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Dress and Look Slender

Timeless Wisdom for a Slimmer You

As I collected material for Vintage Notions my favorite “department” to concept each month was” Amy B.’s Vintage Advice, from the quirky to the conventional.” The March chapter featured the article “Disguising Generous Proportions” from a 1923 Inspiration newsletter. I loved this quote from it: “In the struggle to keep young, women often view the […]


VN Excerpt: Words of Wisdom

Disguising Generous Proportions Inspiration, 1923 But good, firm flesh, rightly distributed, makes a woman look younger after she has passed thirty-five. Instead of regarding it as a calamity, then, be thankful for it just so long as you keep it within bounds. Growing Old Graciously Fashion Service, 1929 I wish that every woman, as she […]