Free Image Friday – Summer Swimming

Both school and the sun are out, which means one thing – a trip to the pool! I’m so glad that we don’t have to wear heavy wool swimsuits like these ladies! If you want to see more vintage swimsuits, check out this fun post I wrote on stitching my own suit!

To download this free image, be sure to click on the image first to see the full size image. Then right click (Mac: control+click) and save to your computer desktop or a folder of your choice. This process will ensure you get the best quality of the image. Enjoy!


One Response to “Free Image Friday – Summer Swimming”

  1. I can’t imagine trying to swim in those old suits. But when they were first created I am sure they were considered scandalous, hahahhh. Yet what a relief to remove all the old skirts and bloomers it must have been. I am now too old for a 2 piece but todays one pieces are much more appealing.
    This picture will go well in our bath. As always we enjoy your images and projects. Thank you