Dimensional Denim

I am so excited to present my new book, Dimensional Denim! I was inspired to create this book after I noticed the recent trend for textural home decor and accessory items. While trend shopping I saw more and more items that created texture and interest through fabric manipulation.


Most of the projects in this book use my Crossroads Denim line. The beautiful thing about denim is that it is double sided, so there is no right or wrong side, and it rips in a really interesting way. I really wanted to explore these two characters of the fabric, and thus, this book was born.

To really take advantage of the unique qualities of denim, I chose to focus on fabric manipulation techniques that take the flat denim and create 3 dimensional textures. There are 10 techniques, each of which use a ripping method, instead of cutting. Then the fabric is folded, pressed or woven to create each technique. The book includes detailed illustrations to create each technique, as well as a coordinating project, using the method.

Each technique has a coordinating home decor, accessory or fashion project, illustrated below. I also supply extra inspiration ideas and photographs. It is my hope that when you perfect the techniques you will apply them to many other projects.

The first technique in the book is the Spiral Flower. For this method you use bias strips of denim to create a stylized floral design.


Weaving is a technique that has been around for millennia, here it is updated it in modern colors and fabrics.


Many of us have used Hexagons in quilts, but have you ever used an origami-like method to create them? We show you how to do just that using recycled denim.


The Strip Cord technique creates a unique texture that pops off flat fabric.


The Zig Zag technique is incredibly versatile – you can use it to create a project from scratch (in this case a bag) or embellish other projects.

DimensionalDenim12 copy

Origami Squares are a simple way to create modern design on pillows, bags or more…


Ruffles are a classic fabric manipulation technique, made much more substantial using layer of denim. Used with bright Crossroads Denim, this pillow makes a statement!


The Strip Wave technique is a modern take on smocking. Change the fabric, width of waves and placement of strips and you have a whole new look.


Many of us have used Box Pleating on skirts or other projects, this technique takes the box pleat and pinches it upwards creating an amazing 3-D shape.


The Strip N’ Stitch technique is a simple, but visually stunning technique. We love it for home decor, but also think it would be great on a skirt or jacket.


So! That is the book that we have been hard at work on. As you can see we have used Crossroads Denim in many of the projects. We recently added 5 new colors to the line; Cactus Pink, Pistachio, Ice Blue, Wisteria and Mushroom. We wanted to test the new colors with the Dimensional Denim techniques so we worked up the Cactus Pink and Pistachio in the Weave technique and the Mushroom and Wisteria in the Strip n’ Stitch technique.


The Dimensional Denim techniques can also be used with recycled denim, denim yardage, or any other fabric that is double sided and rips well. If you want to use a solid cotton you can test the fraying qualities of the fabric, and if it frays too much you could serge the edges of your fabric strips.



Thanks for joining me on day two of the Dimensional Denim blog tour! Enter to win the Dimensional Denim grand prize of a copy of the book, Crossroads Denim fabric and Crossroads Patterns by commenting on the Indygo Junction blog post here. Or get 30% the book by using the code DDBT14 at checkout!

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  1. All the ideas look like fun to make!

  2. I love working with denim and is never thought of using your techniques with denim. They are really great!! I can’t wait to buy my copy of the book!!

  3. Just LOVE the Spiral Flower I know I’m going to create one of those

  4. I have recently started to use denim for porch pillows. Now I am getting excited about
    the creative things I can do. Thanks for the ideas.

  5. Beautiful, creative ideas that would make dramatic fashion or home decor statements.

  6. Nifty ideas!

  7. Very interesting. Love the ruffled/gathered look.

  8. I love this look. Can’t wait to try a project.

  9. Love your book!!! Thank you!

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