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Rick Rack Giveaway!

Rick rack, ric rac, or rickrack –  So many ways to say it, and even more ways to use it!

This timeless trim adds instant flair to garments, home decor and more. Dating back to the 1800s, when it was called waved braid, today’s rick rack is available in many colors and sizes.

The notion has been a longtime favorite at Indygo Junction, inspiring several of our patterns including Rick Rack Apron, Tic-Tac-Tote, Composition Covers and Yo-Yo Pincushions.

Mary Brooks Picken wrote of the trim in a 1925 article, “Smart Effects from Novelty Trimmings with Little Effort.

They come in glorious fast colors, too – yards and yards of rainbow, with a pot of gold at the end, filled with the golden minutes saved by the use of these lovely braids, she wrote. “Their possibilities are seemingly limitless, offering a challenge to the originality and creative genius of every woman who is interested in securing effective trimmings with a minimum of time and effort.”

When used simply as a decorative accent, rick rack can spiff up a skirt, quilt or towel. To create a different look, overlap two or three strips of rick rack in contrasting colors or braid a pair of pieces and sew lengthwise where the scallops intertwine. You can also mimic a crocheted appearance by stacking rows or rick rack so that the bottom points on the top row just barely touch the top points on the bottom row and so forth.

Slip a strip inside a hem or stitch between seams for the playful peekaboo found in our Rick Rack Apron.

To apply rick rack on a curve, as seen on this vintage pillowcase, mark your line and baste rick rack along the line. From the wrong side of the fabric, bring the needle up through a top point close to the edge and put the needle in just outside the point you stitched through. Bring the needle up just inside the adjacent point on the bottom side. Repeat until all points are secure.

Now, I’d like to share my love of rick rack with you! This assortment of rick rack and jumbo rick rack yardage comes from the Simplicity Creative Group‘s Wrights brand rick rack, and I’ve also added several Indygo Junction patterns that use the colorful trim. For a chance to win, simply comment by next Thursday, November 3 on this post and tell me what technique you’d like to try! I’ll announce the winner next Friday, 11/4! You can read more about rick rack on the blog at Indygo Junction.

Warning: Dangerous curves ahead! 🙂


  1. Denise Phillips

    Rick Rack isn’t just for sewing! It can also be incorporated in card making, scrap booking, and even mixed media arts!!!
    Would love to win this prize package!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  2. Ewa

    Jumbo makes great appliqué rainbows and weaves . and great for hanging Christmas decorations

  3. Karen Schultz

    glad to see rick-rack making a comeback – I am a quilter and it’s showing up in quilts and on bags and things now

  4. Brenda

    I love rick-rack – so versative and pretty! Beautiful colors!
    I like to have a wide variety of colors and sizes availabe when I start a new project.

  5. Cheri Johnson

    What a fun gift to win! I would love it!

  6. Amy Macak

    Thank you for the ideas. I have never tried the curvy application of rick rack

  7. MaryAnn Smith

    I love rick rack! It adds such whimsy to sewing.

  8. Marilyn

    The idea is wonderful for the rick rack. It does make things look dressier and appearance style

  9. Laurie

    Ad me to your growing list of rick rack lovers!

  10. sue lipscomb

    Such fun…ric-rac patty wack! I collect vintage and new and use on all kinds of things!

  11. sue lipscomb

    I love ric-rac….I collect the vintage and use it on pillow cases, jeans, jackets anything! It is a happy thing and makes me smile!

  12. Janet P

    I just love ric rack. I would love to do some ric rack flowers, also some twisted ric rack trim on clothes. This is so versitle. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. Michelle Earnshaw

    I LOVE rick-rack! I am always picking it up, whether vintage or current store brand. I love to put it on aptons and cute dresses and tops. It can be sewn in so many creative ways!

  14. Angela LeBlanc

    I would love to try the peek a boo with rickrack, it looks really cool

  15. barbara woods

    would love to make the apron but love all the stuff in the giveaway

  16. Patricia

    Hope I am not too late…I really love rick, rack and want to make Holiday gifts with it..

  17. Newbie Quilter

    I’ve never seen so many different ideas using rick rack before – cool. Thanks for sharing some great ideas!

  18. Mimi

    I saw some pretty coasters on the pinterest using rick rack as edging – I would love to make some one of these days. Thanks for the chance!

  19. Jane S.

    I love rickrack on the edges of pillowcases! So I’d be twisting 2 colors together and then crocheting shells along the edging.

  20. Claire

    I love “Rick Rack” it has so many uses. I love alsorts of crafting and I find it so handy, it just gives everything a special finishing touch. Dressmaking, Card Making, Scrapbooking etc ect ect, it is mind blowing all the uses it has. I do hope I can win, thanks for the chance to win such a useful prize.

  21. Dorothy

    I love rick rack flowers on everything!

  22. DeeAnn S

    I’ve been using rick-rack for ages and it’s still in my sewing box. I like to add it to T-shirts to dress them up a bit. Add a few beads or pearls and you have a whole new look. Thanks.

  23. Julie

    I love the multiple uses for rick rack!!! I want this!! Thanks.

  24. Vicki

    Rick rack is perfect for the vintage apron look!

  25. Cyndi

    I have loved rick rack since I was a child. Great giveaway thank you.

  26. Christina Southern

    I would love to try out the new techniques. I have never tried rick rack before but I am eager to try new things.

  27. Mary Ellen

    You have shown some really nice ideas. I especially like the vintage pillowcase as I am making a selection of pillowcases as gifts for the holidays. Thanks for the opportunity to both learn something new and, maybe, get a prize for it, too.

  28. Becky

    I remember when rick rack was popular on clothes and other things when I was growing up (telling my age!) . I had some cute dresses with rick rack on them! I love that it has made a comeback. Thanks for offering a great giveaway!

  29. Julie Henderson

    O-M-GEEE!! I would be so blessed & thrilled to win this, because this is the primary embellishment I use when I make sets of note cards for gifts. I’m always on the lookout for rick rack at thrift shops, gar. sales, etc. Rick rack is so retro, sweet, friendly, yesteryear! 😉 Thank you immensely for the giveaway, in advance. Blessings for the journey – Julie H. <3

  30. Rita J Munoz

    Wat a great contest. Would love to have all that lovely rick rack. Thanks!!

  31. Emily Carter

    Would love to try ricrac around a curve! I haven’t tried anything but a straight line! 🙂

  32. Racquelle Minglana

    Love Love Love Rick Rack. I sew vintage aprons!

  33. Becky

    Rick Rack is fun to use and I even have some “vintage” ones. Thanks for the ideas!

  34. Kathy Roberts

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE RicRac!! I put it an everything. I have reserted back to the 60’s. So this would be awesome to win!! PLEASE I have never won anything in my life—is it my turn?? haha

  35. Lynn

    LOVE LOVE rick rack. It reminds me of my mothers kitchen from the 50’s. Funny how good things just keep coming back.

  36. Missy K.

    I’d love to win. Is it too late? The peakaboo looks so cute.

  37. Dennis

    I would love to win. I am new to this so I would like to make something simple at first.

  38. Melissa Thomson

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE rick rack! I use it alot on my aprons. I would so love to win this!

  39. Danielle Little-Robertson

    Honestly I have never used rick rack before but I would love to try to add it to some of my quilts. I would like to try several of the techniques. I think they all look fun.

  40. joanne

    I would love to try the new peekabo effect using your rick rack. Great ideas

  41. Grandmother Carolyn

    Absolutely love the versatility of RickRack – when sewing for the little ones! Nothing to pop off and be inadvertently swallowed, or scratch the tender skin of a babe!

  42. Ricki Duke

    Love rick rack on everything.

  43. Carol Mcelory

    Absolutely love rick rack, as soon as I start sewing with it I’m transformed back to my childhood. I still have a rag doll with an orange plaid dress, and rows of rick rack. I lovee it!

  44. dixiexking

    i’ve been trying to use more ric rac, this would help immensely!

  45. Sue

    I LOVE rick rack the MORE colors the better!

  46. Brenda

    rick rack is so fun to play with

  47. Sheila

    What a great post and generous giveaway!

  48. darcell

    I would use it on pillow cases, little stuffed animals for my baby, aprons for christmas.

  49. mary

    i have always loved rick rack…would love to win this..

  50. SHWETA

    hi, am not a regular sewer but m fascinated by quilting these days n m looking forward to use these rick rack laces in my crazy quilting project.

  51. Marlyn Hagler-Simmons

    To be honest, I haven’t used alot of rick rak in along time, but seeing these examples have really sparked me to start up again! Thanks so much!!

  52. Theophanie

    I want to try all of them. 🙂 j Thanks for the giveaway.

  53. turtle

    it would be so fun to use the rickrack on aprons, retro pillows etc! I am also trying to get batter using bias tape… it is so easy it stumps me! 🙂

  54. shelley in big sky

    oh i love rick rack…it’s so much fun…i would like to try the waved braid…looks very inspiring…

  55. Toqua's Crafts

    Rick rack is a Great way to spice up a project!

  56. Leona Phillips

    jumbo rick rack makes great flowers to put on all sorts of things like hats or totes for my Grand daughters

  57. Cecelia

    I love rick rack – using it on a curve would really look neat on an apron for the holidays. I wonder why it is called rick rack!

  58. Alicia

    Great ideas! I wanna try the crocheted appearance style

  59. Rachael Herbon

    I love me some rick rack! Looks like a fun treat to win 🙂

  60. Karol B.

    I would love to win. As a new Crazy quilter I could use Ric Rack for so many things. Thank you

  61. Melanie

    I love the ric rac apron!

  62. Virginia in TX

    think I’d like to try the in the seam, peeking out method. Sounds like a great way to finish a baby blanket.

  63. Dxie Oatsvall

    Hi Here I go.!! Rick Rack has been with me all my life, My mom always had to put RR somewhere, on what she made me ,Of course I thought I was beautiful. Everytime I make my grandaughter something . She always says where is the rick rack going this time, Which I say soon and very soon I all so like to use it on kitchen things, We use to make Potholders,towels,really any thing we make is put on there. Thank you so much!!!If I would win this Oh the happy things I could Thank You. Dixie.

  64. Chantel

    I would love to try the crocheted look. That sounds interesting!

  65. Debra Womack

    I love the apron with the rick rack. I *need* one of those!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

    debra (dot) womack (at) gmail (dot) com

  66. Debbie O

    Rick Rack is so much fun even the word RickRack makes me smile!

    Debbie O in Idaho

  67. jeanne reaves

    I would like to see the large rickrack on an “uncycled” boiled wool jacket or cape. I’m working with 100% wool sweaters and jackets from Goodwill and turning them into chic capes.

  68. Barbara

    What a great giveaway and just in time for Christmas gift sewing fever! I have always loved rick rack and am glad it is making a comeback.

  69. ghislaine

    Id love to use rickrack on a quilt!

  70. Alyssa

    The peek-a-boo effect looks like something fun to add to lots of things I make! 😀

  71. Pam

    Would love to do some peekaboo rick rack on my daughter’s clothes!

  72. Missy French

    Slightly addicted to trims lately. Making felt food for my twins, as well as a few bunting banners for friends. I have wanted to do Rick Rack on aprons, and have a favorite pattern that could use it, Friday Night Apron!

    Thanks for giving more of an excuse to go shopping for trim!! Love the big stuff, hadn’t thought about it until reading this!! here I come notions section!!

  73. Becky Pagel

    I love the way the red rick rack is used on the black gingham! Thanks for this great giveaway — I think a few yoyo pincushion stocking stuffers would be just the thing for my daughter and niece this Christmas!

  74. Kysha Plante

    thanks for the tutes. would love the giveaway pack

  75. Kelli Ladwig

    I love to use rick rack on baby quilts for textural interest and for the nostalgia it invokes.

  76. Debbie Price

    I love those aprons! I have been making a lot of aprons since last Christmas. I have made them for birthdays, ‘just because’ gifts and some for myself! The ric rac gives the aprons a cozy touch!

  77. Jessica

    I love using ric rac on the dresses I make my little girls. It always adds so much.

  78. Ruth W.

    I love rick rack! It has a real vintage look for me. I’d try it on a couple of pillowcases. Thanks.

  79. Melissa

    I just bought a skirt pattern with peek a boo rick rack, so I know I’ll be trying that technique! Thanks for the chance!

  80. Karelia

    i love the idea if the trim ‘pattern’ idea from the pillow case as a sweetheart neckline on a super cute apron! – thanks for the inspiration –

  81. Kathy G.

    Rick Rack Rules!!! It’s such a versatile trim. I am using it right now to trim my 30-minute table runners for Christmas gifts. I’m also using it for a vintage look on my handmade greeting cards. Love it and always have!
    Amy, I was thrilled to meet you at the Country Living Fair in GA a few weeks ago – you made my day! Thanks for being so inspiring.

  82. Carmen

    I am working on memory quilts I could use this with.

  83. Marilyn

    I love rickrack and can see many uses for it. I adore the peek a boo method and plan to try it soon! Thank you for a chance at the giveaway!

  84. sylvia bell

    I would love to try allmethods of appliying ric rack

  85. Mary Paetz

    I love the peekabo what fun.

  86. Jennifer Wright

    I would love to try the playful peekaboo technique found in your pattern “Rick Rack Apron – IJ872”. Thanks for this wonderful offer. Jennifer

  87. Carol W.

    Wow – what an assortment – I love vintage and would love to win!!!

  88. Linda Newcomb

    I’m so happy to see so many people enjoying rick rack again. It was always one of my favorite trims…still is!

  89. liz

    I love using ric rak on my scrapbook pages. And would love to try it in different ways with sewing

  90. Barbara Moore

    Oh my goodness what a wonderful collection of rick rack! I would love to have it and use it in many projects.

  91. Marjorie

    I can’t believe there are 964 responses! Thanks for posting the rick-rack ornament photo–what a great idea.

  92. Barbara Heffernan

    I love all of your examples. It helps to get all of the creative juices flowing.

  93. Kyla P

    I’ve been wanting to find a fun project to try sewing rick rack on. The apron looks like fun to make and use.

  94. Susan Liber

    I am not so much of a sewer but I would like to try to use the rick rack as an accent of some aprons that I am applique-ing. Or maybe decoupaging on the placemats I am making.

  95. Jennifer Bruner

    I woul like to try using it between the seams on an outer garment like the apron. Thanks for the opportunity, and for the instruction!

  96. gina sandoval

    love it on the pillowcase, nice vintage look!

  97. Michelle

    I’d love to try it on a pillowcase…looks beautiful on your example. What a great giveaway!

  98. Debbie

    We love ric rac!!!

  99. Mariana Gray

    I’ve never used ric rac for more than a bow here and there, so I would love to try all of these! I especially love the ric rac curves and loops though, I think those are first 🙂

  100. Deana M.

    I am a beginning sewer and avid crafter and would love the chance to try something new! I remember making a sweat suit with my God Mother when I was in elementary school and I absolutely love the colorful apron patter that is included in the prize. I’ve made pillows, curtains, and pillow/beds for my nephews when they spend the night. I think it would be awesome to try an embellishment with the ric rac like a flower of some kind rather than just the typical border.

  101. Jesy

    OHHH i love the curve Idea! I never would have thought of that and it looks so beautiful! I would love to try that! 😀 thanks for the chance to win!

  102. Leanne

    ooooo! I’m new to sewing so I love seeing ideas. I think I’d like to try the yoyo pincushion

  103. Sara Arent

    i have wanted to make some pillowcase dresses for my girls and embellish with rick rack! there’s also a weekly meal planning magnetic board i found on pinterest that uses scrapbook paper and rick rack to embellish that would be fun to do! What a fun give away!

  104. Erin Smith

    I love to try the peekabo effect using rick rack. How cool!

  105. belinda nelson


  106. Erin Smith

    I’d love to try the peekabo effect using rick rack. How cool!

  107. belinda nelson

    Would love this!!! :-)))

  108. jen

    I think I would like to use it as an accent on a dress, I’d probably start with the straight line through it technique since I’ve never sewn with it before (but I LOVE the look of it!)

  109. Kathy Chavez

    I have been experimenting with rick rack on my granddaughters’ garments. Made some adorable onesies with yo-yo’s and rick rack embellishments. My great aunt used rick rack to make aprons. The “on-the-curve” looks like an interesting technique.

  110. Victoria H

    So many things I would like to learn besides the usual use. I would like to learn it all!

  111. Anna

    I would love to try using the rick rack in my handbags, it would be great! Thank you!

  112. Moira

    I am dying to try the edge technique shown now!

  113. Jill Hicks

    I like your recycling ideas. Rick rack is so much fun as well.

  114. Anne Tormo

    Pick me pick me! I have lots of ideas to do with rick rack.

  115. Aileen Bell

    I am making a vintage apron right now. This would be awesome for it. THANKS!

  116. Briana

    I’d love to try anthing. lol I’ve only used ric rac one time. Thanks for the chance to win.

  117. Kylie C

    I had never thought of adding ric-rac to chicken scratch embroidery. I love the effect though and my grandmother would love a new apron with this detailing. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  118. roni munoz

    I would make matching mother daughter aprons for our holiday baking all trimmed in jubo ric rac..thanks for the opportunity!

  119. Kirsten T.

    I would LOVE to master curves! They are hard!

  120. SuzanneM

    I would love to try and do the curve or try the peekaboo and actually make an apron. Thanks!

  121. Kelly Sales

    I just used the last of my ric rac on bags for my nephew’s Christmas presents. I could really use more:)

  122. Chris

    Love your great ideas with ric rac Can’t wait to make a cute apron and embellish with lovely ric rac.

  123. laura

    I would love to learn it all!! I have such trouble with the final touches!! Sewing on a curve is really tough!

  124. cathy payne

    OOOOh Ive always loved rick rack!! Maybe on a quilt or bag would be fun!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win! 🙂 Nurse Payne

  125. Kate

    The ric rac on a curve looks interesting. I’d like to give that a try. And the aprons, oh the aprons!

  126. Abiga/Karen

    I grew up with ric rac being used but am interested in the new look of it. That apron is great. Thanks.

  127. Shari L.

    I really like the way the rick rack was used on the apron. I’d also like to try the crocheted look. I love rick rack, but have never thought to do anything with it besides sew it in a straight line. Thanks!

  128. Shay Hall

    I’d love to win the rick rack! I have a costume just begging for several intermingled layers of jumbo rickrack! (Which means learning to put it on a curve, so….)

  129. Christina

    I would love to try to put ric rac on the edges of a quilt! Thanks for the giveaway!

  130. Brandi P

    Id love to learn how to use it in every way! New to sewing, but learning quickly!!

  131. Adrianne

    I would love to try stacking rick rack, it sounds like it would make for some pretty projects!

