchild to look at and read while traveling in the car. And, of course, a quilt.

  569. Gloria

    I love vintage items. I would use the quilted fabric to embroider a cover for the scrapbook that I am making for my grandson and use the fabric as background to photos in the book. Dreaming up all kinds of ideas for the scrapbook.<3

  570. Sharon

    I would make a quilt and perhaps some pillows, tea towels, and wall hangings

  571. Mary Lou Denman

    I would share most of the fabric with a friend who makes quilts for charity — keeping a little for my own stuffed characters. The embroidery I would definitely KEEP. I have always loved to embroider!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  572. Julie Forslev

    I love vintage embroidery! What a beautiful little quilt. I always wonder about the person who made it originally, and the little person who slept beneath the quilt made with love. My daughter isn’t married yet, but she hopes to have many children, and I would love to make little embroidered quilts for my grandchildren someday!

  573. Nina

    Hi, these are so darling! thanks, n

  574. Sheri

    What a darling collection of fabric and designs. This would make a very sweet nursery suite of bedding and accents. 🙂

  575. Theresa VanTrease

    I love this. I would make a quilt to donate to my church who provides them to a local birthright organization.

  576. Carroll T

    My darling grandaughter, isabella, would love the book that I would make for her using the patterns and fabric. I started learning to embroider at age 3. The then iron patterns are now the vintage patterns. Thank you for bringing them back.

  577. Tracy DVR

    Thanks for doing this! This brings back memories of my Mom, who we lost last year. She wasn’t one to do much needlework or crafts but from time to time she’d surprise me at Christmas with embroidered dish towels. I’d probably use it make 2 quilts, one for each of my kids to have for the next generation.

  578. Sharon Chapman

    Oh what wonderful memories this fabric and book bring back of my childhood. Would love to make a wall quilt for a dear friend who is expecting.

  579. Sandy Erdman

    Since I have written an article on redwork in a major newspaper and have taught a class on the use of redwork I have only made pillows and an apron. I would love to make a quilt and the chance to win the fabric would be of benefit in doing this. I would pass this information on the making of this redwork quilt onto my students and pass the quilt onto my handicapped grandchild and her parents in my memory…Thank you. I also love and enjoy the Vintage Notions book as well…

  580. Carol Floyd

    My daughter is expecting twins, so, of course I’d make something for each of them from this delightful line of fabric.

  581. Sandra

    I adore redwork and have been doing that kind of embroidery work for years. The pictures of the bluework have certainly sparked my interest. I’m even thinking it might be fun to try doing some of the embroidery work using black floss and then use the red and white fabric to frame it. I think the hand work would really pop.

  582. Sandy Erdman

    Since I have written an article on redwork in a major newspaper and have taught a class on the use of redwork. I have only made pillows and an apron, but would like to make a quilt and pass the making of this onto my students and pass the quilt onto my handicapped grandchild and her parents in my memory…Thank you…Love the book on Vintage Notions as well…

  583. Kathleen Kennedy

    I would make a quilt for my niece who just turned 2! She would love the nursery themes, and they would be fun and adorable to work with!!!

  584. Kim Benner

    I would get started on my grandchildren’s quilts. And it’s never too early as I’m only 38. lololol

  585. Sandra

    Such lovely and sweet! I love embroidery, find it peaceful and restful. Would love to make a set of quilt and pillowcases, one for my daughter and one for my son…… have as a family heirloom for when they have kids.
    Thanks for this giveaway,

  586. Pam McPherson

    I would love to make a cloth book for my niece using these panels. How cute would that be!

  587. Lynn Hodges

    I would use it with my vintage chenille bedspread squares and the vintage fabric to make a quilt for my grand-daughter, Zoe then we can sing the nursery rhymes.

  588. Linda Wagner

    I used to embroidery, I think this could get me back into it. I love the look . So would my 3 grandsons. Ages 2 1/2yrs, 2 mos., 3mos.

  589. corry heinricks

    I love the vintage inspired fabrics and love collecting vintage embroidery pieces and would find some adorable quilt pattern to use those fabrics in.
    would love to LIKE your facebook page but i can’t seem to locate it….is there a link somewhere?

