Vintage Notions Monthly – Issue 2

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Vintage Notions Monthly continues to share the work of Mary Brooks Picken and the Woman’s Institute which inspired my book Vintage Notions. Although the Institute was founded 100 years ago, the treasure trove of lessons and stories are still relevant today and offer a blueprint for living a contented life.

In honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Institute, we are releasing the series Vintage Notions Monthly, which features a curated collection of Woman’s Institute materials including lessons, essays & patterns

Issue 2 content:
•Excerpts from February 1920 issue of Inspiration newsletter
•Fashion Service Supplement- Part 2 of the Fall/Winter 1920-1921
•Magic Sewing Pattern – Sleeved Cape
•Collectible vintage fashion illustrations by Alice Seipp
•Excerpts from How You Can Have More & Prettier Clothes pamphlet, 1925


This is an instant PDF Download.

Every Vintage Notions issue includes:

•Excerpts from the Institute’s newsletter Inspiration & magazine Fashion Service
•Vintage fashion and dressmaking articles with illustrations ideal for coloring
•Inspiring essays, stories & student testimonials
•Lessons & techniques for sewing embroidery, cooking & millinery
•A Magic Pattern – Magic Sewing Pattern – an easy-to-make fashion drafted using diagrams & your measurements

Note from author, Amy Barickman:
“All my life I have been fascinated by fashion, sewing and all things vintage. As the owner of Indygo Junction, a sewing pattern company, and author of a library of craft books, I have spent a lot of time researching sewing publications that have been released throughout the years. It was during this research that I came upon a name that would have a huge impact on my career, Mary Brooks Picken.

A pioneer in the sewing arts, Mary Brooks Picken was the author of almost 100 needlework, sewing, and textile books. Regarded as an authority on dress, design, and sewing, she founded the Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences (1916-1932) in Scranton, PA. At one point the institute had an enrollment of 300,000 women across the world connected through its correspondence courses and publications.

Why create a Vintage Notions Monthly?
When I read the story of Mary Brooks Picken and started to grasp the magnitude of her influence, I was compelled to collect and archive her numerous works. I believe I now have acquired the largest collection of Woman’s Institute publications in the world. Although this Institute was founded 100 years ago, the treasure trove of lessons and stories are still relevant today and offer a blueprint for living a contented life. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of this influential institute, what better way than to introduce the material to a modern community than with the internet? (I think Mary would be thrilled!)

Inside the pages of this magazine you will find articles on sewing, cooking, decorating and even upcycling as well as testimonials from students. An original issue of the Inspiration newsletter is combined with articles I curate from Fashion Service, another popular Woman’s Institute publication. I also add a “Magic Pattern” each month for those of you who are looking for quick and easy sewing projects! In this inaugural issue several pages of promotional content are included to give you a window back in time to a student’s perspective.I invite you to join our online community.

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So Enjoy! Be Inspired! Get creative! -All my best, Amy”

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