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Enter to Win! Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Enter to win a Mother’s Day craft set! Either give your mom the gift of craft (supplies) or make her a special handmade present! To enter, use Rafflecopter below to leave a comment about your favorite memory with your mom. Keep an eye out for extra entry options as well!



This amazing giveaway includes: A copy of Vintage Notions, Indygo Junction’s Stitched Style, Hankie Style by Amy Barickman with a set of hankies, Indygo Junction’s Fabric Flowers, a jumbo pom-pom maker, a pack of hand-dyed wools and a pattern for a felt circle scarf, 5 patterns that use grommets with coordinating packs of grommets and more!

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  1. TerriSue

    The summer after my first grade year my mother decided to teach me to sew. She picked out the material and fabric. It was a swimsuit cover-up and she had picked out terrycloth. Who gives their 7 year old terrycloth to learn how to sew on a sewing machine? My mother! I remember looking at it, looking at her and asking, “Mommy what do I do if I have to rip out a seam?” Having grown up underneath the sewing machine watching this happen, I did know about it. She looked at me and said, “I don’t want you to rush through this. I want you to check and re-check before you put anything under the needle.” We had so much fun making that cover-up together. It was the start of my love of machine sewing. She had already started me on hand sewing at the age of 4 when she had handed me a floss threaded needle and a small embroidery hoop with a stamped cross stitch kitten head on it. I remember such pride when I finished it. Now 52 years later I can’t sit down without embroidery, knitting, or tatting in my hands.

  2. Leslie Blair Gallagher

    My mother taught me the love of crafting. I have passed on that love to my children. Fond memories.

  3. Susan Paxton

    My Mother died of Pancreatic Cancer in 2000. She is the one that taught me to sew. I still have the crank sewing machine that did chainstitching that I learned on. She made clothes for all 7 of us kids and I in turn made her clothes. I made my first quilt from scraps I had on hand and some were from clothes I made her. I cherish this quilt so much and love to see all of her favorite fabrics every day.

  4. Rebecca T

    My mom taught me to sew as a kid. I remember being a teen and making overalls and hair scrum hikes for friends under my mom’s watchful eye. Fast forward 28 years and I’m teaching my mom modern quilting. It’s not really a memory, but rather a testament to the impact she had on me and the nature of our relationship. I’m truly a lucky daughter!

  5. Chris Casey

    My Mom is dynamo ! @90 she still volunteers 4 days a week and is very active in her Church. She lives alone and is still a good driver. I hop i do as well. Happy Mother’s Day Elinore !

  6. Patti

    My mom made most of my clothes, Halloween costumes, threw the best birthday parties, and always made me feel special.
    She took 3 weeks off of work to come to my home in another state to help me thru cancer surgery. She is the most giving and loving person I know. I love her dearly.
    She has a wonderful sense of humor. She has encouraged me in any endeavor that I wanted to tackle. She has been there for me in good times and bad.

  7. Kathy Bumb

    My fondest memory of my mother is going to the corner bakery store on Fridays. I was perhaps 4 years old, but the smells that came from that bakery combined with my mother’s smile was a memory that cannot be forgotten.

  8. Karen Propes

    So many memories, my favorite is when we took craft classes together from ceramics, quilting, doll making, flower arranging and candy making. I miss her so much. She used to sew clothes for our Barbies, and we loved to just talk and enjoy each other. I’m so glad I have those memories, she is always in my heart and thoughts.

  9. Elissa Lowe

    My favorite memory of my mom is actually a group of memories. When I was 8 years old, my grandfather was dying of cancer and my parents and I moved away from the only home I had really known to be closer to him. It was an extremely stressful time for the entire family. There was not only the stress of moving away from all of my friends and other family and the stress of watching my grandpa fight for his life, but there was also the stress of staying with relatives until my parents found a house & being at the hospital nearly every day for hours and hours. So, every Tuesday my mother would take me to do something special, just the two of us. Whether it was bowling, a movie, or just a walk through the park, those times were just what she and I needed to get away from everything.

  10. Martina Fegan

    My favorite memories always center around the time she spent with me taking me to and from activities like dance class, school events, etc. when we would have quiet time to just “talk.” At 83 she is still going strong!

  11. Kit Flores

    Among my favorite memories of times with my mom were when we sat around the kitchen table nibbling on some goodie she had baked and talking about innumerable things and soaking up the tidbits of wisdom she shared.

