A Special Thank You

I am so proud of my book, Vintage Notions. Through the research and its writing, I found my voice and my muse in Mary Brooks Picken. Over the past week, however, in this blog, I’ve found something yet again: I’ve found a community of people who are filled with creativity, memories, opinions and faith. Your […]


Day 7 Winners

Congratulations go out to our Day 7 Winners in the Vintage Notions Book-a-Day Give-a-Way: From the blog: Mary J. From Facebook: Jennifer Gouldsmith Remember, if you won because you were drawn from folks who commented on the blog, we have your email and will be in touch. If you “Liked” my Page on Facebook, we’ll […]


VN Excerpt: Making Merry on Halloween

No other party time of all the year holds quite the possibilities of Halloween. It is “fun time” pure and simple. Decorations and games, weird and ghostly, and refreshments of an informal nature are a matter of tradition. Unexpected surprises always add to the fun of a Halloween party. We heard about a party where […]


Day 6 Winners

It’s the end of our sixth day of the Vintage Notions Book-a-Day Give-a-Way and our winners are: From the blog: Robin Critenden From Facebook: Eileen Murray Mulcare And, if you still can’t recite this next paragraph from memory yet, here’s the winners’ paragraph again… If you won because you were drawn from folks who commented […]


VN Excerpt: Words of Wisdom

Disguising Generous Proportions Inspiration, 1923 But good, firm flesh, rightly distributed, makes a woman look younger after she has passed thirty-five. Instead of regarding it as a calamity, then, be thankful for it just so long as you keep it within bounds. Growing Old Graciously Fashion Service, 1929 I wish that every woman, as she […]


VN Excerpt: Cross-Stitch

[Inspiration. 1927] The quaint charm of cross-stitch is unsurpassed by any other type of needlework, for about it there lingers the romance of its association with the old-time samplers, which had their origin in Europe long before America was discovered. Recently there has been a revival of interest in the sampler, and one now sees […]


Here’s the Day 3 Winners

Thank you, thank you, thank you…every one of  you who has been posting and sharing. I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of stories, comments and support for Vintage Notions. I feel lucky every day to be doing what I’m doing…and with such a remarkable group of women and men. Well, three days have now passed […]

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