  590. Chris O

    What a treasure trove to win! I can see a beautiful crib blanket or window or wall hanging.

  591. Ramona Emery

    Years ago, I embroidered blocks and made a quilt for my first child that was very similar. That has been lost somewhere. With the eminent birth of my 8th grandchild, I have more time and am looking to do alot of fun things. Wouldn’t this quilt be a fun thing?

  592. Ruth M. Ayers

    Two of my friends are having babies. I’d love to win the book & material giveaway. Iwould use them to make a small baby quilt. I do enjoy your website, project ideas, & printable images. . Thank you. Ruth

  593. Angela

    I would create a redwork baby quilt! This is a great giveaway!

  594. Paula Martin

    Thank you for this offer and for a nostalgic look at “yesterday”. I will make a quilt for my new grand niece and give it along with a Mother Goose book/

  595. Donna Bogert

    Of course I would use the fabric to build a quilt where the fabric would always be safe. Too many times I’ve used a fabric for a project that is subject to daily wear and washing when I wished I would have used it on something I would always have!

  596. Marcia

    What a wonderful find and a wonderful giveaway! I love embroidery, but I’d use the “cheater” blocks to teach my two daughters to do embroidery too. Then maybe we could all work on the quilt together.

  597. Judy

    Boy does that remind me of my first embroidery projects! Wouldn’t it be nice to teach my granddaughter on the same projects I started on???

  598. Melodie DeGarmo

    I’m expecting my first grandbaby in August. What a wonderful quilt this would make for him/her!

  599. Nancy Goldstein

    I have a few of these vintage embroidery pieces that I have collected over the years. I have always thought I would make pillows with them someday so if I win I will definitely use your instuctions and fabric to make some pillows!! thanks for your inspiration.

  600. Deanna T

    Oh, how I love these vintage patterns…I would love to make a baby quilt with them and a matching pillow or pictures to hang.
    I love to have extra baby blankets on hand to give away.
    This project would be perfect.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  601. Susan

    I can think of several projects I would like to make with these patterns. I think the first would be small wall hangings for each of my sisters. They were several years older and entertained me by reading Mother Goose rhymes.

  602. Patricia Blair

    I made cross-stitched pillowcases for my daughters when they were little and am looking forward to trying the Mother Goose pillowcases. The girls’ cases were literally threadbare when we finally disposed of them!

  603. Wendy Scott

    I would make baby quilts. Bibs and other things that I think of at that moment. I am not big on planning ahead, I go with the flow.

  604. Jane Reiter

    There will be twins born in my family next summer! I think two quilts from these patterns would be absolutely wonderful!!

  605. Geraldine

    My Grandma embroidered all the time. I would love to make a baby quilt with these Mother Goose blocks. Thank you

  606. Sherri S.

    I’m thinking the embroidery would be great to do on little panels that could be buttoned on and off of a baby’s onesie–that way the embroidery wouldn’t have to be washed every time the garment was. And the fabric? Pincushions, pillows, a patchwork child’s frock..the possibilities are endless! Thanks for the giveaway! (I so wanted to win Vintage Notions–I then put it on my Christmas list but no one caught the hint, darn it!)

  607. Doris Webb

    As a member of a Vintage Notions group that meets once a month , I would love to show off this beautiful fabric and book. I have done several of your patterns over the years…I am a passionate fan of your published ideas!

  608. Esther Russell

    This is a beautiful collection, and I can’t wait to see and touch it. It would make a fantastic group quilting project. I would use it in a quilt for our local children’s hospital charity sale, and hopefully have some left for a quilt for a new grandchild due this fall.

  609. Carmen

    I now follow you on Twitter 🙂 (craftywhoopidoo) I tried to like your FB page also but the link doesn’t work for me.

  610. Dawn

    I love stitching and all things vintage. I’m sure I would make a quilt with it, but I sure like the idea Gerrie had about making a soft book. Thanks for the delightful giveaway!