  12. Janet A.

    I am so proud of my mom for all the beautiful holiday dresses and school clothes she made for my sister and me. She would use the identical pattern, but each in the color most flattering to us. This was not an easy task when she was also busy raising a brood of boys and money was tight.

  13. Jen K

    My favorite sewing memory of my mom is the bunny costume she made me for Halloween one year. It was made of white faux fur and was perfect for Halloweens in MD since it was usually cold by then. I was nice and warm in my bunny suit. I wore it for years and saved it for many more years after I outgrew it.

  14. Judith Martinez

    My mom used to make us homemade play dough and then sit at the table and play alongside us. She made the most amazing birds with little nests and eggs.

  15. Shelley

    I have great memories and we are still making memories of us crafting together. Always good times creating something new together!

  16. Janet ODell

    I have so many but, one that comes to me is when I was learning to sew in 4-H. I did not want to take a sewing project, as I was a little tomboy wanting to be outside. But, mother knew best and.made me take sewing projects anyway! I can remember she and I setting in my room late at night finishing a project for judging the next day! How was she so smart to know that sewing would be such a useful and pleasant skill for me to have? Gee she was so smart and I love her memory all the more for making me learn to sew.

  17. susan

    Making paper dolls with my mother.she would design the doll on the cardboard insert that came inside my dad’s folded dry cleaned shirts and I would make the clothes for them loved doing it

  18. Suzanne

    After a stroke, my mother said, “Oh, i can’t sew anymore…” But when my sister – a novice sewer – got frustrated working on a sewing project, Mom peered over her shoulder for a minute, took the fabric from her, plunked down in front of the sewing machine, did the tricky bit, and handed it back to my sister.

  19. Lee Ann

    Many memories–so hard to select just one! When my husband and I moved to a new house, my mother surprised us with a new comforter and shams that she had sewed just for our new master bedroom. Thanks, Mom!

  20. Roberta Leonard

    My mom is my hero and has taught me to become a confident woman, who cah reach whatever goal, I set forward. She has also taught me to be a healer, comforter and to provide strength and help those who need it. She taught me to sew and cook and I am so happy to be the next version of her!

  21. Monique cabrera

    My best memory was her letting me sew on my grandma’s hand me down treadle singer machine. I was too short at 7 or 8 to reach the pedals. But, I learned how to follow a pattern, and would sew her tops and even pants and curtains in middle school! That machine is still at her house.

  22. ginny d

    My mom flew to the state I lived in for 2 weeks with my niece. It was such a blast! We did the whole tourist thing and just hung out

  23. Lydia

    My mother was a Home Economics teacher, and I learned so many life skills from her, and even majored in home economics myself (but I didn’t become a teacher)!! She sewed clothing for me, canned, cooked wonderful things, quilted, and was just the consummate homemaker…..and mother!! One special thing I learned is to make pulled mints, and I have tried to pass that knowledge along to my children.

  24. Barb S.

    My favorite memory of my Mom is Momma hugs, no matter how old I get I still melt into the arms of my Mother and there is pure love waiting for me…All my cares and worries disappear and I feel calm and protected, no feeling on earth can compare to a Momma hug!

  25. Brenda Gildersleeve

    My mother had the sweetest spirit. I remember her treatment of others, and the true compassion she had for others well being. I earned the true spirit of being a real and genuine ChristiAn from her.

  26. Sivje Parish

    My mom is still alive so we are still making memories. But one of my favorite things about my mom is she always encouraged my creativity. She let me sew and paint and make things whenever I wanted. I learned so much of my creativity from her and now my daughters enjoy the same creativity.

  27. Cheryl B

    I remember my grandma sewing at her old treadle machine. She could cut out a dress without using a pattern, or so it seemed to me.

  28. Melissa Gerber

    My mother always stood up for me and taught me how to stand up for myself with intelligence and class. When I was in 5th grade I was flunking math. My horrid math teacher told my mother she (the teacher) thought I “was on drugs.” Needless to say, that woman did not teach at my school the next year.

  29. Elizabeth

    My mom was always sewing. A room full of fabric. She made everything from costumes to my prom dresses. She is the most talented seamstress I know.

  30. Lonna Whiteaker

    My Mother was the ultimate crafter/seamstress. She taught me how to use her sewing machine with a knee pedal. Then she gave it to me after I got married. It was the same machine she sewed my outfits on as a kid, and she sewed all her work clothes on, and I continued the sewing tradition on that machine! Loved it!