  132. maryc

    I would love to try all the techniques, but I think I would start with the braiding ric rac technique. Very interesting…

  133. Alexandra O

    I would love for a chance to win this so I could learn all the different ways it can be used

  134. Pat Olson

    I would love to try the insertion technique used in the apron pattern. I have been sewing for 60 years and never thought of anything like this.

  135. Mariyn Strain

    These aprons are sew cute…and..the gift basket is awesome.

  136. Michele

    I’d love to add some rick rack to an apron.

  137. Dell

    I have always sewn ric rac straight down the middle with the machine. I love how you Hand sewed it on the curve tacking the points down. No more curling points. I will be tring this technique.

  138. Cyndy Clairmont

    What an awesome giveaway and love all the great ideas you give out. Thank you!!!

  139. Susan

    I like the look of ric rac on adult clothing, nice ideas.

  140. royce

    this is new to me , and i would love to work on it. thanks for such a wonderful giveaway .
    count me in too.

  141. Bonnie

    Im so in love with rick rack! I’m a new quilter, and have used it so far on both of my finished quilts. I think it adds so much, and is such an easy detail to add! I LOVE that apron, and the idea of using rick rack as a joiner instead of just an edging. BRILLIANT! Oh, I’d give anything to win!

  142. Janet A

    Wow! I would love to have this. I have some vintage type fabric for making aprons and this trim would add so much. Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway.

  143. Daneilia

    I have yet to use ric rac with any sewing projects…but I just love the stuff 🙂

  144. Cassandra

    I would love to use some on a new pair of pj’s or some christmas ornaments I’m making!

  145. Debbie

    Hello, I don’t know alot about it but would love to learn. I would like to learn it all to give my sewing a different look. Love your website and all your helpful tips. Thanks Debbie

  146. mo

    I love the rick rack apron.

  147. Janet

    My mom often embellished the dresses she made for me and my sisters with rick rack. She would patiently sit and sew each tip down by hand. Since she used it so often I grew to love it and now my sewing daughters love it too.

  148. Tatiana

    I am not even sure which technique, I am a newbie sewist, and I’ve never used ric rac before, but the colors are so beautiful…

  149. Sarah

    ric rac is so fun!

  150. Terrie Bentle

    I love ricrac. I have even used it to make little ruffles on children’s clothes! Braiding it is fun too !

  151. Scarlette Hobbs

    I love rickrack to use on grands dresses. thanks you for all the wonderful ideas for using it that i now remember from my “much” younger days. s

  152. Nanna

    I would love to try the two pieces together. ric rac is fun.

  153. Frankye

    I am new to sewing and have found some great ideas to use the giant rick-rack on! I would love to win your contest!

  154. natio radison

    I have seen the emerging wave of the ric rac as a trim that can looks great on everything from small to large items. I’d love to try that for my next project.

  155. Melinda H.

    I’d love to try anything – I have no experience with ric rac. I would love to learn all the different types of things you can do with it other than just using it as a plain border. I love the idea of sewing across it to incorporate it more into a design instead of just straight stitching it!

  156. Meig

    I’d love to learn how to do it on a curve! So cool!

  157. Farah

    I am embarrassed! I was wondering how you make rick rack stay flat after use and if I had only read the article, I would have found out. 🙂 I was mesmerized by the give-away!

  158. Lois

    All this talk about rickrack brings back some fond memories of sewing with my mom.

  159. Cheryl Unger

    I remember using rickrack with my grandma using her old fashioned treadle machine. It brings back wonderful memories.

  160. Connie Rae

    This is not my mother’s rick-rack! I remember her using it on all the homemade dresses and such that she made for me and my sister. I however do not remember it used in such a fabulous way as your examples! Fabulous Fun!

  161. mary jo

    I just love ric rac. I pick up odd pkgs when I see them at goowill. I buy scraps in remnant bins at the fabric store. I find odd uses for it in the funny animals I make and other sewing projects have including sewing over a seam when I ran out of material on a project and had to add another color that didn’t match.

  162. Lee Ann

    I well remember a sewing party held by my grandmother to sew little girl’s nightgowns for her church bazaar. My cousin and I paired up to make a blue and white flannel gown trimmed with rickrack flowers. We were just teenagers and very proud of our effort! I’m intrigued by the pillowcase trim and would enjoy trying it. Thanks for the chance to win a prize pack of rickrack!

  163. Beth

    I haven’t used worn or used rickrack since childhood–how fun to see that it has come back into fashion! I would love to use it in a handmade apron or a Christmas ornament. What a fun selection you have chosen for your prize!

  164. Kathy Ranta

    I have been collecting rick rack for some time. I like to frame embroidered pictures of nursery rhymes and make small pillows. The color choices are endless.

  165. Carol H

    I have always loved rick rack and was very disappointed when it was no longer used. I’m very happy it has come back and in even larger sizes! 🙂 I like putting it on quitls. Thank you.

  166. Karen Jeffries

    I would love to try using the rick rack to trim a pillowcase. I remember making a maternity dress and trimming it with many rows of rick rack and had many compliments. The “baby” is now 39 – thanks for jogging my memory of a very special time! Blessings, Karen

  167. Carol Cooke

    I would love to incorporate rick rack in a quilt. I would love to win this wonderful prize.

  168. Billie

    Ever since I was a child I have crazy about rick rack. I even like the word, say it 3 times out loud and you can’t help but smile. While reading the post I got an idea to put rick rack on either side of a bright coloured zipper running up the middle of a skirt, either on the front or the back. I’m thinking of orange rick rack with say a red or purple zipper against some fine wool crepe or suiting it a gorgeous magenta or hot pink. So fun. The possibilities are endless. You could do the same thing to a pillow cover for a fun effect. I know I could have some crazy creative adventures with this gift basket. Thank you.

  169. Shelley C

    Well, this was an eye opening post! I didn’t realise there were other ways of using rickrack besides the regular sew it on way….what a pretty example of decrative enhancement you show. I’d like to try the faux crochet look maybe on something; or braiding. I really need to look into this.

  170. Carole Evon

    I love rick rack, I used it many times when my daughter was little and I made all her dresses. She is now 46. Lots of good memories, thanks

  171. Gail

    I have fond memories of my first sewing projects as a child using rick rack. My grandmother taught me how to sew some simple projects, and she loved rick rack. She had many creative projects using rick rack including potholders made entirely of rick rack. I wish I had one of them today so I could reproduce it.

  172. Merry May

    The lace idea sounds intriguing. I have twisted 2 strands (one white, one red) together to make a candy cane look. The “valley” of one strand tucks right into the “hill” of the other. I’ve been a rick rack fan forever, too! Been saying for years that rick rack will be back, and here it is! 🙂

  173. Rosalie Rizzo

    I use lots of rickrack and trim for the clothes I sew for my cloth dolls that I make by hand. I give these dolls away to needy children, especially at Christmas time. I feel very delighted when I see their little faces light up when they receive a doll.

  174. Sandi

    What a fun and inspiring article! Whenever I spot something with ric rack at a yard sale, I know it’s going to be something vintage and wonderful!

  175. ShereeSews

    I’m planning a fall pennant banner and would like to use rick rack to hang it. Actually, I am currently in an online pennant swap. I have sent four fall versions in, and will receive four assorted pennants. I can’t wait to finish the banner up and hang it for Thanksgiving fun!

    I love your creative ideas!

  176. Meg Perry

    The possibilities with rick rack are endless and I love some of the ideas above. I would also like to experiment with making Christmas ornaments and pin cushions.

  177. Kathy VanDerHulst

    I have a pillowcase with the braided rickrack trim, so in would like to try that technique. I love the vintage look of Rick rack.

  178. Sharon

    I will definitely try the Applying Ric Rac on a Curve technique.
    When I have used Ric Rac previously, the points have curled after washing.
    Tacking each point is a great idea, even if the Ric Rac is applied in a straight line!

  179. Ann Marie Bendickson

    what pretty colors for the rick rack outfit. I could used them all in the sewing projects.

  180. Lila Bates

    this all looks like fun. And the apron with the rickrack is adorable. I want to try to make one.


  181. liz

    I love that RicRac is back in style. I especially love the big RicRac and all the fun colors. I want to use big RicRac on the inside border of a black and white wallhanging with big appliqued red, yellow and pink flowers. It’s the perfect way to finish up a project from a class last month.

  182. L G Andrews

    I’ve always loved rick rack. I love to use it as trim for craft projects, ornaments and sewing projects. I would love to make the apron! My grandmother and I used to sew with rickrack all the time when I was little; about 45 years ago!!

  183. Teresa

    I like using rick rack on vintage-style aprons and use a lot of rick rack purchased at our local thrift store or even auctions. There are so many fun ways to use it.

  184. Bonnie Nyquist

    Wonderful techniques for something I use everyday! Love the apron pattern also,been meaning to try that one. Live the technique where it shows how to tack the corners down. Wonderful give away,thank you.

  185. Bonnie Nyquist

    Wow! Wonderful techniques for something I use so often! I alwways wondered how to tack those corners down! Love that apron pattern showing the rick rack also!

  186. Dawn

    I’ve used Rick rack on my daughters clothes and now on my granddaughters…I’ve used it on aprons, pillows, and on scrapbook pages. But I’ve never learned the on the curve technique. Love it!

  187. Cathy Gillette

    Love ric-rac!! my grandmother would make all sorts of crafts for bazaars and fairs and other fundraisers. She would give me the scrap pieces, felt, a needle and thread and tell me to make something. So much fun, nobody to tell me not to do it this way or to do it that way. Helped me to not be afraid to create and follow own path.

  188. Donna McDonald

    Ric rac. Fun fun fun

  189. Susan

    I would love to use the rick rack with some interesting tote bag patterns I have as well as to decorate pillows.

  190. Sherry

    I have always loved rick rack. I use making baby receiving blankets and in clothes. After seeing some of the ideas on your blog I would love to do some experimenting with them. I am wanting to make aprons for Christmas and this would be a great way to dress them up.

  191. Mary Gontjes

    This would be perfect to make cute things for my new grand baby girl..
    Love it all..
    Mary Gontjes

  192. Linda

    When I was a young sewer, Mom and I would send in 3 (I think that’s how many were needed.) Wright’s labels and in return I’d get a sack of bits and pieces of bias tape, lace, ric rac, etc. It was touted for “doll clothes”. I loved getting that package in the mail; it was a treasure! I want to try to mimic a crocheted appearance using the technique you suggested.

  193. Elizabeth

    I love rick rack and I would like to try the crocheted appearance by stacking rows. It would be cool to try to make a table runner with that technique.

  194. Wendy Bowen

    I love rickrack! I will craft for christmas and beyond with a wonderful gift like this. Wouldn’t homemade hand towels, either for the kitchen or bath look special with this added trim! I hope I win!

    Thank you Amy for such fun!

    Wendy Bowen {we met at the Atlanta Mart!}

  195. Eileene

    Wonderful site and extra wonderful giveaway. I would love to try the jumbo rik rak on a crazy quilt. I hope I hope

  196. Susan N.

    I’m going to be a first-time grandma in a matter of weeks and I think ric rac adds such a cute touch to baby things!

  197. WyseWoman

    I’ve seen many techniques using rick rack, but I certainly would like to try stitching them down in decorative patterns and embellishing the patterns with more stitching. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  198. Ann Richey

    very interesting uses of ric rac. It has certainly come a long way as a decoration. Love using on quilt borders to give some added dimension…. good blog

  199. Mary Thompson

    I love the retro look of rick rack and all of the sizes and colors it comes in. Plus its versatility and durability–it can be used in so many ways for clothing and household decor projects. It would be such fun to win this prize!

  200. Lynne Weinberger

    I’d try the braided ric rac since I can never get too much of a good thing! Your giveaway package is mouth-watering! Thoroughly enjoying Vintage Notions now and the many sweet and clever tips & techniques. Thank you, Amy, for the gift of your creativity so graciously shared.

  201. Debbie O

    I love LOVE rick rack. I am really loving the ric rack with the gingham above Ric rack is so much fun!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Debbie O in Idaho

  202. Cheryl

    I am a card crafter and would use the lovely rick rack for embellishing my personal cards and cards created by my class throughout the year.

  203. Ann in PA

    The aprons edged in ric rac are so pretty. I just saw ric rac used to make tiny pinecones and flowers. Would love to give it a try.

  204. Joy

    Love all the ideas with the rick rack. Would love to try the aprons using it.. Thanks for the ideas!

  205. Jan Christenson

    Rick Rack reminds me of my grandmother. She would sew it on everything. I would enjoy adding it to my sewing projects too.

  206. Sara Y.

    I’d love to try the vintage pillowcase technique. I use a fair amount of rick rack on doll clothes but I’ve never tried it fancy. Thanks!

  207. Hollins Wender

    I have been a fan of Rick Rack since I was a little girl in the 30’s and 40’s. It adds a beautiful touch to so many different things..from dish towels, aprons, children’s clothes to adult items. The uses are truly endless and timeless.

  208. Mary McGuinness

    I love rick-rack–it has been vastly underrated as a decorative sewing item. I would add it to aprons, towels, and pillows, just to name a few things. Thanks for reminding us of its value in sewing!

  209. Mary Jane

    I have seen rick-rac on a number of quilt patterns and this gift would package contains so many types of rick-rac the possibilites for quilting are endless!

  210. Kelley

    I would love to try the curved design on the pillowcases. I love rick rack, but I have only ever tried it on small pieces like hairbows.

  211. Rosalyn Schultze

    Over 60 years ago, I made a “tea apron” for a school project. In those days, home economics was part of the school curriculum and I chose red and white gingham and used navy rick rack around the edge of the apron. This was done by hand–no sewing machines were allowed! I have very fond memories of that apron and the long time it took me to sew the trim on. I was eight years old and thought my apron was very special.

  212. Diane P

    Oh Rick Rack, how I love thee let me count the ways!! I love the journal covers best of all, and then the aprons with placemats and table runner to match, and then…then…then the cards I could make and the baby quilts and the burp cloths and the little dresses – – such sweet things….sigh!!

  213. SLR Weimer

    What a great giveaway! Sometimes it is hard to find the large rick rack here.

  214. colleen

    I love the look of ric rac as an edging–especially on pot holders. It is such an easy way to brighten up an essential kitchen tool. By the way, I do remember sending in Wright labels. I loved receiving those bags of ribbons and lace. It was a treasure–pulling out something new and exciting each time you reached in the bag!! Winning this collection would be even more exciting!

  215. Karen Gotianse

    I love to use rick rack too! Would love to win this!

  216. marykay

    wow great techniques. I would like to try a project and use the overlapping rick rack like you spoke of.
    I’ve also recently thought about using only rick rack to make handles on the purses I have been making. Need to think of a way to make it not so stretchy but keep the look of only the rick rick. Thanks for the chance to win some awesome rick rack and good luck to everyone else that enter’s

  217. Rita Markowicz

    I love the “peekaboo” apron and would love to learn the technique.

  218. Sharon

    I love rickrack! I would try all of the techniques

  219. Christine

    I would love to win the draw.

    I really enjoy your blog.

  220. Nay from Nays Place

    Ric Rac my very first embelishment LOVE IT – couldnt do cross stitch so used Ric Rac instead. Thanks for a wonderful opportunity to win.

  221. Mariyn Strain

    This is an amazing prize…I’d love to win it.

  222. Gena Fausel

    I grew up with rick rack. I love it’s reappearance. I am most interested in applying to a curve and the gingham application. Thanks.

  223. Michele George

    I would love to try the pillowcase, it looks awesome. I would also love to try using rick rack on a Christmas Tree skirt. You gave me an idea…. I would love to make a apron for myself and my two granddaughters, all matching 🙂
    Thank You!!!!

  224. Terry

    Ric rac gives items a vintage look. There are a lot of vintage style fabrics out there that would look great with the ric rac to make a wonderful purse.

  225. Judy Tomenga

    I would continue the legacy of using rick rack on little girls clothes that was started 64 yrs ago when I was a baby. My mom made many of my clothes as I grew up, same as I did for our girls who are now 34 and 36. So glad the legacy lives on.

  226. Judy Tomenga

    I would use the ric rac for smocking on little girls clothes. Our girls are now 34 and 36 and many years ago I used ric rac on their clothes, as my mom had done on mine. Excited to see that the legacy lives on.

  227. Becky Sowell

    I love rick rack. Some of the techiniques you showed are ones my grandmother used. I love the pillowcase application. I’m having to make Christmas gifts this year and I’d love to use the rick rack in the basket.

  228. Jini

    I love using ric rac to embellish clothing and projects. Glad vintage is making a return.

  229. Claudia

    Love the rick-rack joining pieces as in the apron. Would also like to try some smocking. Don’t you just love old is new again!?!

  230. Kathi

    I would like to use it to edge the apron instead of bias tape. I love rick rack!

  231. Sherri S.

    Ooh, i LOVE rick-rack with a deep and unabiding passion! The smocking technique and stitching over the rick rack is just lovely…would love to try that on a shirt…for me! Thanks for the chance to win such loveliness!

  232. Mary Ellen

    Love putting jumbo ric rac on border fabric and sewing to homespun towels – the perfect hostess gift!

  233. Debbie Platt

    I love ric rac!! I love everything vintage and ric rac gives that classic vintage look to everything. I love using it in nonsewing applications also. I love making homemade tags for specail gifts and I always glue ric rac as a border or or some other design to the tag. It makes them look Fabulous!! The gift reciever always love them and they always keep them to put on a bulletin board or ribbon board.

  234. Brenda Williams

    I love ric rac. We were making outfits for an organization called Dress My People. Shorts and tank tops for boys and shift-type dresses for girls. One of the ladies put ric rac on her outfits and it was just so adorable! Really dressed it up to be so cute! It comes in so many colors anything can be spiffed up with just a little bit, too. I really love the photo at the top of the blog showing how it is attached with a different color and that really looks cool, too!

  235. Elaine Lewis

    I like using rick rack on handmade cards.

  236. Melody

    I have always loved ric rac. My mom used to put it on my dresses when i was a kid to make them special. I would love to try it on the pillowcase that looks so cool.

  237. Patricia H.

    I love the smocking technique with the rick-rack. That’s new to me. Of course, being a boomer, I had rick-rack all over my summer clothes. I loved the way my mother would contrast the rick-rack colors with alternating solids-I was so mod!

  238. Adele

    Love the ideas on this page. Great colors too.

  239. Jane

    I love rick-rack and love sewing with it whenever possible. Fun new ideas for using it.

  240. Cindy

    I love rickrack, too! I’d like to try the method used on the vintage pillowcase. I’ve never seen that one before!

  241. Jaylene

    I love ric rack it makes things so special I would love to win.

  242. sharon

    I will definitely use ric rac to spruce up ready made clothes

  243. Shirley Clark

    I love Rick Rack. I want to use it more to join 2 edges for my little granddaughter. It makes for an interesting outfit.
    Your ideas are also neat, and I will bookmark this.

