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Many times I’ve been asked how I get the ideas for my books, patterns or fabric lines? And the short answer is lots of places.  My passion for seeking out vintage sewing treasures and collecting sewing books and ephemera has lead to many of my projects over the years. The Sew-it Book, Buttonware, Hankie Style and Vintage Notions are just a few of the books that I have created based on inspiring vintage items I’ve found and collected.

Through my travels, I always seek out antique malls, galleries or flea markets to rummage through. Often, I see something beautiful that catches my eye  colors, fabric textures, the shear artistry of a piece or the details in the stitching. It may just be an old book filled with gorgeous illustrations.

Many times this stirs my creative juices and I combine the inspiration with current trends in the market to come up with a new book or pattern idea. Other times, I find a vintage piece and realize the concept or creation would be interesting to today’s consumer and feel the need to rescue it from obscurity.

One example is my latest embroidery book, A Stitch in Time with Mother Goose. This book of vintage embroidery designs, along with my coordinating fabric line from Red Rooster Fabrics of the same name, was inspired by a darling baby blanket I found during my travels. The quilt was created from an old Butterick transfers pattern circa 1920’s. I’ve also discovered in my collection the original magazine ad featuring the pattern for sale. Below are a few shots of the original blanket.

I was toying already with the idea of creating a new embroidery book with a vintage feel and had some wonderful Mother Goose line art that I wanted to use, but the project had not yet come to fruition. I happened upon this hand embroidered baby blanket in bluework, along with the original vintage transfers and the entire project took shape.

Embroidery is really making a come back. The book includes 25 designs to be transferred to fabric and instructions for 7 different projects including two quilts. Here are just a few projects included in this book:

Another method of embroidery can be done with just the Mother Goose fabric itself. Two of the fabric line coordinates are cheater blocks. These two panels one in red and one in blue  have the Mother Goose line art already printed directly on the fabric. All one has to do it thread your needle and following the lines. No transfers needed.

Enter to win A Stitch in Time with Mother Goose fabric bundle and book

For a chance to win a bundle of A Stitch in Time with Mother Goose fabric (one yard of many coordinate plus one each of the two embroidery cheater block panels – please note that only 19 of the 24 coordinates are available in this giveaway) AND a copy of A Stitch in Time with Mother Goose, you have five ways to enter the drawing.

1. Post a comment to this blog post only letting me know what you would create with this collection.

2.Like my Facebook page at facebook.com/amybarickmanstudios

3. Sign up for my twitter account at twitter.com/amybarickman

4. Repost this blog entry on your blog. Email me at amyb@amybarickman.com with the link to your post.

5. Post this blog entry on your Facebook page. Email me at amyb@amybarickman.com with the link to your FB page.

A winner will be drawn at random from all entries. Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, February 1st at midnight and a winner announced on Thursday, February 3rd.

Good luck!!

880 Responses to “Fabric Inspiration & Giveaway”

  1. My friend Jane just had a healthy baby boy after a grueling several years of trying and I am so excited for her. I would make her a lovely quilt for Mingus Charles!

  2. Would definitely make a crib set and probably matching curtains for one of my best friends next baby (due on April). They would absolutely love it!
    Tks fr the chance, xo

  3. I would make a little quilt & add blocks with stories embroidered between the fabric picture pieces. Would make a nice “Lovey” and a book you could truly cuddle up with!

  4. I love this, I love vintage and I love softbooks!

  5. Hi I love redwork. 🙂 I would make a baby quilt or wallhanging. 🙂

  6. I’d love to make these into a little quilt for a baby girl due next month!!

  7. I love embroided quilts, so I definetely would make a lovely one with such beautiful fabrics and great designs.

  8. Lately I’ve been contemplating putting my embroidery as art work. So that’s what I would do.

  9. My Mom embroiders, so she would do the stitchery and I’d do the piecing; we’d make a quilt for her great-grandchild! (None is expected yet, but it’ll happen at some point, right?)

  10. I would make my mom a Kindle case using the “Mary, Mary, quite contrary” design since her name is Mary. And then I would have to find something fun to make for myself! Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. I would make fabric postcards to send out to others. I would love this. I normally do not enter giveaways because I have a lot of things and I know some others dont and can use it. But this is one thing I really want badly!! LOL I really do.. My kind of thing.

    Thank you for the chance. I do have a give a way on my blog http://www.welovequilting.com/blog also. I am giving away John Flynn Frames. Come over yourself and register.

  12. If I won this, I would be overwhelmed with the possibilities, but would make a wallhanging,and pillowsand attempt a quilt, etc. for my granchildren’s room.

  13. How beautiful! I would love to make a quilt, but the pillowcase in the images is also beautiful!

  14. please note that my entry was made before midnight in my time zone……it is still Feb 1st!!!!

  15. I would make a quilt for my next grandchild. I love embroidery and these vintage patterns are wonderful! fingers crossed!!

  16. Marjorie Brannan February 1, 2011 at 11:19 pm

    I would make a cloth book from my grandaughters to enjoy for years!

  17. I would love to win this material and I would use it to make a quilt.

  18. I would love to have this material to make a quilt.

  19. Christine Gibbons February 1, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    Oh, I would sew much love to win these wonderful prizes. I would love to make up the Mother Goose for my 2 newest grandchildren arriving in April and Sept. Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. I have a dear friend that is going to have her first baby soon. I would love to make her a quilt out of this fabric! 🙂

  21. I love embroidery, and am learning to quilt. And I absolutely love vintage, so what a combination. Withmy thanks, KN

  22. Wow,what a wonderful package. My very first beautiful granddaughter was born yesterday and if I won this gift she would be the most beautiful quilt in the world!

