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Nature Up North!

Shots from my Kayak trips on Torch River..the loon is my favorite!


  1. Linda J. Pickett

    Wow. Beautiful photos. Where is Torch River? And you captured the Pileated Woodpecker. Unbelievable! My Dad, who is 93, has watched for them for years.

  2. Mary

    Susan, if you ever need to give up your day job, photograpy would be a wise second. Beautiful pictures.

  3. marilyn

    those shots are gorgeous. My daughter had to study the loon for her degree in college–fascinating!

  4. Amy Barickman

    Hi Susan, So much fun to hear you are “down river”. Would love to see your quilt next time I head North..hopefully sooner than later, but may not be until next Summer! I miss Torch!!!! My parents are still there, say hello if they cruise by!! Thanks for the post!!!!!

  5. Susan Grimes Width

    Yes Torch River is wonderful. I live here year around, just south of your place. Last year I met your Mom and Dad while they paddled by in their recumbent kayaks. The pilated woodpecker you present may have been the one that flew into our front window. He pulled himself togther and flew away. The next day he returned and sat staring at the window, trying to figure out what had happened!

    I have a quilt top pieced by my Mom and Grandmother in the 1930s and 1940s. Mom and I are trying to add an edge and then quilt it. It even has some “depression green” pieces. Stop and see it next time you’re on the river.

  6. Amy Barickman

    Yes, wonderful nature on Torch River!! The woodpeckers are usually in pairs when they fly in for a bite on our feeders. Loons are so amazing!
    Thanks for stopping by!!

  7. ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

    Amazing, Did you really take that shot of the Pileated woodpecker, I thought they were extinct? I’ve never seen one or a loon~ ~ ~Beautiful. This is my first visit here so I need to go snoop around.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


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