  31. Mary Janson

    My mother has always had a sense of style. She could take an average looking flower arrangement, move a few flowers around and turn it into fabulous. I observed this quality about her for years and thought that I could never have the eye that she has. Where did this come from, how do you get it. It isn’t something that you can purchase so is it something you are born with? Something that you grow into?

  32. Ginger

    My favorite memory is her teaching me how to make chocolate chip cookies.

  33. Connie Permenter

    Amazing gift giveaway ! Love it all and would love to win ! Thanks for the offer 😉

  34. sherri s.

    My mom and I frequently become utterly hysterical laughing at really stupid things. One night when I was about 13, we were staying with my Grandma Betty (her mother) and sleeping in the same bed. We became hysterical about something…and my grandmother came in and scolded us as if we were both 8 years old! Which made us laugh even harder…

  35. Maureen Flax

    My mother was a good seamstress and she made sure that I knew how to sew at an early age. That has given me the ability to sew clothes for myself and my children. Now I have devoted most of my sewing time to quilts. My mother was not a quilter, but my grandmother was, and she helped me learn before she passed away.

  36. Shelley

    Mom making matching mother and daughter dresses for us. I have great pictures of us in matching dresses.

  37. Terri Herman

    Baking together! She is a wonderful cook but she made baking fun!

  38. Darcie

    My mom taught me to sew, and now I do it almost every day! Very thankful to her for sharing her love of crafting with me.

  39. Robyn Jones

    I remember when my mama bought me make up and a curling iron for the first time and showed me how to use them.

  40. Jane Thomas

    My favorite memory with my mom is when the weather was nice, she would fix supper, we’d do the dishes, and off to the park’s tennis court where she would soundly beat me. She knew how to make me laugh and when I laughed, I couldn’t hit the ball. She would crouch close to the ground with her tennis racket and would rock back and fourth like she was playing at Wimbledon. That stance would make me get hysterical and I couldn’t return her serve. Neither of us play anymore since I am almost 70 and she is nearly 89. Good memories!!!

  41. Mary Sue Wysocki

    One of my favorite memories of my mom is from my birthday in 3rd grade. All the girls in my class were invited and we went on a sleigh ride at a nearby farm. Then back home for dinner and hot chocolate! There are so many others but this one is extra special to me.

  42. Barbara leonard

    My favorite memory of my mom was cooking together. She loved to make a special kind of cookie called Chumelles. It is an Italian cookie and we loved making them almost as much as eating them.

  43. Karen A

    My mom is no longer with us, but she always encouraged my creative interests. She let me sew on her machine when I was 8 and I developed a life long love of sewing thanks to her.

  44. Lee

    I remember sitting after dinner – with tea and/or coffee (mine mostly milk) and learning to hand sew with my mom and great grandmother! I cherish all the fun memories I have had with them and learning embroidery and hand quilting!

  45. Cindy Gillis

    My favorite Mom memory is spending each Saturday grocery shopping at 3 different stores as she looked for the best values. Once a month, we ate lunch out together. At the last stop, I was allowed to wait in the small library while she finished up! I loved Saturdays.

  46. Michele T

    I have many fond memories of my mom and I doing thing together from when I was wee… I will never forget all those times we would read the books that I brought back from the library. I can clearly remember the librarian telling me that I could take out 10 – my eyes must have popped out!! Ten books to share with my mom!! Sweet memory 😉

  47. MS Barb

    I have so many memories! My Mom sat through so many Junior High & High School band concerts–she made me flannel pajamas for the cold Minnesota winters–she made my navy blue skirt for my Campfire girl uniform–she baked wonderful cookies for after school snacks–she raised 6 hardworking & honest kids who loved God…unfortunately, she died young–only 50 when cancer took over her body…

  48. Su-sieee! Mac

    The Mama either felt sorry for me or annoyed that I couldn’t sew the zipper in my final home ec project. So, she took it and did it for me. She sewed the zipper her way rather the way the teacher required. When I told the Mama that, she said her way is better. I turned in the dress. The teacher gave it a “C”, maybe even a C-. The Mama was quite mad about her grade. 🙂

  49. Cecilia

    I remember seeing my Mom sewing late at night, after we children were in bed. She would stay up late making doll clothes for my sister and I. I didn’t learn to sew until I was 30 and she bought my first sewing machine for me.