  23. If I were to be so lucky as to win, I would make my granddaughter a cloth Mother Goose book with quilted edges for pages. She (granddaughter) is 6 1/2 months old now, so I think a cloth book would be perfect for her age. Would love for her to grow up to love books as much as her grampa and myself!

  24. I would love to win this vintage fabric as my daughter loves anything vintage. I made her a vintage fabric old-fashioned apron and matching oven mitts for Christmas, and she would love another apron from this fabric. I would also use some of the fabric to incorporate into a quilt for her, too. I’m making doll clothes for my granddaughter and great niece, so some of the fabric would be used for them. I love the prints. Thanks!

  25. Amy,
    Two things I love; Embroidery and creating for foster children.
    I would make small pillows for small children feeling lost and alone in a big system. I am blessed to work with volunteers (CASA) Court Appointed Special Advocates working for foster children.
    Rebecca (Mimi)

  26. Cindy huntington February 1, 2011 at 6:29 pm

    I just love this, I would definatly make a crib quilt for my new granddaughter !!

  27. I like you on facebook.

  28. Just love the fabric and the books. I am sure I would use the book (books) to make a quilt. Just I am not sure I would want to give it away, so may try to adult it up a bit. Have to think on this one. Sure hope I win so I can show you the finale quilt I make. Or how about small wall quilts. That would be awesome too.
    Donna Rae

  29. I’m new to sewing, and I would use this to make something for my 2 yr old daughter.

  30. If I would be so lucky as to win this give-away, I would immediately make a custom baby quilt for my unborn grandchild as I have two married children with plans for children someday…..

  31. So Glad I am not to lake to comment for a chance to win.
    Amy, your stuff is sooo wonderful. I love all the vintage (esque) stuff. And now a fabric!!
    This is so perfect for right now because there are lots of babies ready to come.
    Nothing but some vintage style embroidery items and/or items made with vintage style fabric could be any better!!.
    Oh & of course I’d HAVE to make something for my little cousins !!

  32. I love to read your Blog as it has wonderful & fun ideas. I would use the Mother Goose book and fabric to make a charity quilt or maybe more for one of the two groups I belong to who do this.

  33. I would love to win this give-a-way and would make a precious baby quilt for a grandchild that is due in August.

  34. i love this. i DO NOT do embroidery====long story. so the preprinted is great. now you need to make them for embroidery machines. THAT i can do. SOMEDAY i may even have a grandchild to make it for. until then i have some great and great-great neices.
    i am following on facebook and twitter. don’t have a blog. too much time on facebook and twitter to blog. lol

  35. Oh my goodness, how darling are the patterns. So many fun things to make.


  36. Oh after 4 wonderful sons and 5 equally wonderful grandsons, I was blessed with a granddaughter! I would use this to make her a remembering quilt..something she would have for the rest of her life to remember me by!

  37. Oh I would love this..I have new twin granddaughters. I could make them quilts or the little pillows or wall hangings, a soft book gee there is so much you could do.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  38. Deborah in Atlanta February 1, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    What a lovely quilt these would make. I love the vintage quilt you found – so nostalgic. I’d take your book and the fabrics, and I’d dream and dream and then finally come up with something that would do honors to you and your creativity. Can’t wait to see who wins! What a generous giveaway. dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

  39. My mom just got a quilter and I would love to make my first quilt on it using your cute fabric.

  40. What a fabulous giveaway and perfect timing. The Kansas State Button Society theme for 2011 is Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales and I would love to have this at the show. Even if I don’t win I may have to buy it anyway! Thanks Amy for everything you do!

  41. I would make a baby quilt for sure. I would also consider enlarging the design and bead it for a wall hanging.

  42. I would make overnight totes for all of my grandchildren, and also embroidery their names on them.

  43. If I was lucky enough to win I would make a quilt and put it away in my hope chest for future grandchildren!

  44. I would add this to my hoard of fabric, and make something wonderful with my 14 year old daughter, who also loves to create. We are twinners when it comes to making things. Thanks!

  45. I would make a “quiet time” activity book with the fabric and use the embroidery for the covers.

  46. I have been looking for some new embroidery projects and this book looks great. I would make a baby quilt for a friend’s new grandson.

  47. My mom taught me how to sew and embroider with those large sewing cards with the holes in them (in the 50’s) and I have been sewing ever since!
    I hand-embroidered a crib blanket when my daughter Ashley was a baby and I sewed my children’s clothing (especially my daugter’s) until they were out of school! I loved making little cotton playclothes, her first communion dress, and prom dress too! I handmade everything!
    Now my daughter is married and has a new baby son. She sent me a photo of him swaddled in her old handmade blanket, so worn from years of love.
    I would like to make my new grandson a quilt with this fabric bundle. It is just perfect for a handmade baby quilt for him! Thanks for the chance!

  48. Kathleen Widmer February 1, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    Ay this moment we are waiting for 2 feet of snow!! A new baby was just born in our family on Friday and I wish I could be working on a baby quilt from this book as the snows fall and we are all stuck indoors. I love lookig at all your patterns-remembering things from the past. This new Mom just loves traditional patterns.

  49. Elaine Sessions February 1, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    I’d make a quilt! I hand embroidered the Sun Bonnet Sue series BEFORE I had a granddaughter then made her the blocks into a quilt. I love, love all things vintage!!!

  50. We have a baby boom here at work and I am known for giving “keepsake” sewn gifts. I would love to make some bibs or pillows for the babies due in April, June and August.

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