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Just try one on

Nelly Don: A Kansas City Entrepreneur

With the International Quilt Market trade show coming to Kansas City next week, I’ve been immersing myself in Kansas City history as much as possible lately so that I can share fun places for visitors to see while they’re here! I’m sharing all my pictures and suggestions on my instagram account @amybarickman_studio, and also with […]


Fabulous Fashion with Tim Gunn!

Guess what, my fellow fashionistas and Project Runway-lovers? Last Saturday, I got to meet the fabulous fashion icon, Tim Gunn! Tim hosted a complimentary fashion show in Kansas City, featuring the Spring 2012 collections from Kate Spade and Lucky Brand Jeans. I loved all of Tim’s fashion wisdom and advice during the show. My favorite […]

Hearing Martha speak at Rainy Day Books was such a treat!

Inspiring Teachers

In my opinion, inspiration is a gift to be cherished, used, and then passed on to others. That’s a huge part of why I share my experiences on my blog with you. While I draw much of my own inspiration from women of the past especially The Woman’s Institute founder, Mary Brooks Picken I am […]


The Handmade Experience

Aren’t we all just tired of things? Nobody wants to buy things anymore. We want experiences. These were words spoken in a panel discussion at the Creative Connection Event this past September. They attest to the fact that more and more people are understanding the great value of handcrafted goods and personal connections to our […]

Fun in the Model A

Small-time Celebrations

One of my favorite ways to celebrate the Fourth is by doing it small. Here in Kansas City, our friends celebrate every year with the Cherry Bomb neighborhood parade in their cul-de-sac. The ritual of planning our red, white, and blue attire and decorating the kids bikes made for a creative day with great photo […]

smile poem


Saturday night I saw Janelle Monae in concert..an amazing experience! She did an incredible performance of “Smile” (wish I would have taped it with my iphone but I was entranced), a song that originally appeared in the 1936 movie Modern Times, music by Charlie Chaplin. Nat King Cole sang a beautiful version..later Judy Garland, Elvis […]