  50. Judy ZS

    One of my early memories of sewing with my mom is learning how to sew doll clothes as a child. After her death, I finished the set of tea towels she was embroidering. Mom sewed dresses for all the girls as well as crocheted & embroidered.

  51. Sandra H.

    My mother learned to sew from her mother and I was fortunate to learn from both of them coming up. My mother sewed for the public and could just look at a picture and cut the dress out to fit the customer. I was never that good but made a lot of my kid’s clothes and for myself. I have always loved to sew and now use it in making my crafts.

  52. Cindy Dahlgren

    My favorite memory of my mom was the wonderful clothes she made for my Barbie Doll. Every year for Christmas, she gave me several outfits for my Barbies that she had knit and crocheted for me over the year. They weren’t the easiest things to make, and I’m sure she would have rather made herself a sweater, but she always made sure I had Barbie doll clothes under the tree!

  53. Mary Haak

    Since my mom passed away when I was 14, my memories of her are somewhat limited. I do recall pulling up a chair whenever she was at her sewing machine, as she made lovely clothes for my four sisters and myself. She was always so welcoming when I joined her, and gave me her full attention as we talked to each other about things important to a little girl. The one special garment that I recall the most vividly was a red and white gingham check blouse with a Peter Pan collar; when it was completed, she cut the buttonholes, and accidentally cut all the way to the edge of the cuff. She was so sad, and I now realize that it was not the mistake, but that she knew that her time with her children was limited. I most missed her when I gave birth to each child, because I understood the love that only a mother can feel for her child, and that she had for all of us.

  54. KarenH

    Great prizes! Thanks!

  55. Garilyn

    It’s not a specific time, but I remember several times of just laughing until we cried.

  56. Christine Lakin

    Hi Amy,
    I am very fortunate and lucky to still have my Mom with us all. I have many wonderful memories,,,one is when I was around 5 and we were sitting in a chair together making music with a comb and rubberband- I loved it.

  57. Jan G

    My favorite memories sewing with my Mother was the time for Home Ec class in Jr. High School I had to make a stuffed animal as my project. We went shopping for fabric to use and then the stuffing was bits of foam rubber. I worked very hard on making my own Pooh Bear in pink terry cloth with black button eyes I love him very much. But My Mother was a very good teacher and was very helpful to get me to make my Pooh all by myself as she was not aloud to do any of the construction for me!

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!! I just ordered the Vintage Notions Book yesterday!!

  58. Sharleen

    Nice package

  59. Colleen Kabat

    I remember being 13 years old when I asked my mother to teach me to sew. There were 8 kids in our family, and I was the only one interested in learning how to sew on her old Singer. The tension was always messed up and the needles were never changed, but I persevered. Some of my first garments were not salvageable, but she never criticized my work. I have been sewing for almost 50 years now and always have a peaceful feeling come over me when I am working away knowing she is watching from above.

  60. Charlyn Trussell

    My mother sewed many of the clothes my sister and I wore as we were growing up and she encouraged me to learn to sew and to enjoy other crafty pastimes.

  61. Hazel Dickinson

    My mom was always thinking of things to make and loved needlework. I have inherited her vintage collection of laces and fabrics. Perhaps my favorite memory was when she was 83 she decided to take up Brazilian embroidery. she quickly became quite proficient and I love her samples.

  62. Susanne Ascue

    I bought mom an iPhone and teaching her how to use technology was hilarious! Still cracks me up every time she asks how to do a screenshot,!

  63. Cheryl Giovenco

    My favorite memory of my Mom was our Sunday Dinner’s. She worked hard all week (full time job), Saturday was shopping and cleaning day. But we always had a special Sunday Dinner. I miss her baking too, she made the best fresh Lemon meringue pie!

  64. nan

    My mom never sewed, but ANYTHING that I made she would be so proud. I would make her costumes to go to the senior center for Halloween, she would win every year! Sometimes some things didn’t turn out so well, but she would be proud to wear them

  65. Patricia Hamilton

    My mother was a master seamstress and made all of our clothes. She decided my first project should be a pastel plaid wool jumper. Matching plaids and sewing a lining was not a beginner’s task, but after many tears and rip-outs, I finished it before school started in the fall. I wore it 3 times a week that year. We still laugh about her “sink or swim” sewing lessons.