  244. Laurie Van Unen

    My favorite use of rick rack was on my grandgirls jeans. I sewed a fat colorful rick rack along the hem, sewing small multiple bright color buttons at the peaks and valleys. From there ; some I added decorative stitches mirroring to make a large trim look………………… it looked awesome

  245. Autumn Nicholas

    I love the look of rick rack. I haven’t used it a whole lot – yet 🙂 I have seen the jumbo rick rack used as “sashing” on baby quilts. This is definitely something I would like to do with the baby quilts my church makes and donates to a crisis pregnancy center in my hometown.

  246. Marilyn S

    Do you remember when you could save the Wright’s label and send in 3 for a free bag of rick rack and lace. I used for bag for doll clothes, etc. when I was a kid. Its so nice to see it coming back. Would love this collection.

  247. Matilda Smith

    I thought I was the only person in the world that still loved ric rac. Absolutely love to see it on anything. I really love sewing it on my grandaughter’s dresses.

  248. Patty Ojeda

    I have never sewed with rick rack, but willing to try!

  249. Barbara Wiggins

    I am in love with rick rack and use it frequently but am dying to try the rick rack roses as well as the curved technique you have shown….rows of rickrack on the hem of an apron is another favorite of mine!

  250. Donna

    Rick-Rack is FUN!

  251. Deb

    I LOVE rickrack & use it frequently on aprons as well as clothing for my granddaughter!

  252. Dee

    Love the use of rickrack on projects. It adds a “vintage” touch to many things. You can also make flowers out of the rick rack – another great touch. Love to read and see other ways of using rickrack. Thank you!

  253. Sherry Houser

    I have sewn with rick rack for more years that I want to share:) I am so glad that it is back in the limelight because it is such a remarkable adornment. I made some Christmas hand towels over 30 years ago and used red and white rick rack twisted together to make wreaths and I still use them every year during the holidays!

  254. Gay Maise

    I’m returning to sewing after many years and planning to make aprons as gifts for my favorite friends. I love the vintage look of rick rack and all the wonderful decorative ideas you reminded me of. One of my favorite dresses as a girl had rows of rick down the front. Such fun memories!

  255. Debbie Chard

    I always loved rick rack on the clothes Mama made for me when I was a little girl and now I love sewing it on the clothes I make for my granddaughters. I really enjoy learning new ways to use it and want to incorporate it into my next quilt. My great-grandmother (Granny) would sometimes hand stitch little scraps of rick rack on her crazy quilts as she would embellish and embroider the blocks, all the while she was talking so sweetly to them. It somehow brought the blocks to life in my child’s mind.

  256. Ginger

    I would like to use ric rac with embroiderery thread as it looks in the smocking sample shown at the beginning of the blog. I have always loved it as a decorative portion in a design, but I loved the “smocking”

  257. Joyce Stewart

    I have just recently started using rick rack, I am hemming Christman gift for one of my daughters, finding an exact match of color was a pure joy and surprise too. I will use rick rack in the future.Thank you

  258. Pat Jones

    I love rick Rack and use it in many of my patchwork bags to add a fun, bright look.


    Oh, I just love the new giant rick racks, They are so decorative and I love putting them on purses. That is my bag. Thanks for the contest.. Good luck everyone.

  260. Marta Brandes-Miesner

    I love the look of Rick-rack and all of the vintage looking things you can make with it. I esp loved the ideas for aprons and the pincushions. 🙂

  261. Gracia Schlafly

    I love rick rack. I embellish men’s boxers with it to convert them to totally cute and comfy sleep shorts for my not-so-tiny frame,

  262. Joy McGee

    Love this!

  263. Lynn Fleming

    Rick Rack takes makes me smile.

  264. Jeanette Slaymaker

    Ric Rac is timeless – grandmothers, mothers, daughters and granddaughters have been embellishing with it for generations – and yet there are always new ideas and ways to use it.

  265. cindy coven

    I love ricrac and using it on projects like aprons and pillows and blosuses. I like to braid it together, too.

  266. Angela King

    Who’d have thought that rickrack, embellishment of my childhood homemade clothes, could be so hip? Next thing you know Dippity-Do will be the hot hair craze.

  267. Pat Meinecke

    Brings back memories. I have plans for using some on a quilt to give illusion of spiky leaf edges.

  268. Pammysue

    I would love to learn that peek-a-boo method and anything to do with yoyos too. I love your patterns and can’t wait to see your new designs!!

  269. Margo Malcheski

    I adore ric rac and have used it for years as trim on doll clothes and aprons! the peekaboo effect on the apron is darling-and so simple once you have shown us how!!!
    i would be honored to win this giftpack!!!!

  270. tamara carisch

    Some of my first stitches were to secure rick rack to a apron project with my grandma. Such fond memories! Really excited to see it coming back soo strong!

  271. Karen Wiebe

    Thank you for the great ideas! I want to try the peek-a-boo trim as in the photo! This has given me some great ideas!

  272. Helana

    I love rick rack because it’s so colorful, and gives any project that “vintagey” look. Is that even a word? :>)
    Although I’m not a great sewer, I like to pass on relaxing needle crafts to my girls, like cross-stitch, embroidery and sewing. Rick rack is such an easy way to give that extra splash to a project. I especially love it on my 4-yr old’s pillowcase dresses! My new fave is the first picture of red rick rack w/ the decorative stitching. It never occurred to me to sew it on that way!

  273. Carol Petty

    What a fun contest. Love using rick rack in my fabric crafts.

  274. Melissa Pagliai

    Love the look of the rick rack on the pillowcase and would like to try the curved application on a quilt.

  275. Barb Dawson

    I would like to try using contrasting thread to sew down the rick rack–also the technique that appears to be hand embroidery between the rows of rick rack! LOVE THE BRIGHT COLORS!!!

  276. Linda Olson

    Rick rack is so versatile, it can give a vintage look, as well as a whimsical touch to a garment. Love making flowers with it.

  277. Eleanor nevins

    It was great to be reminder that Rick rack can be more than just as a trim. Thank you

  278. Judy

    I love rick rack – it adds a fun element to whatever project you use it on.

  279. CreativeGrammie

    I love rickracks, especially the jumbos. I’d like to make little aprons for my grand daughters and I would like to try using them as embellishments in my cardmaking.
    Thanks for giving us a chance to win this lovely package of goodies!

  280. Sandy Figley

    There is a wide variety of Ric Rac in my Stash – it has always been a favorite trim of mine. Now I see there are so many more uses. I’d like to start with the apron pattern!

  281. MelodyJ

    This is a very good giveaway.


  282. Deb Blackbourn

    I have 4 granddaughters and rick rack is always a nice embellishment – I’d like to try various colors for a “rainbow” effect on clothes & quilts for them.

  283. Marna

    I love rick rack. It had been getting harder and harder to find much of a selection, especially in the larger size. I like the apron and I would like to try the suggestions in the images shown also. I would love to win! Thanks 🙂

  284. Regina Gibson

    I love rick rack. When I was in grade school in the late 50’s my Mother showed me how to make rick rack flowers and turn them into jewelry.

  285. Peace Schuyler

    Mmmm, delicious rick rack, which I can never remember how to spell. With a K, I guess. :O)

  286. Terry

    I love, love, love rick-rack and have a collection of mini red rick-rack for use on ragdoll clothing. Since I sew for my granddaughter and several great-nieces, this decoration makes it’s way onto dresses and aprons for them.

  287. Heather

    Love the ric rac application in the pillowcase photo! A combination of embroidery with the rick rack seems to have a vintage and more luxurious look, which I like. What a happy give-away!

  288. Debbie T

    love to use rick rack as trim on children’s clothing

  289. Ruchama Burrell

    I’d love to try the crochet look on the necks of dresses I make from downloaded reproductions of the “one hour dress” instructions from the Women’s Institute and on the “practical nightgown” included in Vintage Notions.

  290. Jennifer Hearsey

    Oh my goodness! Brought back memories of my smocking days. Used to add a row of fine rick rack between 3 rows of smocking…sounds odd but looked great. Would love to try the peek a boo look. glad to see rick rack making a comeback!!

  291. Carla G

    I’d like to trim the bottom of a skirt with rick rack. Thanks for a chance to win this awesome giveaway! 🙂

  292. Sivje Parish

    I am sooooo crazy about Rick Rack!! I want to know more about sewing Rick Rack flowers and any other fun way to use it. Thank you for the chance. I sooooooooo want to win this!!


    I have had a facination with ric rac since I was a very young girl. I don’t think I will ever outgrow my love for ric rac. I was going through a box of ric rac recently and realized that some of mine can now be considered “vintage.

  294. Belinda

    I love Rick Rack, My Mother made me a Yellow Gingham check dress for Easter when i was in third grade and trimmed it with white baby size Rick Rack, it was my favorite dress; of course the yellow Daffodils a boy in my class brought me had nothing to do with it!
    I have 2 new granddaughters that I want to add to clothing and quilts I’m making for them and my first Great Granddaughter! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the give a way!

  295. Amy Downey

    Loved the rickrack look since the 70’s so I laughed when I saw it called “the timeless trim”……we all want to be timeless…..;>) I would love to make the rickrack apron – and I will feel 30 years younger. :>)
    Amy Downey

  296. Patti Levine

    I love the idea of using rick rack on an apron. What a nice way to add some dimension to it. thanks for the ideas and a chance to win the rick rack!

  297. Marlene G.

    Ric Rac has been around for a very long time. I’m enjoying seeing it come back. I want to use it in a quilting project and also on aprons I am making for my two daughters. I used it on vintage dresses when my daughters were younger and many other craft projects. Also pot holders, christmas ornaments and christmas stockings,. My mother and grandmother always trimmed aprons with it. Thanks for a chance to win..

  298. Brenda Sanderson

    I love rick rack as it reminds me of my grandmother who attached rick rack by hand on many of her aprons. This Christmas I’m making my mom (91Yrs) and my sisters aprons just like grandma made. I’ll be sewing the rick rack with a decorative stitch just for the fun of it.

  299. KAY

    Thanks for the info about sewing rickrack on a curve. I think I’ll try that on a bag I’m going to sew!

  300. Patty Horcasitas

    I’m so happy to see rick rack making such a huge come back. As a child I loved when my mother would embellish my tops she had sewn for me with rick rack. Now I also find myself imploring my students to really have fun EMBELLISH.

  301. Cate Pybrum

    I made my first skirt when I was 8 years old . . . in 1959. It was a dirndl (gathered) design and I can still see the red, back and white wallpaper stripe print that I trimmed with 3 rows of rick rack sewed a few inches above the hem. I also still have an apron my grandmother made me when I was 4 years old that has 6 rows of different colored rick rack trims. I have always loved the look of rick rack! I still use it to trim my granddaughter’s bibs, on vintage style aprons, on Christmas stockings and various craft projects. I usually sew it on my project by machine, but will try the curved handsewn method you mention, and perhaps even add some buttons and beads and embroidery while I’m at it! Thanks for the ideas! I’m delighted that this old favorite is popular again!

  302. Cheryl Simpson

    So love the curve application. I had never thought rick rack could look so lovely and I will definitely give it atry.

  303. Cathy

    I just love ric rac, my Mother loved to put it on everything and it brings good memories to my heart. Miss ya Mom.

  304. Janet M

    How tickled I am to see the many new Ideas given for using rick rack! I have some rick rack that was my mothers(if living she would almost be 94yrs. old) It was a favorite notion of hers and now mine and my granddaughters also ask to use it to jazz up their sewing inspirations.

  305. Claudia Thibadeau

    I have a son and daughter-in-law who are restoring their home to the 1950’s era. They would love to have items for their home made with this great rick rack. Aprons are so cool and just like my mom and gram wore. The curved technique would be great on the bodice of the apron and also as a border all around the bottom of the skirt. Thanks for this opportunity to think of ideas!

  306. Melissa Burke

    I am just starting out with sewing aprons and I have used various trim, but now that I have read this article, I can’t wait to work more with rick rack. I especially like the idea of stacking the rick rack to create a crocheted look.

  307. Sharon

    I’d like to use giant rick rack to cover the edges of applique on children’s quilts.

  308. Marlene Carlson

    I would take the curve on the vintage pillowcase and apply that to a table runner design and I was thinking it would look great on a skirt for my grand daughters: a two color skirt with the rick rack curves on the seam.
    I love rick rack on little girls’ dresses.


    I have not used Rick Rack. But after seeing this website, I am eager to try all the ideas. Thanks for the many ideas.

  310. Jill Knight

    Great ideas!

  311. Kathy

    Love the looks that rick rack can create, Would love to make the vintage apron

  312. Lillian

    My grandmother taught me to sew as a child, and she would often embellish our clothes with rickrack. She loved beautiful garments and surrpoundings. . When I see rickrack and other vintage notions, I go back in time and relive the nostaligia. Grammie would be very pleased with all the widths and beautiful colors.

  313. Jo Isaac

    Hi, I have been using rick rack since I was 9 yrs old that’s 61 yrs. It has always been a great trim for my clothes , my children’s and now my grans. Thank you for the chance to win this great assortment.

  314. Ada Leger

    The use of rickrack takes me back to a time when I made doll clothes with small pieces of rickrack, lace and buttons. It really would be nice to win so that I can make dollclothes again for my granddaughter.

  315. Kathy Riley

    Great ideas. I am interested in trying some applications on pillows. I have used Ric Rac for many projects but with all the new kinds out I can hardly wait to start trying my ideas.

  316. Connie Douty

    Now, after almost a lifetime of sewing, I can learn to do waved braid and use my grandmothers “huge” collection of rick rack. She stashed rick rack like I stash quilt fabric. I watched her do waved braid on gingham but like so many youngsters did not take time for her to teach me. Finally I can learn and can use her rick rack collection. She probably hoped I would get sewing smart some day.,…and I have.

  317. Sharon

    Would like to go back and use rickrack as Christmas trim as I did many, many years ago. I see some exciting projects.

  318. sue knarr

    I would love ti do some faggoting with large rickrack to join the main body of a pair of shorts or pants or skirt together with the hem; to make an exquisite outfit. Would also love to improve my skills in using rick rack to make vintage garments. Ny fingers are crossed….

    thanks, sue

  319. Lisa Cummings

    I love rick rack on aprons!

  320. Beth

    I love the aprons and would love to try the technique of adding the rick rack to the edge of the apron.

  321. Grace Brown

    I LUV rick rack,,,and think it is the perfect embellishment for childrens clothes and aprons.
    I made several pillowcases this Summer to donate to two different causes,,, I used the extra wide R.R. to stitch over where the contrasting fabrics joined up..
    I have also used the Jumbo R.R. on home made dish towels… but my favorite use,,, I had to do a quick “hide the uglies’ repair on the inside back wall of my vintage trailer,,, so I glued on wallpaper and then using a glue gun, I glued on a row of wide R.R. where the wall paper & wall joined up.
    Who says R.R. is only for sewing! lol!
    Thanx for hosting this delightful givaway.

  322. Bettye Logan

    Rickrack is a cute addition to little girls’ dresses, reminds me of when I was growing up!

  323. julie m

    rick rack is so cool. so happy to see it popular again. i like the apron best. it is a lot like the one i remember by grandmother wearing. happy memories.

  324. Pam Black

    I love the vintage look rick rack give to so many things. So very many uses…..

  325. Jackie Hedlund

    I love using rick rack for all kinds of projects. I do a lot of cards , ATCs and like to decorate with rick rack.
    Thanks for the contest!

  326. Lissa

    Wow! Would love to make that apron!

  327. Margaret Parks

    I just love rick rack! I have added it to many projects, just recently to a tablecloth and I love the vintage look it give aprons etc.

  328. Lissa

    Wow! I would love to make the apron!!!

  329. JUDI

    I LOVE to use rick rack! I remember inserting it in an A Line dress I made in a 2nd year Home Ec class in the 1960’s. I have used rick rack on children’s garments and I used the jumbo sized on two quilts in the borders. It is always so cute and unexpected.

  330. Phyllis Kukucka

    Rick rack makes me smile. It really does. I am so happy that it has come back into style. My Mother used to make all five of us girls lots of clothing and used rick rack on the necks and arm hole areas of blouses. She’d also use it down the front and hems of tops and skirts. Sometimes she made pull over tops and decorated with rick rack down the front; other times she made button blouses and put the rick rack in the front seam. Depending on how much rick rack she had, she’d also make a pocket and outline it with rick rack. With five girls to clothe, she didn’t “decorate” our tops as often as I liked, but on occasion, she would make french knot-like thread designs or beads to add some more interest on the rick rack. I have picked up lots of vintage rick rack and other vintage trims and it all reminds me of my Mother.. I am now using it on my granddaughters clothes as well. I recently showed my 7 year old granddaugher how to entertine two pieces of rick rack together to make contrasting color trims. I am looking forward to couching thread over the rick rack. I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for the good tips.

  331. Carol in E TN

    I would love to make the tote! Thanks for the giveaway……I LOVE ric-rac!


    I put rick rack around my lampshade. I layered 2 different patterns spacing each one apart several times. Turned a vintage lamp/lampshade into a cute colorful lamp. I would love to learn the curve pattern on the pillowcase.

  333. Karen McMahon

    I have always loved the look of rick rack. I would like to add rick rack in a quilt.

  334. Ester Villela

    I love rick rack, I used it on my quilts and also on my granddaughters short sets. Thank you for the chance of winning some.

  335. Mary

    Love the project Ideas. Rickrack is a great addition to any project. I like to use it on handmade cards too 🙂

  336. Ellen

    Very cool rick rack for the vintage look

  337. Ellen

    Very cool rig rack

  338. Julie (Sew-Girl)

    This is awesome – I am so glad that ric-rac is back in style. I’m going to try the composition covers and even make a cover for my kindle. I love the one on the front cover as EMMA is my niece’s name and she’d love one.

  339. Maria

    I like the idea of stacking the rick rack to resemble crochet. I am going to try this on a Christmas stocking! Thanks for the article.

  340. Carolyn McBride

    Peek a boo really looks like a fun one to try!

  341. Linda Mattson

    I can remember rick rack from my mom and grandma. I would like to try the method of braiding different colors together.

  342. Vicki Meeds

    I remember my mom using rick-rack on dresses for my sisters, dolls and me. It make them so pretty and unique. I’ve used it on aprons and doll clothes myself. My latest prorjects are for embellishing quilts.

  343. jean

    I want to use rick rack on home projects, such as throw pillows, comforter, etc

  344. Dolores Brady

    I’ve used several yards of rick rack on Raggedy Ann dolls and her aprons, It is one of my favorite notions 🙂

  345. Sherry

    I love using rick rack on projects. I have a couple of aprons made by my grandmother who was a lover of rick rack. I think I would like to try your apron pattern.