  611. Toni S

    What wonderful fabric and embroidery images! My friends and I are just getting to the age where grandchildren are arriving on the scene. This would make some adorable baby shower gifts! Thank you for the giveaway and all the wonderful information you share on your blog.

  612. Doris Webb

    As a member of a Vintage Notion group that meets once a month, I sure would love show off my lucky prize with this wonderful bundle and pattern. We love your ideas and I love doing redwork! Redwork has become my passion and I’ve done some of your other books!!

  613. Jennifer

    oh, amy….i love, love, love the mother good fabric. i’m doing a luncheon for ten ladies in may and we have to choose a character to build our luncheon around complete with food, invitations, favors, decorations. i want to do mother goose so bad, but didn’t have any idea how to even start…your fabric has given me sooooo many ideas. can you imagine how cute it would look for every single one of these ideas? except for the food, of course. i would LOVE to win this fabric. i would take the rest and make grandbaby quilts, jackets, wall hangings, pillows…omigosh…the fabric just speaks to be used! thank you for the give-away. i’m keeping my entire everything crossable…crossable!

  614. Jean N

    I would love to make a doll quilt for my granddaughter. She loves to make little projects and this would be wonderful.

  615. Gwen Jaeger

    I would love to do a blue work quilt for my second grandchild who is expected soon. The line art is so vintage–it really is exciting.

  616. Mary Shine

    My niece was married in October. Babies will be on the way in a year or so. This gives me plenty of time to make a quilt. Maybe even a diaper bag and some towels!

  617. Kenna Gaynor

    Some of the panels would look great on aprons, kitchen towels and pot holders. I would also like to make quilts for new babies and give to Charity Quilts – Making Baby Quilts and Other Quilts for Charity

    By Janet Wickell, Guide

  618. Connie Kalina

    I would make a crazy quilt. I’ve always wanted to make a Mother Goose crazy!

  619. Mimi

    This is soooo sweet! Thanks for the chance! I would definitely make a wee quilt.

  620. Sheppard

    Hi – This sounds great. I would make a delicious quilt for a beautiful new baby. Then the remainder I would store carefully and make another quilt for the baby – now a toddler – for him (her) to drag around and snuggle in.

  621. Becky Kerwin

    I love finding the old books with great artistry in their pictures. I love to make copies and then use them for pillow tops. Or you could even take the image and adhere it to a six pane window for an eclectic look on a porch or even a garden shed. My porch has all kinds of the vintage game boards and toys from my past. I have even taken old sewing cards and used the bright colored yarn to sew them and then framed them to be displayed on my porch. I just love the way it makes me feel youg again.

  622. Veline

    This would be a darling quilt for my granddaughter!

  623. Karla Yungwirth

    Oh, that is wonderful fabric! And the embroidery book is fabulous. My mom and aunt taught me to embroider using the iron-on patterns, and I still love it! My daughter is loving dolls these days and I’m sure | would have to make a doll quilt, and maybe some pillows for her bed, and I could even start really early on my Christmas list and make cute table runners and pot holders…. Oh, pick me 🙂

  624. Rita Schultz

    Oh what memories this brings back. Mother Goose stories were my childrens favorite. I’d make a quilt for my future Great Grand Child so the memories could continue on.

  625. Karen Gass

    What a cute set! I’d love to work on this for my grandkids 🙂 thank you for offering it.

  626. Myrna

    What a wonderful opportunity for the first time quilt maker. My 18 year old granddaughter has been living with me and this would be a great project for her to start and make her own. Thank you for the gift to sewers.

  627. Linda Newcomb

    How beautiful. I’ve always loved the red work embroidery patterns & seeing them in different colors is equally nice. My 6 yr old granddaughter, Kaylin, would LOVE a quilt done just for her. That’s what I’d do with the fabrics & book. Hope I (we) win!!!! Good luck everyone.

  628. Cindy

    Oh my gosh – I love your stuff! I think I would make a baby quilt, or two, with the fabric.

  629. Myra Gutzwiler

    This is a wonderful opportunity, thank you! I have always been drawn to sewing ephemera and pieces of the past. If I were to win this group, I would love to make as many projects from it as I could. I have 10 grandchildren, and they could not share a quilt!