  66. Janet Aguirre

    My mom enjoyed sewing. She made beautiful quilts and embroidery. I love seeing the quilts on my bed. Sweet memories of the sweetest mother.

  67. Chris G

    I have many wonderful memories of my mom! One I remember is that she made a lot of my clothes, knitted socks, and all while she was a working mother and getting her Masters Degree in English! I still have her Necchi machine, and am a avid sewer now because of her!

  68. Annette Deardurff

    One of my favorite memories of my momma was when I was a little girl – we’d be on our way to church on Sunday, and I’d be sitting next to her in the car and she was wearing her mink coat that my dad had bought her years before when his business started doing well. It was so warm and snuggly and felt so good to snuggle next to her. She passed away almost three years ago at age 93 and I miss her so.

  69. Margaret

    My mom is an artist. She just moved in with us and it is so great to see her sitting in her sitting room, drawing away…and so fun to share our crafts with each other. She shows me her latest drawing and I show her my latest pillow or quilt. I’ve even been able to make some jewelry from her art and want to try printing her designs on fabric. It’s so rewarding to have an artistic mom to inspire and encourage.

  70. Beth

    My mom has been sewing for me since I was only a few months old, and she made me many special outfits and gifts through the years.

  71. Sandra Treadway

    My favorite memory with my Mom is when she would make clothes for my dolls & play with them with me!

  72. Shirley Gilchrist

    Several years ago while on a vacation in Wisconsin, we stopped at Nancy’s Notions. My mother knew I enjoyed her programs so made a point of having one of the workers find Nancy Zieman so that I could meet her in person. My mother is now 94 and yesterday I began reading Nancy’s book Seams Unlikely to her which has generated much discussion.

  73. Claire Greene

    I am the second oldest of 8 children. My mother and father are both gone now, Our family is so great, we are now spread alll over the country, but we keep in touch.
    My mother taught us all about everything….being kind to others, She taught the 4 girls to sew and knit and cook. I never was able to wrap my brain on crochet, though Mom tried and tried to teach me, but I still can’t crochet more than a chain stitch. Sewing is my favorite…I like to cook, but my husband is the best cook in our home. I have made shirts for him and other’s in my family. My young nephew became a Boston Red Sox fan at a young age, I made him a shirt in Red Sox print….he wore it until there was no more navy blue on the shirt!! I sure would like to win the Book!!

  74. Lori

    Hello Amy, My mother passed away suddenly when I was 10 years old. But my favorite memory is of her coming home from her fathers, my grandfathers funeral with something special in her suitcase. When she opened it, just looking for a box or gift, out of the folds of her clothes comes, a walking stick….I had never seen one of these types of bugs, as we called them. But it was really neat to see it fold itself back into a stick, and then come open again. My mom said she did not see it climb into her suitcase in her parents home in Iowa. But it sure was a treat for us kids in California….See remember that look of awe on my mothers face….

  75. Sherry

    The maternal influence in my life was my Grandmother. I can remember as a very young child sitting at her feet and pushing the pedal of the singer while she sewed my doll clothes. I still have that machine. She is the reason I quilt today. She was always so proud of my accomplishments.

  76. Barbara Baugh

    I remember the time my mama taught me to use the sewing machine. I was 10, I am now 62. I still have that apron. Thank you Mama for a life time of sewing joy.

  77. Ruby Ridgeway

    I remember my mom teaching me to sew at the age of 6. She would cut out and I did the sewing on an old treadle machine. I still have that machine. My mom is gone now but never forgotten


    My Mom and I still have good times. We like to craft together when we can. The hanky books looks right up our alley!!

  79. Sherry


  80. Skyann S

    I love all of our talks

  81. diana stephens

    Mom teaching me to sew and crochet

  82. Sherry

    My Grandmothrt was the maternal influence in my life. I can remember sitting under the Singer and pushing th treadle when I was very young, while se sewed my doll clothes. Any craft or work of art that I created, she proudly displayed in her home for all to see. My self confidence was built by her praises. My love of sewing was also instilled by her.