  346. Paula

    I would love to use the rick rack to make little flowers, and also to use it as a compliment to the smocking in the first picture.

  347. Diane Middleton

    I love the look of woven ric rack..takes me back to my childhood and the dresses and aprons my mother used to sew

  348. dana

    Would love to try rick rack on some pillowcases that need to be finished. What a great idea 🙂

  349. Gillian

    The ‘Peekaboo’ technique looks absolutely adorable – what a fun way to use rick rack

  350. vicky denning

    I have used rick rack in many ways and I like to sew it on and then make a hem with only half of the rick rack showing. I’m going to try braiding the rick rack as that sounds very interesting and I’ve never seen it done. Loved your presentation at Stone Mt. and the little lizard crawling on the screen.

  351. Sharion Hart

    Rickrack is so retro. Just love it.

  352. K. Fred

    I would love to try some of the super-big rickrack. I have some vintage in silver and gold which I use sparingly for holiday items and princess-type things. I also collect the labels from vintage rickrack. Beautiful graphics!

  353. Judy Barden

    I haven’t ever found such great trimmed aprons on any other site – these are SUPER! I can’t wait to try them

  354. Brenda

    Can’t wait to use it on the aprons. They are the cutest aprons I’ve seen. Love the idea!

  355. Gail Linden

    I love to use rick-rack in different ways. I have used it in many sewing projects including as a decorative edge in place of a mat when framing counted cross-stitch projects when a mat is too much but you need something to enhance your project. I love to hear of different uses that I have not yet thought of!

  356. Debra Butland

    I remember rick rack trimmed sundresses growing up in the 50’s. Peasant blouses were also a favorite. I love to see new ways to use this great trim!

  357. Terri

    I sew little girl dresses for a mission & colorful rick rack really brightens the look & brings a smile to my face when thinking of the young girl receiving a pretty new dress.

    Thank you!

  358. Deb


  359. LouVel Johnson

    I am going to try using ric rak on my next shopping bag project. What a cute detail idea. I think I will do a couple of flowers with bias stems and maybe some cut out leaves. now i’m jazzed to get sewing.thank you 🙂

  360. Lin

    As a child a neighbor did a lot of sewing for me and she added rick rack to everything. I remember the sparkly pieces she put on a party dress; I wore that dress out and then removed the rick rack and my mom added it to the skirt’s on my Barbie doll clothes and accessories. It was wonderful.

  361. Cherri Kincaid

    Love Rick Rack! I have seen some great ideas of things to do with Rick rack. I was thinking about incorporating some on some quilts or pillows.

  362. Rebecca S

    what a lovely apron pattern

  363. Kathy Tripp

    I’d love to try the method of layering different colors together for something different. A great blog that inspires new use of rick rack. Thanks.

  364. gina

    love these aprons want to try one

  365. pam smith

    i love ric rac of all widths
    i am making several outfits for one of my grandaughters and would love to do more

  366. Kerry

    I would love to learn how to incorporate ric rack into chickenscratch embroidery!

  367. Dawn Tomlinson

    I LOVE rickrack. Big, tiny, lots of colors! My aunt made stationery using different sizes of rick rack as flowers, and drawing in stems and flowers. Would love to make Christmas gifts this year.

  368. Mary Ann Gesaman

    I love the idea of applying rick rack so that it looks like it was crocheted.

  369. Janey

    Awesome. Never had a daughter , only sewed for boys. Now we have granddaughters, the rick rack provides some exciting possibilities in clothing and quilting for them. Thanks for sharing!

  370. Carol

    I love using Novelty trims with ricrac, something I learnt at school, too too many years ago to mention really. On little girls dresses, perfect, on aprons, table clothes even cards. Ricrac is a special little curvy friend of mine.

  371. Cindy Farmer

    I love rick rack! I use it a lot on children’s clothing. I would love to learn new ways to use it!

  372. Nancy Sebastian

    I can’t wait to try rick rack on the quilted Christmas tree skirts I am making. It would add a nice retro touch!

  373. Cheryl Baker

    I’d love to try the neat borders that you show on your blog, with rickrack, stitching, and beads, too. Wow!

  374. Beth Joest

    I love rick rack and have recently taken up sewing again and love to add special touches to projects. I’m into retro and rick rack fits right in. Love the colors and different sizes too. 🙂

  375. Iris Soscia

    I love rick rack on aprons. My grandmother used to make them and they were so cute. Thanks for a chance to win. Iris

  376. Belinda Brown

    I love using rick rack in my scrapbook pages. I also like using it in many other craft items I make. I do love the apron would make a wonderful bridal shower gift.

  377. Liz Bryson

    Our large family makes Christmas gifts and these new ideas are awe inspiring! Thank you! I want to make rick rack rosettes and put them on dresses and head bands for my girls. My boys would love some denim pillows decorated with rick rack. The ideas are endless! The basket would be a blessing to us all. 🙂

  378. brenda moore

    i love the new ideas and colors. can’t wait to get started on my next project !!!

  379. Melanie Moraites

    Thanks for all the information on Ric Rac trim. I would like to try using it on my next quilt to add something extra and different. Thanks for the giveaway too.

  380. Jane Fulford

    I love rick rack and would love to add it to baby quilts because they look so much more cuddly with rick rack!!!

  381. Tamara

    Rick Rack just might be the most versatile trim! I use it whenever I can. I love to sandwich it in between the facing and front of garments, quilts and other crafts to create a simple scalloped edge. I use two colors of jumbo rick rack twisted together as a decorative edge over the borders on towels and on the edge of lamp shades for a completely different look. And, of course, it is always great as is for an embellishment on anything!

  382. Jane Fulford

    I love rick rack and I want to add it to baby quilts. It makes them so much more cuddly!!

  383. Katy Bair

    Amy, you are so creative. This looks like fun! thanks.

  384. Nancy Nebeker

    I didn’t know there were so many ways to sew rick rack down and create new patterns with it. Thanks for the information. I will look at things differently from now on!

  385. Patricia Stroud

    I want to try the peek a boo look shown on the last photo. I can see that idea lending itself to embellisments like beads.

  386. Sue B.

    What great ideas. Thank you.

  387. Angelette French

    In the ’50’s my mother made rick rack earrings that looked like litttle flowers with a pearl in the middle. They had screw backs. If my mom can remember how to make them, I think the flower would look cute for embellishing dresses for my Granddaughter. It would also like to make some vintage-style aprons and trim with rick rack.

    • Connie Douty

      I had a pair of rick rack earrings long, long, ago.
      Find a simple pattern using fabric strips to make roses. Ttwist the rick rack in a circle. After basting the bottom centers, the center of the rose, a bud. twist some more and then continue basting it together.
      Remember to baste a pearl or bead in the first baste stitches before you continue wrapping around and around. All you need is rick rack, a jewel and needle and thread You may want to use a drop of fabric glue along the way. Glue an earring back and you are finished..

  388. Rita Willmott

    Awesome ideas. I love it when they are included on quilts, too.

  389. Kimberly N.

    I love rick rack! It is such an easy way to pretty up a simple project. I love to add varying colors close to one another, like a rainbow effect.

  390. Jeanne Gray

    I would definitely use the apron ideas.

  391. Helen Bicknell

    I love using rickrack on various patterns. Had a great time with an Indygo skirt pattern for my granddaughters. I would love to learn more about sewing rickrack on curves.

  392. Shonna Hast

    Love the apron! I think i would try the circular ric rac idea on a shirt, or a babies onesie.

  393. McStamper

    I would love to make Christmas aprons for my daughters-in-law and also a handbag. Ric-Rac is also great on some paper crafting projects. Thanks for a chance to win.

  394. Lana Byrd

    Thanks you for the chance to win. The kids i am teaching to sew would love to make things using Rick Rack.

  395. Jan Vargas

    I am currently cutting aprons to sew up for Christmas gifts. They are all retro style and I need some rick rack to complete the look! Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  396. Terri

    I’ d love to try the rick rack medallion on the vintage pillowcase! The aprons are really darling, too. It makes me happy that people are using it more.

  397. Denise Bjorling

    I plan on making a fun holiday dress for my 20 month old granddaughter with rows of rickrack.

  398. Brenda Nelson

    I love adding rick-rack to sewing projects.

  399. Loisjean H. Radomski

    Thankyou for the chance to win rick-rack. I love to trim the grandkids and neices & nephewsclothes I make them for birthdays and Christmas. I want to make myself aprons and of course trim them also.

  400. Maureen Flax

    Thanks for the ideas! So many projects that could be done quickly. Rick rack is the perfect accent.

  401. Lori Bisbee

    I love rick rack. I use it often on lamp shades I recycle and sell at my lock consignment shop. I would love to try the curved application on pillow cases or aprons. Love your site. Lori

  402. Sweetpea1962

    I’m going to try the circular technique on purses!

  403. Janene Stott

    Ric Rac trim has been around a long time, I remember how much I love using it in my younger years. I am really intriques with the idea of using this apron pattern and using up some of my favorite fabrics I have in my stash. I love the fact that Ric Rac come in some many colors and widths.

  404. Debbie

    I’ve always loved rick rack. My daughter and I love to use it as trim for craft projects, Christmas ornaments and sewing projects. I would love to make the apron. It would make a great Christmas gift for her grandmother.

  405. Shirley Gilbert

    These aprons bring back days I spent with my grandmother when I was growing up. I would love to make them and give them as gifts to the many cousins so they too could remember days at “Granny’s” house.

  406. Joan

    I just love the vintage apron — reminds me of my mother and aunts. I would love to try the embroidery and rick rack combination on an apron.

  407. Diana

    I love the apron pattern. I would like to learn that technique. I love ric rac!

  408. Linda McKay

    I love the rickrack on the curve, especially the circle. I never thought about it being that flexible that you could do all kinds of creative curves and shapes with it, I’m thinking about using it as a quilting embellishment. Lots of great ideas that you’ve given us, not enough time in the day to try them all but I’ll sure make a run at it!

  409. Ann

    Ohhh, how fun! I love making burp clothes for my grandchildren. I use ric rac as trim!

  410. Sharon

    I used rick rack on my little girls dresses in the 60’s. Also used some smocking with the dresses and baby rick rack. Aprons were there in the 60’s for use not just to hang in the Kitchen. I made a cherry apron back then and my daughter in law just bought some fabric I would say was a exact match, a litte better fabric, And of course some red rick rack to acompany the apron.

  411. Katie

    Neat! I use them on burp clothes for new babies!

  412. Donna

    I think I’d like to make the rick-rack flowers and then the cute apron. Rick-rack is making a great come-back.

  413. Janet Spaid

    My sister and I are really into aprons. We found a hand drawn pattern at our Mom’s that was taken from our grandmother’s apron. I would love to make it for my sister and add some rick rack to it.

  414. Vicki O'Dell

    I adore ric rac! I’d love to make a couple of the aprons for Christmas gifts. 🙂

  415. Susan

    I love Ric-Rac !!!!!!!!

    I would like to make the little flower buds (rolling-up the trim).
    Of course, the apron is a great project, pincushions would be quick.

    Almost all of my homemade clothes when growing up had ric-rac on them and that is why I like that trim over all of the others available.


  416. CJ Armstrong

    I love the Rick-Rack Apron! I make aprons and sell them and use rick-rack on them in all kinds of ways and I’m always trying new things with it.
    I would also use rick-rack to make “flowers”, in all sizes for brooches, earrings, and other pieces of jewelry!!
    Fun! Fun!!

  417. Vickie

    I love to add ric rac on curtains and pillows! Christmas stockings are so cute with it around the top! I would really like to try to trim out the edge of something because I haven’t tried that yet! I especially like the jumbo! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  418. JoAnn

    I have used ric rac since I was a young girl, and am happy it’s “back in style”. The apron is wonderful, and that gives me the idea to make a tree skirt trimmed in ric rac…would love to use yours!

  419. Sandy_in_MD

    I like the rick rack apron project – I think that would be the first thing I would make. Thanks for the chance to win this terrific prize pack!

  420. Heather M

    I;m in love with that apron! I’d also like to make crayon holder with some of that beautiful rick rack.

  421. Karin McClain

    This brings back memories of all the clothes embellished with ric rac that Mom used to sew for us! I would use the crochet look with ric rac on greeting cards.

  422. Kristin McNamara Freeman

    I love to use rick-rack for edge of shape decoration and would love to try my hand at the jumbo rick rack and use some with added embroidery

  423. Jill

    How fun would it be to use the rick-rack on the composition covers to make gifts for my friends with e-books!!

  424. Kathy Messer

    I love to make burp clothes and trim with ric-rac. Everyone loves receiving them and I love giving them.

  425. kathy

    Wow what a great giveaway it is hard to find rick rack in my local stiores so it would be neat to win some

  426. Donna

    OMG! My birthday is Friday and I would LOVE to win this basket as a gift! I will be out working a show and away from my family but it would make my day to win this awesome basket assortment!

  427. Marianne john

    I would add it to the tote bags my 12 year old daughter and I are making for Christmas. She’s just starting to learn to sew.

  428. Sharon

    I would love to learn to apply rick rack on a curve for embelishing pillowcases. It looks gorgeously retro and should be fun. also the tic tac toe look is cute for kids clothes.

  429. Bree

    I recently started using rick rack to spruce up some handmade shirts. The outcome was so pretty! If I’m the lucky winner, I would decorate purses, towels, and greeting cards. Thank you for the chance to win!

  430. carolyn

    Would love to make some rick rack flowers!!

  431. Kathy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE RICK RACK. I have collected vintage for years. I most of your patterns so I can use it on them. I also work with vintage fabric, lace and buttons to create lots of items. I sell them at markets. Love the tutorial about sewing on rick rack. I never knew how to do that! Thanks much!

  432. Rene from OZ xo

    I love Rick Rack, I would like some ideas to use it on cards and scrapbooking. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Rene from OZ xo

  433. Mary

    I enjoyed reading about applying rickrack on a curve. I have used rickrack on a tulip quilt I made. I used it as an accent to divide my rows of tulips. It worked great.

  434. Jessica

    I love the idea of embroidering over rick rack. Why haven’t I thought to combine the two?!

  435. Nicole Rehmann

    I want to try layering rick rack for new and different looks. I also have been working on making variations on ribbon roses with rick rack. I LOVE rick rack!

  436. Katrina Little

    Rick Rack has always had an “old-time” feel for me. I would love to experiment with new updated ways to utilize it. I AM going to make all my Christmas presents this year. On my to do list – purses, padded memo boards, pillows, and pet beds. Would love to use rick rack as a unifying theme for all my presents!!

  437. Toni Gilless

    I would try the layering technique to spice up quilts.

  438. Esther Sisson

    I am currently working on the granddaughters outfit that features a lot of rickrack. Perfect color accent for any creation not to mention it is my kitties favorite toy when tied in a few knots. Perfect!

  439. penelope king

    I would like to add rick rack embellishment to some aprons my late Aunt Birdie gave me.

  440. Jean Durbin

    Whooo who!!! What a fantastic prize!! Too much fun and it would make everything look better. Pick me pick me… 🙂

  441. JoAn GODFREY

    i would love to try adding ricrac as a flange on a quilt and in sashing.

  442. Peggy Dixon

    I have always loved rickrack. I have made ear rings that look like flowers by sewing thru edges, gathering and applying a bead as a center. Would do these again and use on aprons, table runners, curtains, OHhhhhh so many, many things to do with rickrack.

    Glad to see it!!!!

  443. StaceyN

    I’ve never used it before so I’d enjoy putting it on anything I can think of! lol

  444. Kim Hardee

    I love the aprons.

  445. Marla Brown

    I think Id like to make my grandaughter a dress and put some rick-rack on it.

  446. Pat

    I would use it in quilts instead of piping. It is gorgeous.

  447. Dorian Goodyk

    I’d love to try it to jazz up my tote bags!!

  448. Jen Stevens

    I would love to try the overlapping technique on the cloth napkins I am planning to make for my family of 7 in an effort to use fewer paper napkins. LOVE your ideas!

  449. Billie Bodway

    I would love to use rick rack to join pieces such as on aprons, skirts or blouses. It gives it that whimsical almost mystical quality of “How’d you do that?”

  450. kathy h

    I would like to try the ricrak on the apron. Looks really cute.

  451. Glenda Coleman

    I would love to try the yo-yo pincushions. Great chance to use my yo-yo maker and learn a new rick rack technique.

  452. Kathie

    I saw a vintage apron patter where twp colors of ric rac were woven to look like braided trim. I would love a good excuse to try to duplicate it.

  453. Karen Agee

    Want to try making pillow cases or guest towels for the bath with rick rack. Love your example of using the curve on the vintage pillowcase.

  454. Leanne

    I’d love to try rick rack on a quilt, near the binding. So much fun!

  455. Gennie

    I would love to try the ric-rac apron! Very cute.

  456. Char Rathman

    I would love to mix ric rac with my laces for crazy quilts, different colors, sizes and shapes would be amazing.

  457. Gina

    Rick Rack is like using a pencil to draw, it can bend and shape to anything. All it needs is imagination, and Rick Rack can take you anywhere. As a 4-H leader in Bayfield County, WI, these kids have wonderful, imaginative and creative minds. Each year the kids make gifts for friends and families for the holidays. Using Rick Rack it will make a great medium for cards and cloth coasters.

  458. Karen Agee

    Rick Rack has been with me all my life for everything, home decor, children’s clothes, aprons, broomstick skirts, kitchen/bath–aprons, towels, potholders. The list goes on. Also have a large collection of vintage rick rack.

  459. Eileen

    I liked all of the ideas posted about rick rack. I am old school and never realized how attractive and creative rick rack could be. Hope I win so I can try all of the ideas.

  460. Laurie Huckeba

    I would like to try layering the rick rack on top of straight ribbon for some detail on a baby quilt I am doing. Think it would be a cute accent! Also want to use it on some cards. Love the looK! 🙂 Thanks for the drawing. 🙂

  461. Troy Louise

    I have always loved ric rac. My grandmother used it all the time & I still have some of the things she made with it. I would love to try it on gingham like she did. Thanks so much.

  462. Cathryn Bay-Fowler

    I love rickrack! I use it on aprons in my etsy shops, and anythink else I can think of. I’m going to try just catching the edge of it, as shown on your rick rack apron.
    We’ve had fun twisting red and white together to make rick rack candy canes!

  463. Becky B.

    I would use on some baby things for my grand baby hope chest.

  464. milly

    I love rickrack. It is hard to find in stores now days. Any time I find some I buy it. I love to use it as a border around quilts where you only see half of it. Also love to use it around pockets and as straps on my grandchildren clothing. I used to make Barbie clothing for my children.

  465. Rebecca

    Ageless charm for any project! I enjoy using rickrack for table linens and as a replacement for bindings in my summer garments.

