Passion for Fashion: Contemporary Kimono

When we were designing the Contemporary Kimono pattern, I wanted to make a simple jacket that would work for all occasions – dressy or casual – a simple, stylish jacket to become a wardrobe staple.


We created an everyday jacket out of my Fire Red Crossroads Denim – though, we added a little extra oomph with a machine embroidery detail along the front band. (See more Crossroads patterns here!) I also found some gorgeous linen, that I used to create a dressier version, where we mixed a small print on the band with a larger statement design. If you want something lighter for warmer weather, you can make it out of a light quilting cotton, as we did with the version below.


A classic style like this really opens up the options for customizing. You could use machine embroidery, as we did, to add a unique detail or you can step outside the box and experiment with different fabrics and placement! Below are a few ready-to-wear coats which I thought had some inspiring ideas for your own Contemporary Kimono.