Beauty in the Midst of Blight: the Sacred Sewing Room

A look out the widow of the Sacred Sewing Room…


…this begins the story of my trip to Detroit with the non-profit, Enchanted Makeovers. Founder and visionary, Terry Grahl, created Enchanted Makeovers to provide beauty in the face of blight for women and children living in shelters throughout the country. Through partnerships with existing shelters, Terry and her team transform simple spaces into cheerful and inspirational homes. The Sacred Sewing Room project is Terry’s latest endeavor, providing women in these shelters with resources and training to develop their sewing skills. This particular project took place in Detroit’s Rescue Mission Genesis House (a convent that was converted to a women’s shelter 20 years ago), and was completed in one very full day by an enthusiastic team of volunteers!

As a board member of Enchanted Makeovers, I took a particular interest in helping Terry and her team put the Sacred Sewing Room project into action. I called on some of the great companies that I work with on Indygo Junction patterns to donate fabrics, notions, and tools so we could convert an empty room into a fully-stocked sewing studio and classroom for residents at Genesis House.

A Sanctuary for Sharing…


Though it was a long day of hard work, I was so moved by the experience of using my own two hands and working with Terry’s wonderful team of volunteers  to create this special space, eating lunch together with the women of Genesis House, and seeing the delight and tears in the eyes of Donna, Amanda, Barbara, and Lenora—just a few of the ladies who would be living in the newly transformed shelter. At the end of the day as we walked the women through their new rooms, I felt like Ty Pennington might as well have been there yelling, “MOVE THAT BUS!”

The Big Reveal…




I plan to continue supporting the cause of The Sacred Sewing Room project and Enchanted Makeovers, and will share any information on upcoming events. Right now, you can learn more about Terry and her mission by picking up the current issue of Quilt It Magazine. I encourage you to share Terry’s vision with your friends and community, and consider becoming a part of this wonderful mission by starting or joining an Enchanted Makeovers chapter in your own area. Volunteers, mentors, and teachers will all be needed.


Here are the wonderful contributors who donated supplies to Genesis House’s Sacred Sewing Room:

Clover Needlecraft

Red Rooster Fabrics



Coats & Clark

Baby Lock

Westminster Lifestyle Fabrics

Michael Miller Fabrics

Nancy Zieman

Indygo Junction