  466. Susan

    I’d love to try the handsewing technique around the curved necklines and sleeves of some little summer nightgowns. Doing the handsewing would be relaxing and fun, and it would be so sweet to have contrast color rick rack on cotton gowns!

  467. Marita Schweitzer

    I put it side by side weaving it on purses, wool, patent leather, and bags. Love, love ,love it. I have collected all kinds of ric rac for years, and now am running out. I use it for everything.

  468. Kathy Lee

    Love those aprons! I think vintage style aprons with rick rack trim would be great Christmas presents!

  469. Nancy Moore

    I would like to use them to trim a quilt or for making stems for applique.
    thanks, Nancy

  470. Mary Turner

    I have never worked with ric rack using it as part of a circle. Wonderful idea. I am going right out and get a project started. You made my day. Thanks so much.

  471. Pat V.

    I’d love to try some curved trim like the one in your photo. I especially love putting rick rack on aprons.

  472. Beth

    I would love to stitch beads on rick rack—and embellish pretties!

  473. Chrissy

    Hmm, winning this would be a good start on getting back into the sewing mode. These rickracks would look great on small projects to give to friends.

  474. Sandy Dunphy

    I make reproduction old west clothing. I use fancy trims as of late but I’m thinking RICKRACK would be a very interesting and effective addition!


    I’ve used rickrack for years on clothing, aprons, just about everything. Especially like it on my grandchildren’s clothing that I make. The cost has gotten so high, that I have cut back on the use of it. Have some dresses cut out for my granddaughter’s school clothes and would love to win this to use for the dresses.

  476. Vivian Evans

    I would use the rick rack on pot holders I am going to make for XMAS gifts.

  477. Kay

    I would use the curve technique on a cami. Love your ideas.

  478. Terri

    I would have so much to use it on with two 2 year old grandbabies. Pretty summer clothes and so much more!

  479. Deborah Aguirre

    I would braid 2 colors together and sew it on my grand daughters sun dresses for summer.

  480. Nancy

    What a wonderful chance to play with so much ric rack! So many ideas come to mind. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  481. Jan Hawley

    I love the look of the red rick rack couched onto the black and white gingham! That would make a perfect border for pieces of an embroidered apron that belonged to my mother that I am framing for my sisters and my niece. Would love to win this package – thanks!

  482. Lisa H

    I would use the rick rack on children’s jumpers

  483. renee

    Hi now this would great for making my aprons well 2 too start and some lovely colors like jumbo rack .Great idea renee

  484. Geri Gardner

    Love aprons and ric rac! This is an adorable pattern!

  485. Lori Smith

    The ginham piece with ricrac & cross stitch brought back memories for me. My Grandmother made an apron for me with that same technique! I would love to try it myself. Thanks!

  486. Sandi H

    I love ric rack. Never tried the tic tac toe. Would like to learn.

  487. Harriet Wharton

    I love all the different Rick Rack that is out today. I think the the Tic Tac Toe totes are cute. I also would like to make some of those Yo Yo Pin Cushions, those would make adorable gifts.

  488. Dixie Moye

    love the pictures of the ric rac trim. I’m going try the pillowcase edging – it is sooo cute!

  489. Diane Mcdonald

    Thanks for the great, clear directions on how to stitch down rick rack. That will be put into use right away.

  490. Audra Ciprich

    I love rick rack, it makes me soooo HAPPY! I try to use rick rack on everything I make, so may sizes and colors it ads a little happy to everything. Pillowcases, mug rugs, quilts, clothes, table runners. I would rick rack my walls if my husband would let me 🙂

  491. Gail Knutson

    I plan on putting rick rack on dish towels that I have embroidered, as well as pillow cases. It will add that special touch! I also plan on making the yo-yo pin cushions. I am just learning how to sew, and will keep rick rack in mind for that as well.

  492. Loretta T

    The curve method on a girls holiday dress would be soooo cute.

  493. Bonnie

    I’d like to try rick-rack on some scrapbook pages. Blue could be used to represent waves of water on a summer-fun page. Red and green would be a nice border on a holiday page.

  494. Naomi

    I love rickrack. My mom used it on dresses, skirts, pillowcases, potholders, towels and anything else she could think of. I used jumbo rickrack to trim a swimsuit cover up and tote for the pool. I would like to try the curve rickrack application.

  495. Juliana A

    I would try to use it on pouches and purses! They look amazing!

  496. Robin Baker

    I love the idea of layering the rick rack in different colors. 😀
    I would love to use some in my crayon wallets.

  497. Cheryl Hutcherson

    I love using rick rack on my handmade cards. What a great giveaway!

  498. Brie

    I need to learn to apply rick rack to curves!

  499. Sam

    I’m a vintage rick-rack collector. I am vintage, the rick rack is old and new. That apron pattern is delightful.

  500. Amy Zimmer

    Love the tic tac totes! Love ric rac and never quite know what to do with it. can’t wait!


  501. Joyce

    Love the variations of the rick rack on the gingham. I’d like to try the curve & peek a boo idea.

  502. Amy Irwin

    I would like to use rick rack on the edge of a blanket my mom is going to sew for me! I really would love to win this to give to my daughter who LOVES to sew and she would use rick rack to make bows, bracelets…whatever her creative mind would come up with. :0)

  503. Nikki Barker

    I love retro styles and ric rack is #1 in my book!
    I make alot of my childrens play clothes and I love to use ric rack as shoulder straps on their pillowtop dresses.
    I’ve also learned that if I put it on my boys inside hems, the hem stays longer than the boys sizes do.

  504. Aimee

    I am bookmarking that method of stitching on rickrack. I never liked the stitch-down-the-middle method.

  505. Mariëlle

    I would love to try jumbo rick rack, it is not for sale where I live so I would love to win some so I can try it. I love quilting and want to use it for that.

  506. Julie from PDX

    I would definitely use the rick rack for holiday gift projects, ornaments, stockings, table runners, etc!

  507. nellie

    i love rick rack it’s gives such a beautiful finish look to any decor or project ‘s that you use with it’s. what a wow give-a-way gift ,hope im the lucky person to win this prize

  508. Beverly {Flamingo Toes}

    LOVE this giveaway!! I have a real weakness for Rick rack – I’ve used it in lots of projects but I’ve never done embroidery over the top, like in your first photo. I will definitely be trying that next!!

  509. Patricia

    I would love to try the rickrack cutout like the pillow, and also to embellish a waistband on an apron!

  510. Tammy Willaimson

    I would love to try to make a “patch work” jumper for my seven year old with the rick rack on the hem….super cute for Christmas

  511. NinaN

    I would love to use it to make that beautiful apron!

  512. Lou

    Love ric rac, use it on girls clothing and on doll clothes. Always a fun decoration!!!

  513. Stephanie

    I would love to try embellishing a skirt with rick rack and embroidery!

  514. Therese

    I’d like to make that vintage pillow case, and learn how to put giant rick rack in the binding of a quilt.

  515. cynthia

    I love rick-rack. My mother used it for her aprons and pillows that she made. I have used it in my crazy quilting. I even used the jumbo size on a pillow.

  516. Robin E Smith

    I can think of so many projects to use this trim on! I am making doll clothes for grandchildren and this would be great!

  517. Kathy White

    Loved using different colors of ric rac on matching little girls dresses so they knew which one was hers. Also like to use as an embellishment on a quilt. I can’t wait to try the circle.

  518. Denise

    I am excited about embellishing baby quilts, quillows(quilt that rolls into a pillow), and book bags for my grandchildren….or …for any chilren’s item. I love the ideas for braiding two strands together….and for stitching down to clothing in a variety of stiches and methods. Visiting your web site is like Zig Zag Heaven!

  519. Cindy Wise

    Using the rick rack and embroidery on gingham is the technique that I plan to try……it combines two of my favorites rick rack and gingham. Thanks.

  520. Irene Redfern

    The blue curved pillowcase looks interesting. I think I might give that a try. All the ideas look great.

  521. Susan

    I’ve been using rick rack for years and never thought of even half of these ideas. Thank you!

  522. Stephanie Mansdoerfer

    I have always liked rick rack. It reminds me of my childhood and projects my mom would make. I’d like to try braiding two or three colors together. I also liked the idea of placing it on a curve. There are so many possibilities! Thanks for your generous offer! Love that you are reviving patterns and ideas!

  523. sew2day

    I have used rickrack as a substitute for hair on a cloth doll but I would love to use it as a classy “faux crochet” edge on a tee.

  524. Dori Waterstone Chrstian

    I’d like to make a skirt similar to one made in high school. With a plain fabric I made a skirt with many rows of rick-rack going around the hem. It gave it a striped effect. I wore it Spring and Summer for a few years My mother loved rick-rack and she’d come home with many colors and pacages of it. As a matter of fact, I own quite a lot of it myself !

  525. MARLENE M

    I would use the rick rack for pincushions, tin cans, jars and any other fabric craft project… Love to mix up embellishments with paper & fabric.

  526. Virginia L.

    Love the curved rickrack on the pillowcase. I’d like to try that on a neckline of pretty blouse.

  527. Kath

    I’d like to try that decorative two color tack down on a curve.

  528. Donna short

    I love rick rack, I use it on sewing projects such as doll clothes and decorations on other sewing projects. I love the different sizes. I also use rick rack on cards that i make. It is a different and unusual trim that adds dimention

  529. Deborah

    I love the look of ric-rac on aprons. Thank you for a great give away!

  530. Maddy

    My daughter requested I make her something to store plastic grocery bags for her to recycle. I made her a “Bag Lady” bag to hold her recyclables. The little aprons on the “Bag Lady” use rick-rack as decoration. It was fun to make, useful and very cute. I haven’t’ used rick-rack on anything since my kids were small. What a treat.

  531. Allyson Baldwin

    I love rick rack…..all sizes and vintage and new. I have some small flowers made by gathering one edge of the rick rack into a circle and putting beads in the center. These are vintage from the 40’s or 50’s…

  532. Christy

    I would like to try using rick-rack to trim along the hem!

  533. Darlene S

    Thanks Amy for starting the creative ideas going again. I love to twist 2 different colors of rick rack together to make a braid and use that way. I also use it sort of like piping within a seam(especially on the edge of a collar) with only the zig showing (the zag is within the seam). My new ideas is using the way you stitched down the points but making a small embroidered flower such as a lazy daisy or a rose bud. Think that would be great on the little girl’s dress I am working on…. now off to find a complementary color rick rack for the dress.

  534. Nancy

    The rick rack on the pillow cases look so pretty. Would love to try that! Add a vintage embroidery on it and you have perfection!

  535. Paula V

    This rick rack is such a versitable embelishment!!
    A gal can never have enough!!!!!!!

  536. Susan

    Rick-Rack is awesome for embellishing everything. Use it in scrapebooking and sewing purses crafts etc. Just love trying it in different projects.

  537. Missy Grall

    Rick rack is my absolute favorite trim! Never been able to use it on a curve, so I’m anxious to try that technique. Oh please, pick pick me!

  538. mel

    I’d like to try the chicken scratch technique with the rick rack. A great way to add a bright spot to your sewing day!

  539. Molly

    Rick-rack is one of the first things I learned to sew w/. It makes great accents and fun projects even all by itself! I’d love to try the apron pattern actually.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  540. Cyndi

    I LOVE rick rack!!! Big or small, every color! I want to make aprons for Christmas gifts and they definitely need rick rack.

  541. Casey

    I used rick rack in my very first sewing project years ago in sewing class in junior high school. I especially like the look of rick rack when it’s used as a border and the edges “peep” out at you — thanks for your inspiration!

  542. Teresa Grell

    Love , love, love all the new again uses for Ric rac. I am making a lot of fun clothes for my 6 year old. Ric rac is a great way to girly it up and add great texture! Looking forward to puting it in the hem line of her next skirt. Thanks so much for the new ideas and contest!

  543. Bonnie P.

    This brings back a lot of memories for me of when my mother used rick rack on her sewing projects. I think I would like to decorate some towels with it and also make some aprons to decorate using the larger rick rack.

  544. Elliot

    I would love to add more Rick-rack to my aprons and to add definition and style to my quilts!

  545. Skey1952

    Rick rack is such a useful decoration item. Since it comes in so many colors and sizes you can always find an appropriate trim for any project you can dream up. I love winding 2 colors together as a colorful variation.

  546. Linda Shinn

    Ireally like to use rick rack on my square dance outfits,adds color and fun.

  547. Denise

    Love the look of rickrack

  548. Annie A

    The rick rack is so cute on this pattern. I have been using it in baby quilts for a while now. What a lovely addition.

  549. Cindy Van Duzor

    I come from a long line of sewers who have used rick rack in their sewing. I just used rick rack on the “Dorthy” costume I made for my two year old granddaughter.

    I have a favorite picture from 1960. My mother made herself and her three daughters easter dresses and embellished the skirt with a rick rack daisy.

  550. Barbara Muenchow

    I love the many, many ways to use rick-rack. I think it is really nice on little girls dresses. Like they says something old is new again.

  551. Kirsten C.

    The yo-yo pin cushions are absolutely fabulous! I am going to give those a try.

  552. Cindy

    I think rick-rack around a potholder is so cute. And I LOVE the rick-rack roses I see people making, and I’d like to try those for embellishing headbands for little girls.

  553. Baraka Truss

    I would love to use rick rack to emblelish cards and other paper crafts!!

  554. Elizabeth

    I love the curved ric rac on the pillowcase. Would be so pretty to try this on the lower portion of a little girls full skirt!

  555. Lori

    I loved playing with the rick rack in my great grandma’s sewing box when i was a child. I’d like to try playing with it as embellishment for my quilts, both big and small. 🙂

  556. sue feely

    Love, love, love ric rac! Especially the larger sizes, I plan to make a few aprons for the Holidays, a ric rac accent would really set them off!

  557. Tina

    I’ve always loved rick-rack and never not used it! It just always makes me smile!

  558. Terri Cleveland

    In my many years of sewing I have used much rickrack. Baby things, kitchen, aprons even skirts.But now I am using the baby rick rack on my card s I make for friends and relatives I know its going to work Glad to see such a gift being offered. I do hope I am fortunate enough towin. Good work girls keep it up.
    Terri Cleveland No. Dartmouth, MA

  559. Sandra Hutchinson

    I never realized that rickrack was back into the 1800’s and called waved braid. Very interesting.
    Back in high school I had to make an apron for home ec. The whole class had the same fabric, a black and white striped cotton and we were told that we could decorate it any way we wanted. I remember using a pink rickrack and forming musical notes . I believe it was three notes, one low and two high, spacing them just like a sheet of music. Received an A for the project and very proud of myself. I do not remember what happened to the apron but when I read your blog it brought back alot of memories of the apron. I love the ideas that you stated especially wih the pillowcase. I plan on making pillowcases for my granddaughters to go with their bedding and I will be decorating them with rickrack. I love it. Thanks for the ideas.

  560. Chris in OK

    What was old is new again – love the big rick rack. So many possibilities for holiday sewing!

  561. Deborah Rogers Mercy

    Amy, thank you so much, I have always loved the look of rickrack. Im going to play with some Chicken Scratch, Rick Rack and Gingham fabric, maybe make some Christmas ornaments out of it.
    Thanks bunches, and again, it was so good to see you the Southern Living Show in GA.

  562. Marcyne Efraimson

    I love the vintage look of rick rack. I would use it between seams, do rick rack flower, and stitch it together to create wider laces.

  563. Shirley Cox

    Haven’t used rick rack for years and years so this gives me inspiration to try some creative ideas.

  564. Linda

    I remember using rick rack back in the 60’s & 70’s…would love to get back into using it again! I love doing aprons and rick rack is awesome on them!

  565. Pam

    Look at adding it to quilts or aprons. Love the circle of rick rack on the pillow case. Great for all vintage sewing!

  566. Nina

    Oh this brings back memories of one of my first dresses that I had sewed while I was in high school. It was red and I had trimmed it with blue rick rack. I love the smocking with the rick rack accent. I would love to try that. Your yo-yo pin cushions are cute too!

  567. Rosalina Garcia

    I love vintage trims and fabric. Now you’ve sparked my imagination as to what I can do with with the rick rack. First project will be rick rack on my granddaughter’s winter dresses and pants.

  568. Jackie Clauson

    I make Postcard Quilts and want to try using rick rack like you show on the black and white checked piece. I’ve never seen this technique before, and I think it will make a fun and easy embellishment. Thanks for the simple, but effective idea!

  569. Heather Henry

    I love ric rac on aprons and am very excited to see the ‘right’ technique for sewing it around curves! I can hardly wait to try that. Ric rac flowers also sound like a fun embellishment. What fun!

  570. Aileen Sharma

    Love your book !
    As a new sewist, I adore the nostalgia of Rick rack and the memories of my mom,aunt and grandmother sewing.
    I grew up in the seventies when sewing was not considered cool but rather old fashioned. I totally missed out in learning this wonderful art until now in my very late forties ! My dear Grandmother has been gone for quite a while but I have a 1970’s retro sewing basket like hers. How I would love to be able to add Rick rack to it in her memory. I have never seen the large Rick rack so I would start with that to make flowers.

  571. Violet Thornton

    I used to make my girls and granddaughers clothes, used lots o rickrack saved the small tiny pieces for doll clothes, especially barbies. Need to work on doll clothes for great grand daugher

  572. Joy

    Would love to use it on my appliqué and aprons. The new colors are sizes are great.

  573. Sheila P. Williamson

    Like so many others who have commented, rick rack reminds me of my mother, aunts and grandmother sewing school clothes for my cousin and I, and doll clothes too! I am so glad it is making a come back. I love using it on aprons and embellishing towels with it. I might try the crocheted appearance on my next project. What a great giveaway – hope I win!!

  574. Barbara Perrotti

    I plan to sew the rick rack apron. Thanks for the inspiration.

  575. Jenny Ratliff

    I love ric rac. Thanks for the curves tutorial. I always wondered how to do that.

  576. Pamela Reim

    In a block exchange with friends, I discovered that 12 inch blocks are not all 12 inches so I used extra wide black rick rack with the black sashing to camoflague where I had to add a bit of fabric to some blocks.

  577. Karen Diebolt

    I love putting rick rack on pillow cases. I also like the idea of putting it on old style aprons.

  578. Veline Ball

    Since I’m a Grandma, I’ve been using Rick Rack for years. I love using it to edge burp cloths and on the tops of quilts. It looks lovely on book covers, especially the extra jumbo Rick Rack. I love your new ideas for aprons and embellishing the Rick Rack with embroidery stitches. I want to try that!
    Recently, I learned new techniques of making flowers with Rick Rack! I love it!

  579. Gina @ Oaxacaborn

    I think I would like to try braiding rickrack, and then incorporating it into a headband!

