Language of Fashion Dictionary N-Z eBook



This is a 3-part pdf file of The Language of Fashion Dictionary and Digest of Fabric, Sewing and Dress. Copyright 1939. Part Two, letters N-Z.

***Note, This is only Part Two of the dictionary, letters N-Z. Part One is also listed as a separate item.***

This book provides you with a quick and ready reference for about 8000 words in ‘the language of fashion’ – words associated primarily with wearing apparel and accessories and whatever goes into the making of them. Fabulous comprehensive reference for anyone interested in fashion, especially vintage and historical fashion. Has hundreds of illustrations including images of stitches, weaves, laces, garments, colors, etc. which would be perfect to pull out and use for scrapbooking or digital images. The e-book is divided into three pdf files which are compatible with technology such as E-readers, tablets and computers.