  630. Helen Mckinney

    I see a cuddly quilt and sweet fabric book for my grandaughter.

  631. Margaret L

    I like to stitch at night while watching TV, strike that … I meant “listening to” TV! Then I make wall hangings out of my stitched items, using coordinating fabrics. I might pair the blocks up or put them four together, or use just one. Maybe I would send one to my two GRAND-nieces. I have no children or grandchildren myself, but I do have a Grand collection of nieces and nephew!

  632. Patricia Hansen

    Many years ago my son’s great-grandmother made a quilt similar to this for the birth of my son. It is now being used by his first grand-daughter. In a few months his second grand-daughter will be born. I would love to win your giveaway to help me make your quilt for my newest great-grand-daughter.

  633. Lori Smanski

    These are wonderful patterens and fabrics. I would make shorts and shirts for my great nephews and skirts and vests for my great neices. What a wonderful give-a-way. Thaks

  634. Helen Mckinney

    I’m so excited to see your fabric line, along with a embroidery book. What a lovely gift for my first grandchild. I think a cuddly quilt with a Mother Goose book will be a real keepsake.

  635. Leslie

    Love this!!! Would love to put these as pockets on a shirt to give to my dear friend who runs a daycare. She loves anything Vintage Mother Goose!!

  636. Carmen

    What a gorgeous giveaway! I would have a go at making pillows/cushion covers I think. I’m still a definite learner with sewing.

    That original quilt is just gorgeous.

  637. Claire Selby- pinkdilla

    I love your new fabrics! The cheater panels are so pretty! I would love to make some mini quilts for my daughter with the fabric, her crib is reds yellows and blue; the primary colors.

  638. Alice

    This is such a pretty book….reminds me of all the stories read to me as a child. I will be watching for this book in my area. My Grandson, turning one tomorrow, loves books already and these would be perfect on pillows where we sit to read. Thanks for such a great opportunity of winning……and bringing this book to my attention!

  639. Judy Mapston

    Hi Amy, What cute stuff you have!! I love the old fashioned embroidery. I have been sewing since I was 10 and I’m almost 55 now. Its such a lost art. I’m glad to see younger woman picking it up again.. its inspiring..

  640. Maree

    Love the new fabrics and embroidery! They would be perfect for my sweet granddaughter! Thanks for the chance to win! :~D

  641. Fran Pingel

    What a beautiful quilt your designs would make. Being a Grandma, I have lots of time for sewing for the grandkids. With a new baby on the way, these designs would help in making the perfect gift for the new arrival.

  642. Jenny Matlock

    What a beautiful giveaway. I think I would make doll quilts for my Grandlittles with this charming fabric.

    Thanks for the fun!

    I need to be better about commenting here. I visit to see what you’re up to, but rarely comment!

  643. Karen Schultz

    I just love the fabric – I enjoy anything vintage looking. I would use this in addition to some embroidered pieces my grandmother made and add some of her tatted doilies and hankies along with it, Wouldn’t that be great? I am presently recovering from major surgery and really need a “get well present” & this sure would take care of that! Thank you very much!

  644. Christine

    I think that I would make something for my kitchen with these fabrics, placemats and a tea cozy maybe? They are so cute and retro!

  645. Kristy R

    I would make childrens books for quiet time. These would be great for the the Ronald McDonald House or church or whatever.

  646. CindyO.

    This would be a wonderful way for my Mother (90) and I (59) to teach my grandaughter (15) embroidery and to work on a 3 generation piece!

  647. Billie

    What a great giveaway. I would love to make a small quilt. I love vintage embroidery!

  648. Christine

    I think I’d make something for the kitchen with these fabrics…. placemats and maybe a tea cozy. They are so cute and retro!

  649. Denise Malbrough

    WOW! Awesome giveaway! I could do sew many things with the fabric. I LOVE Redwork and would stitch and frame the designs to go in a child’s room. Maybe a quilt also!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  650. Christine Ziegler

    This would be a fun project. I love quitling and embroidery and anything vintage! Reminds me of the good times of my childhood.