  580. Kathy Cooper

    I love the technique of hand sewing the “waved braid-rick rack” on items such as pillow cases or towels. I have always used my sewing machine in the past and was not happy with the outcome. Thanks for the visual of hand sewing.

  581. diana dunham

    its amazing all the fun things you can do with rick rack!!

  582. Karen

    In Alaska, lots and lots or rick rack is used on the traditional garment called a Kuspuk. The rick rack is sewed above and below decorative embroidered trim for a beautiful effect. I have also used rick rack by “braiding” two colors together for a colorful trim.

    • Amy Barickman

      I did not know that Karen! How interesting! Thanks for sharing — I’ll have to learn more!

  583. Barbara Erwin

    I think the rick rack would be stunning on a Christmas Tree Skirt. You just gave me a great idea..

  584. Wendi Unrein

    I am a Rick rack fiend!!!! I love to use it on so much as it makes things, as Jenny says, Zippy!!! I remember my mon used it on our clothes as kids but I just love it now! The brighter the colors the better! We esp love hot pink with lime green – addicting!! We now use it to bind Jenny’s artwork with hot glue – makes our art pop!!!

  585. e butler

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to use this package in so many ways. First to add some cute flowers to my grad daughters dresses and second to add to a gingham apron. This type of handwork is one of my favorites.

  586. Cyndie Warren

    I think the Tic Tac Tote looks stunning. I also like the pincushion idea. Would like to try both. Thanks for great ideas.

  587. Charlene Gilmore

    I want to use the rick rack on my quilts. I think it would be cute

  588. Dolores Brockman

    Would love to use them on outfits I sew for my granddaughter

  589. olivia fuentes

    I love rickrack I’m happy to see it being used again. I would like to see it incorporated with beading. Sure would love to win that fabulous prize package. Awaiting in Texas Sincerely Livy

  590. Lisa Ann

    I love Rick Rack and wold love to try the curves with the embroidery point details.

  591. Crystal

    I would like to use Rick-Rack to make cuff bracelets!!

  592. Tammi Hackley

    Thanks for a chance to win- I will use to embellish a crazy quilt and aprons

  593. Donna Elaine

    I would like to try the Rick Rack apron pattern , these aprons remind me of my Grandma so much!

  594. Lydia

    I love rick rack. I am anxious to try decorative stitches on the rick rack that I saw on a Bernina blog–which I can’t find anymore! The decorative stitch that was chosen fit in the spaces of a wide rick rack. I’ll have to try that myself and post it on my blog some day.

  595. Tammi Hackley

    I will use it on a crazy quilt to embellish and on aprons

  596. Linda

    I have always loved rick rack and used it on many items. It reminds me of many memories of my growning up with my grandma.

  597. Ellen H

    I love rick rack and remember stringing beads with it to make lei’s when I was little. I would like to try the curved rick rack technique! Thank you for this fun give-a-way!

  598. Katrina H.

    I would love to try the rick rack insertion in your Rick Rack Apron pattern. My sister is a barista and I’m always on the lookout for a new and fun apron for her.

  599. Sandy

    My Grandma used to make little flower earrings out of this with little beads and I would go door to door selling then for $1.

  600. Linda Ward

    You’ve inspired me to use rick rack again! There are so many applications…my crazy quilt…pillows…aprons…bags…bibs….!

  601. sharon

    Rick rack takes me back to my childhood. Sitting by my grandmother as she sewed, I loved to go through the drawers of the sewing cabinet and feel everything! I can still remember the smell of the wood, the fabric, even her house just by looking at these photos of rick rack designs. She died when I was 5, I’m now 60 and have three granddaughters that I share my love of sewing with. I want to try the curved design on the pillowcase, perhaps we can make them for the grandsons too!

  602. Linda, NE Iowa

    It’s wonderful that rick rack has made a dramatic comeback! I would use the rick rack on the pincushions I make.

  603. Sandy E

    I love playing with rick-rack! Starting with doll dresses, it has been a favorite for decorating both garments and home dec items. I hope I win, my rick rack stash needs replenishing! Thank you for the intriging new ideas and contest!

  604. karen

    I would like to try sewing the rick rack on a curve like in the vintage pillow case, but putting it on a jacket instead adding a bead at each point.

  605. Bliss

    I’d like to try some braiding techniques in my mixed media work along with embroidery on top of the rick rack!

  606. Jeanne Gerhard

    I love rickrack and want to try all of the techniques!

  607. Suzy

    I love using rick rack, especially on aprons and baby quilts. While reading your blog, I did discover a new technique of using embroidery floss to tak down the rick rack. I want to use that technique in my next project. Looks super! Thank you for sharing.

  608. Pat Hayrynen

    Would love to try the pillowcase design on a T-shirt or sweatshirt. The stitching in contrasting color offers design appeal too.

  609. Meghan Grace

    I love making aprons and trimming them in ric rac! Adorable! Thanks for such a nice giveaway! Meghan

  610. Sarah

    Can’t get enough rick rack! I want to use it on some Christmas stockings Count me in for the contest..

  611. Marsha Kruze

    I love the look of the rickrac on the gingham fabric. My grandmother made gingham aprons and it would be neat to make my own gingham apron with the ric rac for my daughter and futute granddaughters.

  612. Ann

    I love ric rac. I’m so glad it’s become available. I used it on a baby quilt i made recently. It came out great.

  613. Meredith

    I’ve been working with vintage fabrics and linens with my quilting and reick rack is the perfect embellishment! Have Amy’s book and find it very useful in my new venture.

  614. Nadine

    I love ric rac. It adds so much to whatever you are making. On an ornament, after embrodering/cross-stitching a towel for a finishing touch, of course on kids clothes and what about on those adorable things you make for the dolls? Way cute.

  615. Jennifer Davis

    I have some great memories of using rickrack on the first doll clothes that I designed and sewed. Mom would order the Wright’s remnant packages and give them to us to sew on our creations. Rickrack is amazingly versatile, and holds up so well, especially on children’s clothing. I have grandkid’s clothing to make that would look so cute with rickrack.

  616. Ruth

    I have never before thought of using rickrack as fagoting (to join or replace seams). What a great idea! And although I already use LOTS of smaller-size rickrack and other trim to embellish broomstick skirts, I have never tried joining one skirt tier to another with rickrack. And even one row of that large rick rack to join a tier would create a nice lacy effect.

  617. Jan King

    I forgot to add on my comment that I am anxious to try the rick rack applied on the curve…Thanks!

  618. Loony Lady

    Love the memories that come with rickrack! Aprons and dresses that Gramma made! Designs with embroidery…..Glad to see them coming back again!

  619. B J Elder

    I’ve been wanting to play more with the wide ricrac, using it in outfits for my granddaughter, as well as trim on bags/purses. Thanks for the great ideas and the wonderful giveaway.

  620. Phyllis

    I would like to try the rickrack on the curve. It has such a vintage look. Thanks for the chance to win.

  621. Carla

    Rick rack is a very useful trim. I has been used for generations in my sewing family. We lovingly call it “rit rat”, as my mother as a tiny child referred to it. I love to make flowers from rick rack. There are several flower variations that rick rack is used to make very cute daises, like my grandmother made to decorate dresses on a budget, to quite beautiful roses that I have used to embellish flip flops to coats. I love rock rack!
    I would love to win the giveaway!

  622. Leigh Ann

    I’m so glad to see ric rak coming back ! I have some great vintage ric rak that I have picked up at garage sales, etc. and I use them on all my craft doll dresses- they really add a lot!

  623. Cheryl

    I would love to try making curves with ric rac. I am getting back into sewing clothes, and like the vintage look ric rac could give things. Thanks!

  624. Kelly Carithers

    Nothing is cuter than rick rack on a little girl’s dress! That’s what I would do with it!!

  625. Vicki S

    I love ric rac and have used it on a quilt for my new granddaughter, now I want to make flowers out of it, and use them on clothing for her or embellish sweatshirts or handbags. The possiblities are truly limitless

  626. Jan King

    I have loved rick rack ever since my grandma used it to adorn the clothes she used to make me as a child over a half century ago! I have continued the tradition. Thank you so much for the additional ideas and the trip down memory lane. What’s old is new again!

  627. Anna Dudden

    I have used rick-rack on tea pot favors for a ladies tea. I made the tea pots out of old denim jeans and put the rick-rack around the outside edge for a border. They went over bgig at the tea. I am looking forward to using rick-rack on a quilt now. Just have to come up with the pattern I want to use.

  628. Vicki Adkins

    I like to use jumbo rick rack on quilt-as-you-go quilts. When the rick rack and binding go on, you are done! I also use rick rack instead of piping to embellish baby quilts.

  629. Debra Bopp

    I would love to try doing the rick rack flowers. The kind you gather and they look like roses. So many ideas!!

  630. Kathy Davis

    I love the way the red rick rack is sewn in the first picture. I would love to try this on an apron or a little girl’s dress. Thanks.

  631. Jenny

    oh wow, I love rick rack. I love vintage clothing and accessories and love to try to make them. Rick rack is a great finishing touch on so many things – I’d LOVE a great stash of it!

  632. Joyce

    When I was a little girlI had many article of cloths made bu mon with rick rack “decorations”. Now I am in my 70’s and want to try myself. MEMORIES,those MEMORIES,
    Joyce Carter

  633. Caroline

    Wow, now I know what I am going to do with all those wonderful vintage percale pillowcases I’ve been saving. The pattern will look absolutely wonderful in different color rick rack. Can’t wait to try it. Thank you!

  634. Nancy Battersby

    I love to sew vintage and rickrack is perfect for that. I plan to make matching aprons for my DIL and 3 year old granddaughter for Christmas gifts this year, the contest basket would come in very handy. I also want to try your curves method. Thanks
    Nancy B

  635. kathleen j. king

    If I won the rick rack I would make the vintage apron pattern with rick rack for my daughter and her best friend. They are into vintage and aprons. Thanks for the chance.

  636. KarenD

    I would like to try ric rac on pillows and aprons. I would also like to try some of Kari Mecca’s designs; also ric rac and french knots.

  637. Carmen

    I love the look of crochet. I would try that.


    Unbelievebly versatile in the ways Rick Rack is used
    to enhance quilting, clothing and handmade projects.
    Would love love love to have the opportunity to use
    the Rick Rack is so many projects. Thanks so much

  639. Rose

    My mom made most of my clothes when I was a little girl. I think there was Rick rack on almost everyone of them. It is
    irresistible stuff!!!

  640. Veronica Christensen

    I am making a pumpkin filled with fall flowers for a Thanksgiving wall hanging and ric rac will make a nice border around it in a gold and I’d add ric rac on the binding in a contrast color.

  641. Bernadette Andaloro

    I love the recap of the historical aspects of rick rack. I’d love to see a small book on the subject. Personally, I’d like to try the technique that looks lke crochet work.

  642. Pamela

    I love ric rack it is one of my favorite tools for embellishment. I want to learn how to add it to my quilts to make accent lines and create space. Thanks for the opportunity!

  643. Jean

    I would love to use it on tote bags and small project bags that I make.

  644. Pam K

    Rick Rack is one of my most favorite trims, especially when it is the vintage ones with multiple colors. I would love to use this Rick Rack pack to make some super-cool aprons for all of my gal pals for Christmas. Everyone needs a good apron!

  645. Kim

    I would love to incorporate the rick rack on curves. Patterning this on a table runner would be a very pretty effect and unique as well.

  646. Lynne H

    Rick rack has been a favorite embelishment of mine since I was a kid back in the 70’s. Not only do I use it on my sewing and crafts, but in my scrapbooking and home decorating as well. I love finding innovative ways to use it.

  647. Janis C. Campbell

    I will use the rick rack (if I win) to make a few aprons and I also have a pattern for a gift bag that has rick rack around it. I love the vintage apron patterns and look forward to making some for friends and maybe to sell at a craft fair at our church. I am retired and I love sewing!! I could also use the rick rack on my homemade cards and scrapbooking. How did it get the name “rick rack?”

  648. Diana Pike

    I would love to try it out on aprons, especially a child’s apron. It just looks so cheerful.

  649. Tina Gordon

    I would love to put some of this rick rack on a purse! That would give it such a fun look.

  650. Pam

    I love the look of rick rack. I all of a sudden have 3 granddaughters under the age of 3. WOW, so many projects and so little time. I could use some help. I love sewing for these little girls and rick rack just adds that special touch. I have used it in the hems a lot. I have cut the hem line up a little, sewed on the rick rack and then attached the bottom part of the hem with the lower part of the rick rack. It turned out so cute.

  651. Jeanette

    I have used rick rack on quilts and bags, but would luv to try it on the aprons…Thank You !!

  652. Charmaine McLaughlin

    What fun ideas!! Would like to try the braided idea as I’ve seen it done before and love the look. Also think the diagonal stitching would be darling on lots of handmade items. I LOVE ric rac and use it alot on aprons and purses! What a great give-away!!

  653. Belle

    I’d like to try using rick rack to outline a apron or towel.

  654. Kathy

    I love rick-rack and can’t wait to order your cute apron pattern! Thanks for sharing the sewing tips and techniques too!

  655. Sharon Talarowski

    I’ve recently taken up weaving, and was thinking that ricrac in the weft would be fun. I wouldn’t beat it back, but would leave the space to let it show fully woven with the warp. I think I could make a beautiful table runner or placemats with an open weave combining ricrac with other fibers and ribbons. Also, the red, white and black example you show reminds me so much of the kind of needlework my grandmother would do, and I would love to watch her. Makes me miss her. She is also the one who got me started doing needlework of all kinds. Thank you for the memory.

  656. Linda Kopisch

    I am so happy that rick rack, ric rac, and rickrack have had a comeback. How can you look at it on something and not smile! I’m really crossing my fingers for this giveaway.
    Thank you!!!!!!

  657. Kathy Matchett

    I would love to try ricrack in my border on a quilt. I love the look it gives the project

  658. Danielle Barbeau

    Le rick rack est souvent une belle finition pour tout genre de projets. Difficile à trouver au Québec…

  659. debbie

    Wow, what I could do with all that ric rac. I hope I win!

  660. Smallchange

    I can remember my grandmother Grace helping me learn to add ricrac
    to my doll clothes. I appreciated this later as I sewed for my adorable
    toddler…who really wanted to wear only overalls.

    Now, I sew curtains and aprons for that toddler….who has grown to a lovely young woman with a home of her own.

  661. Jeanette Barney

    Scrapbooking and even for jewelry making. I can imagine lots of ways to incorporate it. My mother used to use rickrack a lot in sewing when I was growing up.

  662. Bonney

    I never thought of using rick rack in so many ways! I’m enlightened! I’d love to embellish a jean jacket I have that’s been lingering in the closet looking uninspired. I especially love the first example above with the red trim. Thanks so much!

  663. Kenna Gaynor

    I used rickrack years ago on my daughters clothes but adding it to a quilt sounds interesting. It would give the quilt another dimension.

  664. Joy

    That is a fab. apron.I want to try one.Just thinking about what I can do with the rick rack ( Hmmm from purses to designs for clothes or maybe a mini quilt or maybe a table runner and napkin set for christmas) I guess I better catch my mind.LOL! I would like to win this package.

  665. laura zentz

    LOVE rick rack…I’ve used it for years…scrapbooking and sewing, but I’ve never seen the “stuff” that you are showing! Love it!! I would love to win!!!!


    Rick rack is fun to use on purses and placemats

  667. Pat Riley

    RicRac, hmmmm, there are soooo many ideas. Wow, well, adorn them around children’s stuffed balls. I’d love to make some of them. Or, a tote bag, a skirt, a tea cozy, a placemat, a book cover, and so many more things. I would love to do them all.

  668. Rachel B. Provencher

    I’ve been using rick rack (in abundance) to make my vintage style aprons for my upcoming Craft Fair on Nov. 5. However, curves can get a little tricky. I think I’ve done a decent job, but I’m definitely going to try your method, because it looks a lot simpler than mine. By the way Amy, I just discovered your Blog – and I’m loving it! Thank you for sharing your Story, Inspirations and Passions!

  669. Honey610

    I would love to use this technique on my aprons. When I was a little girl rick rack was on everything. It brings back beautiful memories.

  670. Favy

    I’m already planning to use some rickrack on a purse I’m making! I’ve always loved rickrack!

  671. Lori Smanski

    Oh I would love to try the circle. I have never done this. It would make a wonderful design on the bottom of my neices skirts that I sew for them.

  672. Corina

    I’m an apron lover and collect old aprons, even if they are torn-up, faded, and lovingly worn out. I love them because of their style and the great embellishments on them, buttons, bias trim and best of all the way rick rack was creatively sewn on them. I am especially wanting to create rick rack flowers to put on my homemade aprons which I will be sewing up as xmas gifts. I’m a bit of a dinosaur and don’t blog or facebook, but I do sign up to receive emails and that is how I found out about this exciting offer. I love your site and ALL your creativity that is included in your patterns. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!

  673. Laurie

    Please enter my name for a chance to win this lovely ric rac package! I would use the ric rac to embellish my own primitive crafts and the yo-yo pincushions! Thanks

  674. Ruby

    I’m not sure when I apply rick rack where to sew, now I know after reading on your blog. Thanks so much. Ruby

  675. Dorothy Ransom

    I use rick rack on everything from pillowcases to quilts to clothes. Most recently I used it on tote bags.

  676. Sherry

    I would love to experiment with the rickrack on a child’s dress using the black and white with red rickrack technique in the first picture. I am just getting started with heirloom sewing and smocking and I can picture beautiful cream rickrack added to rows of lace for an heirloom look. A faux smock look could be achieved with a two color stripe and a rickrack insert in the bodice of a garment or on pretty decorative hand towels, pillows, etc…. The possibilities would be endless. Thanks for inspiring me to play with rickrack in a whole new light.

  677. Debbie St. Germain

    I have seen rick rack on quilts and love the look between blocks, makes a fun accent. I would like to learn how to sew it better, so it stays down and the sewing lines don’t show. On some pieces, I use it to embellish, so i like the stitches to show for effect. For quilting, what type of foot would be best to use?


  678. Deanna

    My grandmother made some very pretty aprons with cross stitch and rickrack in the 60’s. I would really like to reproduce some of these for the family! I’m sure they would immediately think of her when they see them.

  679. Darlene

    I love to use rick rack in place of stems for applique. I especially enjoy using velvet rick rack and large rick rack to embellish pillows. Thanks for the great inspiration you always have on your blog!

  680. Jeri L

    I would love to incorporate rick rack in a quilt. I think it would make it pop.

  681. Nance

    Rick Rack on the aprons looks like the most fun to learn, I need to try this soon, love it.
    You always inspire something new to try Miss Amy.

  682. kathleen

    I’d like to learn the braiding technique. I’ve loved rickrack since I was a child. Just looking at it on skirts and aprons is cheerful

  683. Allison C. Bayer

    Ric Rac makes me smile and brings me joy. I recently found six vintage aprons and two of them had ric rac on them — these two aprons were set apart from the other four because of its charming addition. If I won the ric rac pack, I’d be adding it to the other vintage aprons and trying the curved technique in the necklines. So pretty and feminine! Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  684. Leslie Hurtack

    Just retired and getting back into sewing. I’m starting out small with tea towels and pot holders and rick rack just makes the project too cute.

  685. Mary

    I’ve used Rick Rack for many years while making clothes for our daughters. Then there was a lull and now it is full blown with so many more interesting ideas. What a challenge.

  686. cathy young

    I love them all but would have to try the apron!!!!

  687. Gail Steffen

    My mother used lots of rick rack, the narrow was sewn to the collars of our school dresses, the wider was used to trim her aprons. I still have a couple of her aprons, and wear them when I bake cookies. Great memories.

  688. Bev Scherping

    I have a box of rick rack not being used, I have to do try the decorative rick rack on different projects. Thank you

  689. Jo Nardi

    Rick rack is one of my favorite things from my childhood. So fun to take a simple trim and see how many different things you can do.

  690. lorna

    Love rickrack! I use it in my cardmaking and scrapbooking. It’s sooooo vintage!

  691. Cindy

    I love to see rick rack used in quilts and on home dec pillows and pillowcases. I want to try sewing it on by hand, thanks for the tip on that as I have only sewn it by machine and not always happy with the outcome!

  692. jeanne

    Rick Rack makes even the simplest things look rich and beautiful.

  693. Mel H

    I would probably start with using it as a decorative accent…I love to embroider, so that looks simple enough for me to try!

  694. victoria

    CURVES!!!! I love the idea of playing with rick rack on curves and adding colors. My bliss is working on cloth dolls and embellishing them…this will be perfect! Thank you!

  695. Dawn

    I think that rick rack gives a great vintage look to kitchen accessories especially aprons. I love using it!

  696. Darlene

    What a great prize! Rick rack has come a long way…..

  697. Anna Coots

    I love rick-rack on everything, it has a vintage appeal. Reminds me of aprons my grandmothers wore back in the day. I am wanting to make vintage aprons using rick-rack.

  698. denise

    I would love to win the different rickracks. I like to use rickrack as a decorative element on quilts, as well as aprons!

  699. Lu Lu

    I have a first granddaughter (first grandchild as well) on the way at Thanksgiving. I have been sewing for her and would love to try the curve techniques on some summer rompers for her. I am so glad to see rick rack showing up everywhere and in such great colors. It has always been one of my favorite trims.

  700. Kim

    I would like to try the rick rack on a curve . Sounds like a challange. Always good to learn something new, or old.

  701. Grandma Shell

    I would like to try the braided rick rack effect. I have pieces of rick rack dating back to the early 1950s that were my mother’s Some of the packages aren’t even opened!
    Thanks for the opportunity to hopefully add to my rick rack collection.

  702. Patricia Blair

    I am returning to sewing and needlework after many years’ absence. All the new techniques and trims are really appealing to me – zippers as decoration (who would have ever thought!). I know I would use the ricrac for one of my new projects or in making something for our little granddaughter.

  703. Deborah Klemp

    I have been playing around with different apron patterns that could be enhanced by rick rack., however I have planned some of my own unique quilt and bag ideas that would be much more fun with rick rack. This would be great to play with. Thanks for the opportunity!

  704. Jo Price

    I make quilts for a children’s hospital in my area & would love to add rick rack to my borders to add more dimension & texture. The thought of overlapping different rick racks is very intriguing.Thanks for the chance to expand & venture out of the box!!

  705. Kathleen Kirby

    I just made an embroidered quilt top and trimmed each block in various sizes of ricrac! It was stunning!

  706. Louise Schubert

    The Christmas that I was 9 years old, I received the prettiest dress from one of my aunts. She used a muted dark green print to make the dress, and then trimmed the skirt and sleeves with gold metallic rick-rack. It was the prettiest dress I had ever seen. It started my love affair with rick-rack.

  707. Carol Young

    Ricrac has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I got out of the habit of using it so much until I found the apron pattern using it to join pieces. I am very anxious to bring back to life my love for ricrac. I will make an apron for all my family for Christmas.

  708. Kerry Grunwald

    Love rick-rack!! My mother used it on my clothes she made , when I was young. I collect it and have used it for my granddaughters projects. I bought your tech & composition pattern and will use it on my next one I make. (If I had only though of this when I made one for a friend for her b-day!) The pincushion use is a great one to use rick rack on! Thanks for your creativity and will miss seeing your booth at Houston Festival. I have so many of your patterns clothing and bags and for my granddaughter’s, too. Keep us inspired. Blessings, Kerry G. in Texas

  709. Carmen

    I would love to try embellishing pillowcases. Love the many ways rick rack can be used.

  710. Suzy Swetz

    I have been using rickrack since my mom gave me the scraps to use on doll clothes (about 60 years ago). The first Christmas gifts I sewed on the sewing machine were simple aprons trimmed with rickrack. I still enjoy using it.

  711. Ann Shaver

    I love rick rack. I have been using it for 40 plus yrs. I would like to learn more about the peek a boo method.

  712. Pam

    The think I would really like to try the curve technique! 32 years ago my husband and I received an embroidered pair of pillowcases for a wedding gift and although they are pretty they are also special because of the time spent making them just for us. So yeah, the rick rack curve technique could make an item a great and special gift for someone and the Holiday will be here before we know it!! Thanks Again.

  713. Sandee

    I love rick rack. It is ageless….use it on baby clothes, adult apparel and home dec. I remember using it to make earrings and jewelry. The apron is wonderful. I would like to try it and add embellishments made with rick rack. I am so happy to see rick rack making a come back. Did it ever go out of style?

  714. Becky

    I make lots of fleece hats and think that rick rack would be a great addition. Not only would it provide additional color, it would be a different texture.
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  715. MaryB

    I LOVE rick-rack! Not only does it give a “fun” and colorful look when applied, but also helps to “mask” mistakes from time-to-time!!!

  716. Debora

    I would love to incorporate rick rack into the baby quilts I am working on for several friends!


  717. Scott

    Love to trim quilts with the Jumbo stuff and then there is this cool woven effect we have on a vintage pillowcase that would be cool to try out!

  718. Leslie

    I would like to try the braiding of ric rac to make a trim for a retro style wallet. Thank you for the give away.

  719. Lisa

    I have a rickrack obsession! I am always buying vintage spools of it when I can find them! I would love to try the technique that looks like a crocheted edge (especially since I can’t crochet a stitch!). I’ve got to work up my nerve and give it a try!

  720. Catherine

    What an adorable apron! It looks like it would make a cute sundress too. I love the look of the ricrac on the smocked piece shown in the above article. Very different effect and seems easy enough to do–like variations on a theme. Love it!

  721. Madgeline Cluck

    Great article; I’m printing it out to keep for all the ideas. I love the cozy, vintage look of ric rac. The black-and-white check has inspired my next project. Thanks for the ideas.

  722. Priscilla

    I’d like to make the apron. It’s adorable!

  723. Betsy

    I saw a great handbag at a craft show where all the rick rack was intertwined and sewn into tight rows. The front and back were done this way. It was such a fun look but I could not tell just from looking at it how it was put together. It reminded me of a 50’s potholder.

  724. Beth J. Beal

    Oh, I love rick rack! When I was young we used rick rack on everything and then it was “out of style” for so many years many young sewers didn’t even know what is was. I especially love the new big wide styles!

  725. Teresa Ackerman

    I have collected vintage rick rack for years and would love getting this package. I love vintage aprons and have several vintage Simplicity apron patterns that I would incorporate this rick rack in. The hint on doing the curves will reallt come in handy.


  726. Sharon

    I have used ric rac on your yo-yo pincushion and loved it there and plan to do more for Christmas presents so I know I would use it there. I also sew for my granddaughters and would love to try braiding some although your sample of the embroidery over the top of the ric rac inspires me too. I just have to figure out where I would do it. thanks for all the inspiration.

  727. Annette Burke

    Going to love trying this on curves as I have two new grand daughters on the way. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  728. Janora Hayes

    I just bought ricrac to put on baby quilts, but after reading Amy’s blog the ideas are flowing beyond quilts. Now to just get more time in the sewing room.
    Thanks for the great ideas!

  729. Leslie

    I’ve collected rick rack for years from estate and garage sales. It’s amazing to find a package priced at 19 cents!! The bigger the rick rack, the better I like it. I’d love to try using some hand embroidery to embellish the dips and curves!! Viva la rick rack!!!

  730. Lisa

    I love the curved technique on the pillow case. It really adds a interesting element to an ordinary everyday item.

  731. Nancy Noel

    I’d like to learn how to sew rick rack in all ways. … curves straight lines. Plus I’d like to learn how to sew it on by machine.

  732. Annette Burke

    Such a great and creative use of a simple product. So creative and interesting!! Thank you so much

  733. Rose Zaucha

    The peek-a-boo is so cute. I know several pieces I would like to use it on.

  734. Marilee

    I would love to experiment with rickrack combined with embroidery. What a simple way to add a wow factor to an apron or dress.

  735. sue anne

    ric rac is the most fun way to add detail!

  736. Diana

    I just love Rick Rack., I want to use it on a Baby quilt to easily spiff it up…

  737. Bonnie

    I love that vintage pillowcase and would like to make something that looks like that. I also use rickrack on my papercrafts and altered projects frequently and love the vintage look it gives them.

  738. Virginia

    Oh my gosh what a fantastic idea. The ways to use ric rac I never would have thought. The above photo appears just like smocking. Such a traditional or vintage sewing item has become very upscale. Great Idea.

  739. Paula B Carter

    I plan to use the rickrack to be the “icing” on my projects such as Christmas stockings, baby bibs, the bottoms of little pants and cuffs. Around pillows also adds a refreshing touch instead of the usual ruffle. Rickrack is fun. It reminds me of my childhood- those summer dresses with the criss-cross backs outlined in rick rack with two buttons on the back— good times!

  740. Angela B.

    I would love to try rick rack on my next quilt! Thanks for the chance to win!

  741. Jackie OBrien

    How do you enter the contect? The link in the email just brings me here

  742. Jude Curtin

    Rickrack has been a staple for many, many years in my family for holiday decoration: Easter; Halloween; Thanksgiving and Christmas, not to mention the different seasonal decor. From large to small, rickrack adds a playful touch to just about anything. Thanks for some new ideas on how to use it!

  743. Michelle Bruns

    I love to use them on decorative towels that I display on an old ladder that had belonged to my grandfather. I have a small home and it gives me a chance to change them out with the seasons and holidays.

  744. Betty

    I am not creative – I am a copycat. I love the designs and inspiration you have suggested in your blog. It makes me want to sew, so thank you for the motivation. The apron looks like it could be made into a cute sundress! I would like to know your technique to finish the edges (anything new), but would also like to know how to use it for embellishment too. Is it machine stitched or hand stitched?

  745. Suzanne Estilette

    I absolutely love, love, rick rack. Of course I love anything with a vintage look and I use rick rack in just about all of my creations. Whether it is used as a border with ribbons or a curvy stem to an embroidered flower,,,I am always on the look out for new ideas to use rick rack.

  746. Diane Knoblauch

    Having a precious 20 month old granddaughter with another granddaughter due at the end of January, I would certainly put this to good use. I remember embroidering over rickrack in my teens on a blouse and loving the results. It adds color, texture, and design to any project without taking away from the lines of the garment.

  747. mary mac

    Amy Your tutorial is wonderful but I would love to use your ricrac on my handmade journals and cards.

  748. Tracy

    I LOVE rick rack. Reminds me of my grandmother’s sewing. I would like to try the peek a boo technique.

  749. Georgie Bender

    I love to use Rick rack where I can. So I can’t wait to incorporate it in my next project using stiching over the Rick rack.

  750. Lee Ann

    I love rick rack,I use it everyday on the sweet pockets of my aprons……I think is would be fun to use the jumbo rickrack on some pillowcases or maybe on some towels!! I also have two vintage wall racks that store my collection of vintage rick rack in my sewing room! Of course I only use them in a pinch…as all the vintage colors make my sewing room sparkle!

  751. Krista Knapp

    I would like to try the curve technique. Your instructions make it seem so easy to do. Thanks for giving the opportunity to enter to win the rick rack giveaway!

  752. Jan

    What a great idea to use rick rack to embellish a quilt. I plan to experiment with the overlap and stacking techniques on either a block (perhaps crazy quilt) or border. These techniques have many possiblities for a unique approach to embellishment–adding a little beading for example..

    Thank you for this inspiring idea.

  753. Cheryl Jacaman

    i am always looking for fun ways to embellish the things I make & have always loved rick rack with its versatility. I have never seen the effect that mimics crochet done & plan to try that on my next item! (Maybe even find an item that needs some dressing up & go for it!) Thanks so much! Great website with lots of information!

  754. Annette Crain

    I have always loved rick rack, but the jumbo rick rack has really appealed to me. I would try the trim on curves and on the apron.
    Great giveaway!
    Thank you,

  755. LouAnn McGraw

    I love working with ric-rac. I have incorporated it into quilts and aprons for many years. I own several vintage ric-rac packages. Curves are my favorite!
    LouAnn in Colorado

  756. Bunny Langridge

    I’ve never been one for flair but it appears the time has come to add a little pazaz to my sewing. I’d like to to try adding Rick Rack to curves and maybe show some finese in my designs.
    Thanks for offering this.

  757. Karen Shepard

    My quilting guild’s charity is a local children’s home. Rick-rack has such a fun and whimsical effect, When added to a quilt, it adds a touch of cheer. I am currently working on cupcake potholders and rick-rack would make a great “loop” for hanging. In a pinch, it’s great to tie around a gift in place of ribbon!

  758. Mary Janson

    I must try the curved rick rack design on the old pillow case. Looks like a very complicated design but when reading you instructions it seems relatively easy (LOL).
    Wonderful article! Never thought to curve rick rack like that. Thank you.

  759. Carol

    These aprons look just great

  760. Carolyn

    I have used ricrac on a couple of skirts I have made. I’d love to try the apron pattern shown in the picture above.

  761. Karen W.

    What a fun way to embellish all kinds of sewing projects. Would love to win this! I’m doing a project now that is embellished with rick rack. Great notion!

  762. Kathryn

    I use rickrack in most of the aprons i used and have a collection of all sizes… even used for hair ribbon in my hair.. to cute thanks for more information on ways to use… Sew helpful!!!!

  763. Darlene

    I love to work with rickrack – have for quite a while. Just recently applied it to a really cute embroidered child’s jacket. Can’t wait to try braiding it for a better effect.

  764. Mary W

    I love rick rack. Would love to do the curve, fancy work on pillowcases. I had not thought about putting it there. What fun.

  765. Malinda Ahmann

    I would love to make aprons for Christmas gifts! Your patterns are awesome!

  766. Gay

    Thank you for sharing your techniques……..rick rack brings back many wonderful memories of my clothes my mother made for me. Wonderful for embellishing!!

  767. Pat

    I would love to try the rick rack on a curved Christmas Tree Skirt. I would love to win some Indygo Junction patterns. They are the best.

  768. Olivia Kuebler

    How great would it be to win all of this?? I’d like to find out.

  769. Yolanda

    Just beginning to sew again and I have lots of ideas using rick rack. Winning this would be great. Thanks

  770. Cathy

    I would love to bind a quilt and add ric- rack trim. And also create some special holiday gifts spiffed up with this wonderful “stuff”!

  771. Cathy Wegner

    I love rick rack and use it in paper crafts as well as trim for pin cushions and other applications. I love the way you used rick rack at the top of this post. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  772. Olivia Kuebler

    Wow. So many new ideas for trim that has been around since, well forever. I love it. My Mom used it on many of the clothes she made me and I used it on my own daughter’s when they were younger as well.

  773. lauraluvsloons

    I love using ric rac when I want a fun pop of color. I’ve used it on aprons, notebook/tablet covers and table runners. I would like to try it on curves too. Thanks for the new ideas.

  774. Janet Pedersen

    I love putting rick racxk on most anything and will try putting it on by hand- looks to give it a more finished look.

  775. roseanna

    I would love to win the Rick Rack giveaway and try some of the different trim techniques with rick rack

  776. missy

    I love rick rack! What cute ideas you have! The tip for making curves is really useful. Thank you

  777. Carol

    I have a ric rac rose that I made to embellish a purse. I want to use ric rac to trim the edge of a garment by sewing it between the facing and the front pieces. Love your ideas, Amy.

  778. Kathy

    Love,Love,Love Rick Rack! It’s not just for doll clothes anymore!

  779. Kim

    I would love to try overlapping the ric rac for different look on bags and towels. Thanks for chance to win!

  780. Robbie

    Love the idea of applying to pillowcases, giving a vintage crochet look!

  781. Immi

    I think the idea of sewing it on curves is so interesting. I’d like to give that a try!

  782. Melody Jane

    My fingers are itching to try the application technique shown in the blue/white pillowcase. I can envision this as a detail in a holiday skirt hemline, festive apron, or a blouse. I would enjoy this collection very much, please count me in the giveaway. Thank you.

  783. Patricia J. Coonner

    I’m 78-been sewing since I was 8 ! Using RR since that time on almost every thing, my all time favorite trim. I even pick patterns with RR possibilites first. Love your apron patterns they remind me of happy times and I can smell the gongerbread. Thanks PC

  784. Nancy Collins

    Good morning!
    First, thanks for having this giveaway! Ric rac is so
    much fun! I have used it to make little flower earrings!
    I make lots of accessories so this would really be great to
    incorporate the ric rac in some of these!
    Again, thanks for being so generous.

    Peace and Blessings!

  785. Linda Carroll

    I will be making baby bibs soon and will definitely try the curve technique.

  786. Deborah W.

    I used to think rick rack was old fashioned, for grannies. However, after a more recent work at some contemporary quilts, I have changed my way of thinking. This “something old” has become something fresh and fun. Strange how our thinking changes!!

  787. Amy Bohner

    I’d love to make the yo-yo pincushions for my stitchery group. The one with the rick rack trim is so cute. Hope I win!!!! I’ve only just sewn down the middle of the rick rack but I like the hand stitched effect better.

  788. Donna

    Love the pin cushions. Always had an affection for rick rack. Reminds me of my grandmother

  789. Trina Knox

    I love rick rack! I’ve been using it since I was a little girl and made doll clothes and then used it on aprons and now use it on Christmas stockings that I make for family. I’m always open to learning any new technique!

