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Vintage Notions Monthly: August

Thanks for joining me in my next installment of our monthly club where we are revisiting our 2016 Vintage Notions Monthly magazine issues. The timeless wisdom and inspiration that are found in the pages continue to inspire me. The August issue provides some sound advise by both the editor and the Director of the Institute, […]


A Holiday Treat to Share: Candy Cane Popcorn

One of my favorite holiday treats to make for friends and neighbors (and anyone passing through my kitchen!) is this recipe for Candy Cane Popcorn. I’ve shared it here before, but it bears repeating, as it’s the perfect gift to whip up and present to others in this season of gathering and joy. I just […]


Christmas Treats: Candy Cane Popcorn Mix Recipe

When I read Vintage Notions, one thing that I am struck by was Mary Brooks Pickens encouragement to take a moment out of your day to do something kind for others, even something as simple as having a neighbor over for a visit. Christmas Kindliness, the article we feature in the December issue of Vintage […]


National Pie Day: The Secrets of a Perfect Pie

Did you know that it’s National Pie Day? (Where do they come up with this stuff??) Maybe we don’t get the day off from work, but I’m all for celebrating this lesser holiday! Here’s an excerpt from my book, Vintage Notions, on how to make the perfect pie crust. The recipe comes from educational material […]

Ahh! Scary amounts of candy!

Vintage Devil’s Food Cookies – A Not Too Sweet Halloween Treat!

Sweets and treats come in a seemingly endless supply during the season of Halloween… Candy corn, cookies, Snickers, Twix, bubble gum, candy, chocolate, gummies….so many options with one common denominator: SUGAR! Yummy at first, sickening after awhile, right? But treats haven’t always been as sweet as they are today. Many vintage recipes call for much […]

This image is available for purchase from The Vintage Workshop: SIO145

Let’s Makeup

Picture this: It’s morning, you’ve showered and dressed, about to start your day when you realize that only one step remains: make-up. How do feel about this womanly ritual? Is it art? Is it a part of your personal style? Or is it, as so many of us sometimes believe, about covering up what’s looking […]

"Birthday Cake" SI0472, Vintage Workshop

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

Who can resist when struck with a sweet tooth? I know I can’t. And the upswing of creative baking and DIY cake decorating is making temptation all the more irresistible. Even though my own creative endeavors don’t leave me much time for diving into cake-making, I am so impressed by some of the women around […]


Gourds and pumpkins and seeds!

Gourds and pumpkins…I have seen some wonderful displays this season. A fabulous tower on display at the Country Living Fair in Columbus…the little gourd girl my daughter, Emma and I found at the Overland Park Farmer’s Market…even some snake gourds (not my favorite, but Emma wanted to bring home a new pet). I also saw […]


Pumpkin Bars

I promised awhile back that I would post my pumpkin bar recipe…so here it is! I have made a number of desserts for my family over the years, but this is their absolute favorite. I hope you enjoy it too! Pumpkin Bars: 2 cups Sugar 4 eggs 1 (16 ounce) can of pumpkin 1 cup […]