Atlanta’s Whipstitch

On my latest travel stop, I was in Atlanta for the fantastic Atlanta Gift Market. While there, the plan was to visit Whipstitch (“hip fabrics and sew lounge”) on Friday evening for a book signing and Indygo Junction Trunk Show. The weather (nicknamed “Snowmageddon” by the local news) did not cooperate at all. The good news: I flew in on Thursday and missed the worst of it as far as travel issues go. The bad news: the “Trunk” never showed for the “Show”.  All was not lost as I had a great evening getting to know the brave souls who weathered the weather. Take a look above and see Theresa, Diane (sewing teacher and manager), Mary Ellen, her mother, aunt and grandma. Getting to meet wonderful, passionate folks like this, especially in a cozy setting as this turned out to be, was very rewarding.

Mary Ellen I met last October at the Country Living Fair. I was impressed with this darling young spirit who was finding so much fun sewing fashion. Seeing sewing as an activity that brought generations in a family together was extra special. Aunt Elizabeth was shopping for fabric and trim for Mary Ellen to stitch up towels and pillows. Mary Ellen was picking out fabulous fabrics for a scarf and skirt. Sharing creativity is something that has always been apart of the bond my mother and I share, originally ignited by my grandmother’s creative soul. Seeing the joy Mary Ellen and her family found at Whipstitch was so inspiring.

Why not make 2011 the year creative activities bring you more quality time with family and friends?

5 Responses to “Atlanta’s Whipstitch”

  1. Those Atlanta Marts are just the best! Sorry about the snow, though.

  2. Mary Ellen DiMauro January 19, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    Mrs. Barickman, It was so great to see you again! I had a wonderful time getting to spend time with you at Whipstitch and that night meant so much to me. Thank you for being so encouraging and inspiring! hope to see you again sometime soon! 🙂

  3. Glad you avoided the weather issues. Sorry your “trunk” didn’t get there though. Is it back with you now?

    I’ve heard the Atlanta Gift Mart is fabulous. Sounds as if you had a good time.

  4. Aunty E aka Elizabeth from ATL January 19, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    Amy you are the best! What a special evening for all of us. My niece was beyond ecstatic to see you again and hob knob with such a chic and sophisticated sewing crowd… even if it was just the few of us.

    Thank you for being a trooper and weathering the weather too. This evening is one of my most favorite memories, ever. New friends, new ideas and new tea towels for me 🙂

    Take care and hope to see you again!

  5. Wonderful meeting you at the Vintage Revival booth in Atlanta!