Vintage Made Modern – Gingham

Who doesn’t love gingham fabrics?!? I’ve wanted to design a line of ginghams and I’m thrilled that my new fabric line Stitcher’s Garden with RJR includes some! Here is a beautiful vintage swatch of gingham in small check.


This a great modern version of gingham being used in our Indygo Junction Everyday Tank pattern in Cotton and Steel’s Checkers collection.


The vintage is the small check and the Everyday Tank is made with a larger check—I LOVE all sizes for fashion sewing!


Here’s a definition from The Language of Fashion dictionary by Mary Brooks Picken. This definition includes several types of gingham! The Language of Fashion will be coming soon to the Amy Barickman shop. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can be the first to know when it’s available.


Sharpened pencils, crisp cold air, and a timeless classic–gingham for school day dresses. A sampling of the ginghams defined above are seen in this photo of an advertisement!


Much of my inspiration comes from vintage. Gingham has been popular for many uses throughout the years but traditionally was used for children’s clothing – seen here in an excerpt from an article titled Youth’s Part in the Autumn Mode featured in Vintage Notions Monthly Issue 10.




“Gingham is never out of season for the very young members of the family, because it has a quality essential for tiny tots, namely the ability to withstand frequent laundering.”

“The main consideration in the planning of a gingham frock is to select a style that can be laundered easily and yet is not ordinary in design.”

For more fun like this, you can get previous issues and subscribe to the Vintage Notions Monthly here.


Today gingham can be found in modern fashion and works in designs for all ages, even mine! I am loving wearing Cotton and Steel’s gingham from their Checkers collection in my Indygo Junction Essentials Shift Dress pattern. Here is a photo of my kids and I on our summer vacation on Torch Lake in Alden, Michigan.


And Indygo Junction’s Fabriflair Brio Sphere and Bowl in my Stitcher’s Garden fabric line, featuring modern gingham. These dimensional paper piecing kits feature any fabric you love wonderfully, and are a great on-the-go project.


No gingham post of mine could be complete without featuring this photo of my mom and I!


Do you have a favorite memory or project that includes gingham? I’d love to hear about it.

Jump over to my Indygo Junction post on gingham to see more photos of the dress and other gingham fashions and patterns!!






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  1. I enjoyed this post, because I really love gingham, too! The same gingham fabric can look so different from decade to decade. It still looks great on you today.
    I have a post about my own Gingham Love here: