Favorite Vintage Advice: Don’t Be a Twiddler

Happy Friday! Let’s share another laugh and a look back at one of my favorite findings from my vast library of vintage resources. Each week, I’ll post amusing advertisements, articles or advice, spanning the topics of domestic arts, fashion, beauty and more. If it’s weird, witty or wacky, you’ll see it here.

This little gem is from the book, Dressmaking Made Easy by Mary Brooks Picken. According to Mary, a lady should never engage in habits that show nervousness or a lack of self control. I love her comparison of our faces to fresh flowers I usually don’t think of mine that way!

Don’t be a twiddler, fingering everything in sight. Don’t pull your ears. Don’t put beads in your mouth. Beads have been spoiled that way. Don’t yawn openly, and yet don’t distort your face with your hands — you wouldn’t finger flower petals and expect them to keep fresh.

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