A Visit to Tula’s House

I’m so lucky to live in a city filled with creative people – Kansas City is home to many artists and designers, some of whom work in the sewing industry. My friend Tula Pink is a fabric and quilt pattern designer who lives about an hour away from me. Although I’ve known Tula for years, I’ve never had the chance to visit her studio. When I saw Tula last May at Spring Market in Minneapolis, I spoke with her about the opportunity to visit her studio and be a part of her new reality show, Tula’s House.

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We have worked with Tula’s fabric company, Free Spirit Fabrics because we love using her fabric in Indygo Junction patterns – below you can see our All Day Apron, Quick-Tie Topper and Vintage Notions Kimono robe all made out of Tula Pink fabric. Tula’s prints are so fun and whimsical, that she recently published them in a coloring book. I loved spending time coloring over my Thanksgiving break in my new copy of the Tula Pink Coloring Book!

I met Tula at a team room in St. Joseph, MO called The Gothic Eatery, which is located in a house built in 1869. What a beautiful place! The restaurant was decorated with antique furnishings, and all our place settings were vintage dishes. The Gothic Eatery also has a gorgeous garden, where you can eat on warm days. We filmed a scene for Tula’s House there and it was fascinating to see how a reality show comes together. Below you can see the tea room being set up to use as a set. It is always a joy to get together with a fellow designer. We talked design, fabric, and sewing history from my book, Vintage Notions, as well as the opportunity to work her fabrics into our patterns.



After lunch we headed to Tula’s studio and house, which was just as you would imagine it bright, colorful and fun. See some of my shots of her house below.

Check out Tula’s House on QNNTV to see watch Tula develop a new fabric line from idea to shipment. If you ever wanted to know how the fabric design world works, this is your chance! Do you love Tula’s fabric as much as I do? Then you will want to ENTER TO WIN a jelly roll featuring Tula’s True Colors collection. Tula Pink loves working with color – especially pink! What is your favorite color to work with? Leave a comment below to enter now!

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217 Responses to “A Visit to Tula’s House”

  1. I’m drawn to Navy.

  2. I am obsessed with the last 2 photos in this blog. Are there kits or patterns available for the modern triangle pattern for a quilt and the pillow? I have searched all over the internet, and cannot find them. Please help.

    • Hi Peggy! I’m not sure if there are kits for them, but I’m sure there are patterns – I would look at Tulapink.com!

  3. I so Love Tula Pink! Her fabric so wonderful! I love Blue! All shades :)). Pink too! Growing up I loved pink items of all kinds!

  4. I love beige and grey as base colours and then yellow, teal, pink and purple. All basically.

  5. I love pink too and I like to mix it with green

  6. I love blues and purples, but when quilting pink pulls me in.

  7. I love reds and all shades there of

  8. Any shade in the blue family is my favorite.

  9. Sabrina Cassidy December 8, 2015 at 7:40 am

    I love the colors and prints in her fabrics.

  10. I really love aqua and teal. Pink is my next choice.

  11. Caroline Rohrer December 7, 2015 at 9:17 pm

    I hope someone I know wins.

  12. I love working with raspberry and aqua!

  13. Blues all the way!

  14. I love you Tula Pink!

  15. I love working with blues.

  16. I love greens of every shade ^_^

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