Vintage Made Modern: The Take-Two Tech Pouch

As you know, I am always collecting bits of vintage inspiration – sewing book here, a magazine there. A few years ago I picked up this single page pattern for a leather-craft coin purse. The copyright on this piece is 1947 and it came from Drake’s LeatherCraft in Los Angeles. What a treasure!


I don’t make leather craft projects myself, but I loved the shape of the coin purse illustration. Inspired by that, I started designing what would become my Take-Two Tech Pouch pattern. This pouch is fast and easy to make, featuring raw edge construction. Each pouch has two pockets and comes in four different sizes to fit everything from a business card to a tablet!


The classic “Western” style of the original case and the leather stamping design was also inspirational for me when I was designing my Soho Bandana fabric line. Knowing that most people love to work with cotton, I worked out a way to fuse two fabrics together to make a double-sided fabric. This helped create a stronger fabric and offered an opportunity to mix and match more fun prints! Below you can see how we combined my Crossroads Denim with the cotton. The solid fabric is a great canvas for embellishment. We chose to use a machine blanket stitch to trim out the edge of the pouch.


This project is ideal to make with recycled denim. I added instructions into the pattern to incorporate using a back pocket from your jeans as an additional pocket on the pouch. The heavier fabric is an added bonus, as it creates a stronger pouch for your tech pieces. And of course, you can combine the sturdiness of recycled denim with the fun of cotton! Below you can see my Crossroads Denim combined with my Soho Bandana cotton print. The sky is the limit with this Vintage Made Modern project.


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