  651. LAVINA

    What fabulous patterns. Reminds me when I was a child and my mother taught me to embroidery. Now I have a great granddaughter who would love to have these on towels she uses when playing house

  652. Kathryn O'Neill

    The fabric is beautiful and brings back warm memories of my childhood. I am fairly new to the sewing and crafting forum but absolutely love it, I am always creating and cannot seem to relax unless I have something “crafty” in my hands. I would use this fabric and book to creat a quilt for my little niece Lara . She and her sister Sophie are identical twins, while Sophie is in excellent health , little Lara has had many struggles and obstacles to overcome during her two years of life. She faces many more including a kidney transplant. I love the girls dearly and miss them terribly, I live in Texas and my family are in England, so it’s been hard to be so far away. I know my sister would cherish this.

  653. Abi

    What a great find! One day I’ll have enough space to justify hunting round flea-markets for treasures like this 🙂 I would make cuddly cushions for all the small children I know, because everyone needs something to snuggle with.

  654. Diane

    This would make a wonderful series of framed pictures for the nursery.

  655. Nancy Angerer

    The pictures remind me of a quilt that my mother made me when I was a baby. As I grew I loved looking at the pictures that she had embroidered for my quilt. In fact, I still have that special quilt. I would love to make such a quilt for my newest grandchild.

  656. Anne S

    I am beginning to enjoy redwork now that I can create it myself. Love the older style used and the fabrics are fun. Would make a couple of wall quilts to give to friends and keep one small one for myself.

  657. Karin

    I would make a quilt for my new nephew, who is currently in the NICU at Dell’s Children’s Hospital in Austin. Thankfully he should be going home soon!

  658. Christine

    My mom taught me embroidery using the mother goose originals! I also worked on the kitties doing chores, and the days of the week housework. I would LOVE to do the blue pillowcase for my nephews. Their room is all done in blues and red. My niece on the other hand has a room all done in red toile….how sweet would a sleeping little girl look too!

    I own your buttonware book and regularily visit the indygo junction website. For Christmas I made my mom one of the pincushions that I ordered from your website, with the printed images from the Vintage shop.

    You are an inspiration to ME! Thank you!

  659. Tammi Hackley

    I love the Vintage material and crafts. I would like to create crib blankets and baby blankets for my grandchildren as hierlooms.
    Thank you!

  660. Phyllis Petersen

    I love your Mother Goose book and fabric, and have loved “her” rhymes for as long as I can remember. My two daughters and their 5 daughters and 1 son (ages 2 to 18) have all been taught the rhymes from an early age by their Mimaw.. How marvelous it would be to create a fabric book from these redwork designs for each grandchild to cherish and keep for their own children.

  661. Mary Jean Price

    I love the vintage look of redwork and would love to make a quilt with the Mother Goose patterns.I am sure I will be inspired to create other projects with your designs. Love all your designs and projects.

  662. Sherryl null Hodges

    I would like to try to work on this for a wall hanging.

  663. Carole

    Love your designs and thanks for this giveaway. I would make a quilt pobbibly to hang on wall. I really love redwork and any needlework.

  664. Linda Kinney

    Love to embroider. I do it at night while watching tv.

  665. Judith Heise

    Love the vintage look. I would make a bedding set for my 2-year-old daughter who will soon move into her big-girl bed. Since an arm injury has limited my knitting, needlework has become my new creative outlet!

  666. Kathy

    My best friend’s daughter is having a baby…the first grandchild in the family. I will be making a baby quilt for that child…I would LOVE to use your fabrics and book/patterns for that project.


  667. Lynn

    I would make as many baby quilts as i could squeeze out of the yardage and then find a good charity since the ‘kids’ in my family are not so young anymore!

  668. Linda G

    This looks like a lovely project to work on to keep winter doldrums away.

  669. Maria Neill

    What a lovely and generous offer, thank you!
    I have grandchild number 5 on the way….I would make something special for him/her. But I also have a “secret” project.
    It will be a while before my 23 yr. old son marries. I am older and my health is giving me a scare. I want to make a trunk for him, so when he marries, he will have full of all the embroidered, knitted and children creations I made did for his older sisters and their babies……

  670. Lou Cariveau

    This is wonderful, A redwork quilt would be wonderful to make.

