Teaching Kids to Sew

Who taught you to sew?

Chances are, it was a parent or grandparent.  When I was a child, my mother and grandmother shared with me their love for handcrafting.  I enjoyed that special bonding time and learned many tricks and techniques that I use today.  Sharing the joy of creative crafting with your youngsters is a wonderful gift.

A few years ago, I happened upon the 1929 original volume of The Sew-It Book by Rachel Taft Dixon. This educational and engaging guide for children includes 17 different basic beginner projects for sewing and embroidery, such as a child’s apron, smock, sun bonnet, rag doll and Kimono-type jacket. It even includes directions to help kids design a pattern and create a dress for a favorite doll. Inspired by my own childhood experiences, I republished the book, preserving its vintage charm so children today can experience the same timeless instruction of yesteryear.

Included in the book’s projects are some fun samplers that are easy enough for kids, but good instruction for a budding sewing enthusiast! And I love this little rhyme from the book that could be used in a sampler design:

When I was young and in my Prime

You see how well I spent my Time.

And by my Sampler you may see

What care my Parents took of me.

Although kids have no problem finding entertainment in modern-day technology, I think the pride felt in stitching a first set of doll clothes will be remembered forever. If you like the whimsical vintage artwork from this book, check out my collection of sewing ephemera on The Vintage Workshop.


What was your first memory of learning to sew, and what did you create?


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