Favorite Vintage Advice: Be Agreeable Always

Happy Friday! Let’s share another laugh and a look back at one of my favorite findings from my vast library of vintage resources. Each week, I’ll post amusing advertisements, articles or advice, spanning the topics of domestic arts, fashion, beauty and more. If it’s weird, witty or wacky, you’ll see it here.

This piece of advice comes from The Etiquette Book: What to do, and How – and Mistakes to Avoid, published in 1929. It’s full of useful tips for ladies in all kinds of occasions, seasons, and circumstances. The author advises us to “be agreeable always” and to make an effort with everyone present at a hostess’ house, “whether you like them or not”. Even if you encounter someone “tedious” or “moody”, reaching out to everyone is “worth while, whatever the effort required.”

This is a good lesson to remember, but I think that last line sounds a little ominous…“whatever the effort required”. I can see beginning of a plot for the next “Meet the Parents” movie!

Check back for more quirky quotes and images each week (and find more of these timeworn tips in my book Vintage Notions)!

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