  83. Genie

    My mom was an artist, and oh, how I miss the many wonderful times we had together working on arts, sewing, decorating clothes designing, & many other creative projects too numerous to list. Often with the participation of one or more of my friends. What a joy it was to have a mother who all throughout my life, my friends enjoyed doing painting and other projects with both myself AND MY MOTHER! She had a way of staying young because she was so happy spending time with younger people. I TRULY MISS HER SO..BUT WAS BLESSED TO HAVE SO MANY FUN EXPERIENCES WITH HER THROUGH HER 94th year!!! She SOCIALIZED, painted china and played the piano beautifully from memory until that time!! I am so thankful to her for the appreciation for art and music she inspired in me as well as all the other qualities a mother nurtures in her children such as the joy of working hard and the satisfaction of a job well done.

  84. Tammy W

    Oooo, so many things you could make. And the books! ooo lala!

  85. Beth Beal

    My mother also taught me how do sew, knit, crochet, embroider, and cross stitch. Good times!

  86. Lori Smanski

    I have a lot of great memories about mom. But the one that impacted me the most was how she spent her life in the Bible and her relationship with Jesus. If I can be half the woman she was I count myself blessed

  87. NancyB from Many LA

    My mom was so sweet, never had an enemy. She also loved to have fun, and was game for most anything. She loved to entertain and have a pretty house. Miss her so much!

  88. Katy

    I have lots of memories with my mother, but one of my favorites is when she first taught me to sew a pillow. She is such a patient woman! 🙂

  89. Nancy

    I remember for hours I would sit alongside my Mom watching her stitch a special gift for someone, making us Doll clothes and Dresses when my Dad was laid off. Those times were treasured as she had a busy work schedule. Her Handmade Treasures were always the best gifts!!

    Thanks Amy for a Wonderful Give Away!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  90. Dee

    My mom taught me to always finish one project before you went on to another and to ALWAYS finish the project even if you did not like it once you started working on it. I practice that to this day.

  91. Tina R.

    I remember as a child we would wear matching dresses, this was especially great because I am the baby of 8, 6 girls and 2 boys. So it was a way for us to connect and bond. Later in life, I always called my mom on the way to work. She loved getting phone calls, after my dad passed away she got lonely so it was a way for her to stay connected and not be alone all day everyday!

  92. Nicki Slater

    I will always remember being envied for having clothes the other kids didn’t because my mom sewed most of my childhood wardrobe. I will always feel guilty for the year in jr high I told her I only wanted store bought clothes. Boy did I regret it! hahaha! Lesson learned!

  93. Brenda Joyce Cloud

    I don’t remember too many times with my mama just remember the great times I had as a child visiting my grandmother and watching her and her sister make quilts, can vegetables and all during our summer vacations.. sadly both are gone now…such sweet memories

  94. J Kisiel

    I’m just getting back to sewing after having my 3rd child, and am teaching my 8 year old daughter things now. Would love to make something wonderful with my daughter for my Mom from the both of us.

  95. carla mckinney

    My dear mom taught me how to sew and do many crafts. We always had fun!

  96. Christine

    My mum could sew but she could also fix the lawn mower and this makes me smile when I think of her…always with red lipstick!

  97. Maryellen

    Mom mom taught me how to sew. I’m really happy she did. She’s also proud of how far I’ve gone with this.

  98. P. Vajda

    When we bought our first home back in 1991, my Mom and Dad came up from L.A. to the Central Coast of California and stayed for two weeks, they both help us so much. Dad double poled the closets and made a beautiful half circle frame for a big window, which is still up today. Mom and I sewed kitchen curtains and draperies. They were both so talented, they could make anything. I miss them both, they have passed on, but I keep many beautiful memories.

  99. Susan Gregory

    My mother can’t even sew on a button, but she is my biggest fan of anything I do and everything I sew. I love making quilts for her and I love her!

  100. Anne Macklin

    My mom taught me everything I know about sewing. Am so thankful for that!

  101. Theresa Bowler

    What cool stuff! I never knew there was a book on what to do with old hankies. I’d live to make something for mom from my grandmother’s hankies.

  102. Emileigh

    Oh yes, and one of my favorite memories with my mom is her hospitality skills (which are still being used)! I love how she is able to make anywhere feel like home. And when I say anywhere, I mean even places we lived like Egypt and Sudan. She is always welcoming to people and creates fun parties with the fewest supplies. Her creativity is amazing!

  103. Emileigh

    Ooooo! I didn’t know about the hankie style book! That looks amazing!

  104. Millie


  105. Mary Whipkey

    I remember the good times with mom, she had to many bad health days. To see her up and smiling was a happy day.

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