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Vintage Made Modern – Crossback Apron

I am always collecting vintage inspiration – especially aprons. I love how the vintage aprons are both functional and beautiful. I’m always looking for vintage styles that need to be brought back for the modern sewer. One of the style that kept popping up in my research was a full body crossback apron. I loved the look of the design, but was also excited to see an apron style that doesn’t tie around the neck, making it much more comfortable to wear. Indygo Junction recently released a modern version of this vintage style, the Crossback Reversible Apron. Below see our new version of this classic style..


And here is some of the vintage inspiration that we looked at when we worked on the design..

As you can see, we shortened the original design, so the apron would be less cumbersome, although we kept the side patch pocket. We also thought it would be fun to make it reversible – that way you get two aprons in one!

Then we thought about how great this style would be for kids! So we added in a children’s size version to the pattern…

To make the apron truly Vintage Made Modern, we made it in my Vintage Made Modern Centennial Celebration fabric, using the Notions Toss on one side and Grid Dot on the other. This version is perfect to wear in your sewing room to keep your clothes from getting covered in thread.




  1. Janice May

    I love the apron! It’s easy on and off and it covers more!

  2. Belinda

    I would love a long one like in the drawing!!!

  3. Irmagene

    I would love a pattern for the head covering that is shown with the full-length cross back apron. Is there any way to get it?

  4. Polly

    Dear Amy — I love what you did, but I need an apron that will cover everything, as the old ones did. Have you, or has anyone, a pattern for either the one-piece you show or one that fully covers the back? I’ve searched, but no luck. Your old ones are the closest I’ve seen. Thanks very much!


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