  671. Sarah Lee Norman

    I too love vintage fabrics and handwork. Hard to pin point a definite project I would do as my projects tend to develop as they grow. Quilt… wall hanging… what ever grows from your seeds would be treasured and loved.

    Thanks for this exciting opportunity, Amy.

  672. Jodie

    What wonderful fabrics. I think the patterns could be used to make aprons for boys and girls and the prints would work into those aprons as well.

  673. Evelyn

    Sooooo cute. The first thing that comes to me is too make a quilt for my little girl, or even a quilted fabric book.

  674. Scarlette

    I would make this wonderful quilt for my grandchildren. it is wonderful and the fabrics are great. thanks

  675. Patricia H

    I have always loved vintage embroidery. My first quilt was entirely redwork embroidery, made for my first child as a baby quilt. I love the vintage-look fabrics combined with the embroidery. I would use these to make a quilt for a charity auction for New Hope Village in Carroll, Iowa, which serves people with developmental delay, autism, brain injuries, and other disabilities.

  676. Jolee Wallace

    I love this fabric!! I would make baby quilts and give them away. I think that this is a lost art and it needs to be shared. Just as you have shared, it needs to be paid forward.

  677. Kristian H

    Definitely a quilt. Maybe for my niece. 🙂

  678. Norma Wisdom

    I’m drawn to this fabric. I woul love to make a quilt out of this fabric for my new grandauther.

  679. Gina Wilson

    I just found out that I will be a grandma in about 6 months. I would just love to make a redwork quilt for my grandchild. What could be better than Mother Goose? Thanks for a chance to win.

  680. Billie K

    I’ve been quilting for about 8 years and am just now starting to try things with embroidery. I would love a throw with all these bright colors for our extra bedroom. I also love Bonney’s idea of making quilts for future “Great” grandchildren.

  681. katherine schaffer

    no problems with how I woudl use this collection! I have had two new grandchildren born in the last 9 months ( 1 boy and 1 girl !) so between the two, lots of quilts, pillows, stuffed anumals and bibs! And how wonderful to have everything in coordinating fabrics!

  682. Norma Wisdom

    I’ m drawned to this fabric. I would love to make a quilt for my new garndauther.

  683. Rene B

    I have two new nieces! I would love to create a new Mother Goose quilt for each of them to have as a keepsake from their Auntie Rene’.

  684. Marlene Elrod

    I love crazy quilt techniches rich with surface embroider. As I am in my reminishing years I would use my favoriete colors of blue and yellow with red highlights to make a fun piece to display with my vintage dollcupboard made for me by my dad in 1944.

  685. Tammy Shelton

    I have 3 small Grand Children who would love a quilt made from Mother Goose! Hard part is choosing which Grand Child to make one for!

  686. Kathlene Ford-Walters

    Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.


  687. Hollins

    Your site makes me feel good, it has all the designs and looks that appeal to me. If I should be the lucky winner, I would create a quilted wall-hanging for my little granddaughter’s bedroom.

  688. Anne

    I have done several “redwork” baby quilts. It is my gift to the new baby and they love them. Then, when they are older…like teens….I will create another larger one to suit what they love. This will just be a wonderful addition to my collection of redwork.

  689. Lisa Hehr

    Soooo cute! I would love to make cushion covers for my daughters “reading corner” as she calls it.

  690. Joanne

    Gosh, I have so many ideas already. An adorable quilt of course. I think a little girls dress with a smock, how cute that would be. I could see a babies soft book. Well as you can see, my imagination takes over lol….thank you for doing such great memories.

  691. Lynelle

    Your interpetation of the nursery rythmes we grew up with are precious! As a quilter, I would love to make a childsize version in blue for a special family member……Thank you for all your inspiring ideas!
    Lynelle Ussery

  692. Vickie Collins

    I would love to make a pillow for each of my 10 grandchildren and 1 greatgrand!