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Vintage Made Modern: Timeless Toys

There is something special about creating a stuffed toy. You make something with a distinct personality that will enrich someone’s life.  Also, making a stuffed toy requires different sewing skills than we normally use while sewing a quilt or garment. This makes a fun challenge for a sewer looking to learn new techniques.

Things To Sew Cover 500

While it is a novelty today to make a stuffed toy, there was of course, a time when most of the toys in this world were handmade. Many stuffed toys were handmade because of the lack of money or resources to buy a new one. In 1948, The Spool Cotton Company,  published Gifts for Children, Things to Sew, which has a myriad of toys, garments, and accessory projects. My muse, Mary Brooks Picken worked on the charming projects in this book. One of my favorite’s is the pattern for a stuffed Humpty Dumpty.



Through my journey architecting designs for my pattern company Indygo Junction, I am always looking towards the past for inspiration; my mantra is Vintage Made Modern. I collect vintage paraphernalia, including antique toys. In fact, I have a Humpty Dumpty on my shelf right now – you can see how much my cat, Chloe loves him! The old toys have inspired Indygo Junction to design stuffed patterns. For instance, the Yo-Yo Elephants, which you see below, were inspired by an antique elephant pincushion that I came across. Don’t you love the yo-yo saddle and stacked button tail?


C&C yoyo copy

Check out the gallery below for more vintage inspired Indygo Junction stuffed patterns.


  1. Deborah

    I do so enjoy your creativity. Thank you for sharing many inspiring ideas on making old new again.

    • Amy Barickman

      Thanks so much Deborah, I’m glad you enjoyed the post – thanks for reading!


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