  790. Lorraine Glach

    I love to embellish with rick rack! Oh, how I hope I win. Thanks1

  791. Connie

    Love the look of rick rack but have not used it much, I need to give it a try in more of my projects. Thanks for the inspiration.

  792. Anne

    Oh, my! More apron fun! Just might have to actually dig out my sewing room(long story-consolidation) and make a few of these for my favorite people.

  793. Mischell Johnson

    Love ricrac… being a young child during the 1960’s .. seeing it make a comeback makes me a bit nostalgic.

  794. Belinda

    Rick-Rack is back!
    I remember a use for this product…
    To go over old hemlines when you wanted to let down a pair of pants. Covers the old hemline and adds a cute decorative detail.

  795. Kris Wieland

    Wow! I had no idea that rick-rack could be used for so many gorgeous embellishments. I would love to try the curved pillowcase trim, but I want to use that technique on a dress for my granddaughter. I have picked up so many innovative sewing ideas from Indygo Junction!

  796. Cindy

    I have not used ricrac yet, but I purchased a wall hanging with this medium used as the flower stems. My passion is quilts, but love doing 3D projects.

  797. Eileene

    OMG this would look so great on my crazy quilt !!!!!! There are just loads of curves in a crazy quilt and the rick rack would give it just the right punch. Hope i win .

  798. Donna

    I would like to try the crochet look on a pillow. Two of my daughters are into the retro look and like crochet items. I just finished putting wide red rickrack on a curtain for the grandbaby’s room. Love it!

  799. Cindy

    I love to see the renewed popularity of ric rac! Brings back good memories of learning to sew as a child. I have used braided ric rac as a trim on cards and scrapbook pages. Think I would like to try the peek-a-boo idea on the pockets of an apron or along with a border print on tea towels.

  800. Susan

    I LOVE rick rack (however I didn’t realize til just now that the words ended in “k”, no wonder Scrabble didn’t recognize them)! I’m excited to try the curve, mine always bunched. It a trim that always makes me smile 🙂

  801. Debbie Ross

    I make wearable art and wall hangings, I would love to try rickrack on the edge of seams to look like small prairie points. I think the large rick rack may look good as stems for flowers on my art quilts. Thanks for this opportunity.

  802. Kathy Patrick

    I am a rickrack, vintage notions addict! I would love to try making a vintage pillowcase adorned with rickrack! Love your ideas! 🙂

  803. Diane Caton

    Can’t wait to try some of these rick rack techniques on some of my projects! Love rick rack!

  804. Nancy Johnston

    I’ve got apron projects for Xmas gifts that are going to need oodles of rickrack. Love your variety and hope to see it in my future.


  805. Paula ann Hagar

    I have loved rickrack and buttons since birth. I have applied rickrack with sewing machine and glue, drawn rickrack with crayon, pencil and paint, used rickrack in clothing, collage, and gift cards. Saved vintage rickrack in its original package, salvaged it off discarded clothes, bought it at yard sales, junk shops and closeouts. I have always thought of rickrack is a survivor; it has cycled in and out of the fashion pages my whole life. During all my rickracking I have never used hand sewn application and am using the knotted corner technique on my next project. Thanks for the inspiration.

  806. DBrokop

    WOW….could I do a lot with this adoarable Rick Rack for my granddaughter!!!

  807. Peggie

    I would love to try adding some to something plain with a curve. Maybe a neckline or something. I have sewn for years and used it in a seam before but when I see how to sew it on the curve I want to try putting it on the outside and seeing the whole rick rack and not just the pointed ends from one side like you do when sewing it in a seam. Looks like lots of fun!

  808. Mary Beaulieu

    I love the Tic Tac Tote….you just can’t have too many tote bags and this one looks very smart with all the detail1

  809. Lillian

    I would never have thought to stitch over the rick rack. And I love the peekaboo of the white on blue and would really like to try that.

  810. Marcia Z

    I would love to put the rick rack to good use!! I have a memory quilt I’m making for a veteran’s sister to have forever. In the vets younger days he was a surfer and I’ll use rick rack around the surfing photos like waves and around some blocks.
    I always have too many projects started so I’d also make a Christmas apron so I can be dressed for the party while I’m still cooking. How much fun!!!!! Thx for the inspiration!

  811. Judy Morgan

    Great opportunity to try rickrack on the hotpads I’m making for gifts. Thank you.

  812. Brenda Lambert

    The new applications for ric rac look very interesting. I want to try the braiding technique. With 2 colors it should look great as a trim on a jacket!!

  813. Connie Mears

    I have always loved rick rack. It is such a happy decoration and happy colors. I am curious about the crochet look. I have never heard of that before.
    Thanks for your blog.

  814. Anne Marie

    I am a rick rack lover – would love to use it on aprons as it gives the finishing touch to them. I would love to try the curve technique – something new to me. Thanks for the chance to win.

  815. Mickey Ellis

    Seeing rickrack used again reminds me of my growing up years. My mother used lots of rickrack on my homemade clothes. She always sewed it on by hand so it was easier to iron the garment.

  816. Kathe

    Love the fact that rick rack is coming back along with other ‘vintage’ (who’da thunk) items. Thanks for the giveaway.

  817. Terri Jones

    I would love to try the smocking on a dress for one of my granddaughters. I would never have thought to use rick rack.

  818. kathy

    I think I would like to try to use it in a crocheted edging. I just adore rick rack. You can never have too much.

  819. Annette

    My granddaughter is learning to sew and quilt. Adding ricrac trim between the blocks would give the quilt a colorful and fun look.

  820. Margaret

    I would like to use it to make 3D looking pinecones,fern and other embellishments on my wall hangings. Plus a decorative edge to some pillowcases I’m making. Very exciting!

  821. Mary Gross

    I have loved Rick Rack since I was a little girl. I pestered my Mom to put it on everything. She used to tell me that there is only so much you can do with it. WOW was my Mom wrong. I want to explore and fullfill my childhood passion for Rick Rack. There are so many uses I need to get off here and get busy!!!!!

  822. Beth

    I think I would try it as a decorative accent on a quilt.

  823. valarie

    I want to try that curved idea with the french knots on both sides. I tried using rick rack as an insertion just above the hem in sleeves and it is adorable. I also like to wind two colors together to make “candy cane” stripes.

    Love your patterns!


  824. Grace Mauer

    Their are so many different ways that you can use Rick Rack , Including decorating clothes, pillows, doll clothes, just to name a few.

  825. Tammy

    What an awesome giveaway! Thank you.
    I’d Love to try the “faux crochet” technique.I haven’t seen that one yet, It sounds very interesting.
    Great blog!

  826. Mindy

    I’d like to try inserting rick rack in the edge of a quilt – probably a baby quilt.

  827. sharon

    I would like to try adding it to a childs blanket for donation. I read and seen some done and they are so pretty.

  828. Judy Sullivan

    I’ve been using ricrac on pillows, but would like to try using it on aprons and table runners. It just adds that little extra touch.

  829. Cathy H.

    I would love the opportunity to win this giveaway. I have some old patterns on how to make flowers from rick rack that I still need to try. Would look great on purse or sweatshirt too! Love the peekaboo look!

  830. Lesli Fields

    I have sewn for years, but recently have seen ideas using rick rack that I find intriguing and would like to try. I especially like the ideas stitching rows of it to make an open “fabric” and making flowers with it.

  831. Susan

    Would love to try the vintage apron with the rick rack in the hem.

  832. Laurie in NE

    Although I’m just learning to sew (at almost 50!), I’m first a cross stitcher, and I’m SO excited about soft finishes I’ve seen using rick rack, and can’t wait to try it! It really brings a unique look to finishes. Thanks!

  833. Susan Riley

    I just made 15 utility aprons for a school holiday fair for the moms to wear & the jumbo rick rack made such a statement on them and made them POP.
    I collect old rick rack and love using it because its all cotton.

  834. Cyndi

    I love to use rick rack for quilts, especially small quilts. You get a wonderful look and a “big bang for the buck”.
    The large rick racks would be great on childrens quilts. If you have no children to quilt for, make a fun quilt and donate to a local charity or homeless shelter. Everyone is a winner!!!

    I would love to win and share this package on a quilt!!

  835. Kay

    I would try to incorporate rick rack into little girls clothes.
    The bright colors would make any piece pop. Can’t wait to try it.

  836. Mary

    I remember my grandmother using ric rack to decorate everything from dresses too pillowcases! Now that I have my own granddaughter I would like to try the technique where you join rows of points for the “crochet” look.

  837. sherelyn

    What a great idea to give away ric rik. I love to drees things up with itt. I would love to win this prixe!

  838. Musie

    I think the curved design is really interesting, I had never thought of using it… guess that’ll be my new inspiration 🙂

  839. Karen Quinn

    I love rick rack and patterns from Indygo Junction. There are so many cute things that can be made. I would be honored to be able to win this giveaway. Thank you for the chance to sign up.

  840. BK

    I adore rick rack. I can’t wait to use the curving tips on my little sachets. I’m also making a set of pillowcases for newlyweds and that daisy made by the circle of rick rack on your vintage pillowcase is gorgeous. I will definitely “steal” that idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

  841. Maureen

    I have an apron my grandmother made in the 60’s that looks very much like the black and white gingham sample on this page. I would love to recreate this look for my sisters in memory of Grandma Minnie.

  842. Mary Sue

    We, my sister, mom and I use Rick Rack mostly as accents on baby blankets and bibs right now. I haven’t made many clothes for myself and would definitely make that apron.

  843. Karen Yagerhofer

    I have always been a fan of rick-rack. It just makes me happy! I took a denim jacket and trimmed the edges with super wide rick rack – front, collar, pocket tabs, bottom edge! I also sewed a vintage handkerchief in a diamond shape on the back! Always rave reviews! Picture on my facebook page when I wore at 7th Avenue Bazaar in Hendersonville, NC on October 15th. I was a vendor!

  844. Donna K

    I would like to use the rick-rack as the outside border of my pillows

  845. Deborah Stokely

    Love the tip on how to anchor the Rick rack around corners. Definitely will try that on my next project. The stitching over the Rick rack coupled with the smocking is a great look I want to try that also.

  846. Chris K

    Love the vintage pillowcase illustrations – plan on trying that on a pillow using some vintage rickrack I have.

  847. anita butler

    Please enter me! I have so many uses for rick rack!

  848. Marcia

    Correct that “faus” to faux!

  849. kathy

    I want to use Rick Rack on an elf costume….trimming it up in holiday spirit….so playful!! Kathy

  850. Marcelle

    My mother made all my clothes when I was a child and I remember that when she used rickrack it dressed up even the plainest dresses. Love the way it looks.

  851. Ellen Ban

    I’d like to try the smocking one on the black & white gingham!

  852. Donna

    You can really be creative with rick rack in quilting, and I have been experimenting using it in wool applique. I would love to try the different sizes and colors in your give-a-way pack.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  853. SHeila B.

    I have some fabric with funky toasters on it that is just begging to become an apron. I think some rick rack would make it perfect., maybe inserting it in the seams as well as using as an edging.

  854. Marcia

    I have been in love with rick rack since I stitched a faus braided rug with it for my Barbie doll house! Of course, my grandmother also wore aprons with rick rack too. I’d love to try it around the inside of a quilt border as well as trim an apron with it. Thanks for the opportunity to win such beautiful rick rack.

  855. Pat Ebejer

    I am making a cream wool Chanel-type jacket and will use ric rac as part of the trim on the front, sleeve hem and pocket top detail. My only quandry is weather to use all black, black with cream, or a dressier metallic.

    I will use two layed together so they interlock – a look I love using this trim.

    Pat Ebejer

  856. shay

    I would. Try the rick rack style.

  857. Barbara

    Rickrack has been a favorite of mine since I was a girl, sewing for my dolls. I love how I can use it to add just a little something to pillows, aprons, children’s clothing, almost anything! Using rickrack with a bit of embroidery can spice up many home deco items! Or clothes!

  858. Kris miller

    I love rickrack! I was interested in the instructions you had for sewing it flat by hand. I have never done that but I really liked the way it looked.

  859. Felicity

    Rick rack has come a long way from the dull, skinny green trim we used at school to decorate our half gingham aprons! It would be such a pleasure to teach my daughters how to decorate an apron of their own with these updated beautiful colours and sizes – I just love that jumbo size. Thanks for the opportunity!

  860. Joan Beeferman

    I too would love to try it on curves

  861. Lisa Scott

    Due to a major brain injury I am having to relearn everything. This has brought back wonderful memories from my childhood clothes and I can not wait to re-learn the many applications! Thanks for the inspiration!

  862. Sharon

    I love the idea of stacking the rickrack! The beautiful colors of rickrack will look great on my wool projects as well as clothing. Now that I know how to apply it on curves, I am going to use it on my quilt in progress! Thanks, Sharon

  863. Donna

    I would like to try using the jumbo rickrack around the edge of a pillow instead of or in addition to piping. I would have to see if it looks better with just the rickrack or with the piping as well. Another thing I’d like to try is to use the smaller size as an edging around a monogrammed applique on a towel. Also as a border for both sides of a fabric strip on a towel.

  864. Kelly

    I saw that you can kind of wind up the rick rack to make a small flower. I keep wanting to try that. I bet the bigger, softer rick rack would be perfect for that!

  865. Cynthia Aimino

    I LOVE rick rack! And I always enjoy trying new techniques and your peekaboo pics make me want to run to my sewing room! Would love additions to my trim stash!

  866. tara

    i have a couple of aprons that my great-grandmother made that have some of the same rick rack techniques and would love to give it a try!

  867. Ronda L

    I would love to win this. I’d like to try the technique of joining two strips with rick rack in the middle. Thank you.

  868. Hilary Catron

    I love the little peek-a-boo holes left in the apron when two pieces of fabric are bridged by rick rack. I’d like to try that on a blouse. Thanks for the inspiration.

  869. Maureen

    I would love to try the “crocheted” look on a pillowcase hem.

  870. margie

    I’ve seen flowers made with rickrack that I would like to try.

  871. Susie Delewese

    I like to use rick rack for stems of flowers when doing applique It’s also a sweet look on doll clothes.
    I’d love to win that pack of goodies. Thanks for the chance. Susie

  872. Cynthia Dawson

    I have always loved rick rack and am fascinated by the versatility and beauty of a rather common trim. As a child in the ’50’s and ’60’s rick rack was mostly sewn “as-is” around the bottom of our dresses or around the necklines and sleevebands. It’s wonderful to see rick rack embellished and used in new and exciting ways. Indygo Junction — thank you for taking rick rack to a whole new level!

  873. Karen Gass

    I’m having a renewed love affair with ric rac 🙂 For so long I wouldn’t touch the stuff, as it ‘was what my Grandma used on my dresses’ but now I’m realizing that Grandma knew best! I’ve never tried the ric rac and gingham stitching, but that would be choice to learn next. I also love that pillowcase edge treatment – WOW! Thank you for offering this prize – what a lovely box of opportunity! Karen

  874. Bobbi

    The variety of rick rack is so fun. I have vintage rick rack from my mother-in-law’s sewing basket, I love to use it and change the feel of whatever I am working on instantly to cheery and more interesting!
    I would love to win this mix!

  875. Kate

    Rick rack is so festive and nostalgic. Makes me think of the summers I spent with my grandmother at her cabin in the Missouri woods. I’d love to make a vintage aprong or decorate a pillow with this lovely accessory.

  876. Jennifer

    I have always used ric rac as just a simple trim, but your blog has inspired me to find new ways to layer it up and create wonderful designs.


  877. Pamela

    I LOVED rick rack back in the 70’s and used it a lot in my garment sewing. I haven’t tried it recently, but I’ve seen a few applications that appeal to me and inspire me to expand my horizons into cool embelishments on the quilts that I make.

  878. Karen McLendon

    I love the ideas for rick rack…I used alot of it on my little girls Trick or Treat costumes and they loved it. We are planning on making some Christmas ornaments using rick rack like I did when I was 6…Nice way to make memories.

  879. DEB FREY

    I love rick rack and love putting it on towels and anything that rick rack can jazz up, I would love to try making rick rack flowers and leaves to dress up an apron. Pillow cases need rick rack they call out for rick rack.

  880. Mary

    I love using rick rack on childrens clothing and items for the kitchen. The photos you’ve shown are beautiful and I can’t wait to try rick rack on a pillowcase (never thought of that). Thank you for the chance to win.!

  881. Theda

    I have always love Rick Rack & am so glad to see it making a come back with new & old ways to use it!

  882. DEB FREY

    I love using rick rack, I use on towels alot, I even make the towels. I would love to make soem aprons and use in some different ways like making flowers and leaves to add to items I make. Pillow cases too would loves to ahve some rick rack on them. So many ideas and so little time.

  883. Judy

    Rick Rack with embroidery–I need to try that.

  884. Tammy Shelton

    I have used the large Rick Rack to make an apron. Now I want to try using it on pillow cases and a quilt ! Maybe on a skirt or top too. Love your ideas! Thanks!

  885. Joanna Vaughan

    I love re-purposing clothes into something totally different and unexpected. . . especially for children. I would love to try the techniques you have listed in your blog, including the technique of going around a curve as shown on the vintage pillow case as well as trying my hand at adding it to the edges of a garment for that “extra touch”. I would also LOVE to try out the apron pattern using the ric-rac that is shown from Indigo Junction. . . just to cool!!!
    Thank you for sharing the history of Ric-Rac. . . I had no idea it has been around so long! 😀

  886. liannallama

    wow! Thanks for the great ideas and I love the apron pattern! I love the look of the couching over the rickrack in the first picture and I’d love to try that technique!

  887. Judy

    Rick Rack on a vintage apron would be a perfect gift for my baking sister! How fun!!!

  888. Christine Tricola

    I love using ric rac in so many of my projects. I not only use it with fabric but also use it in my various scrapbooking, art projects and many other ways. It is a great way to finish off my projects. Thanks.

  889. Kathy Kauth

    I would like to try the curve ric rac idea with making stuff gingerbread people and embellish with some sparkle on the curves to bring them to life like. Also on Christmas pillows and handmade gift bags.

  890. Diane

    Very interesting. I would like to work with the rick rack.

  891. Dee Bodnar

    Awsome pacjage….I Hope I Win ! 😀

  892. Ruth Robinson

    I am a quilter and would love to learn some techniques for using rick rack in my quilting projects

  893. Connie Daniel

    Hi! I am making a dress for my 6 yr. old granddaughter, Carolina. I will be adding rickrack on some curves. Thanks for the tips on how to do that!

  894. SHIRLEY B

    I like the drawing above which shows how to sew rickrack on a curve… would love to try this on little girl purses or aprons

  895. Cheryl

    I really like the effect of the curves with the decorative stitching. So cute for retro clothes!

  896. JamieS

    I’d start with trim for clothes for my grandchildren, starting with the hems of pants, skirts, dresses, and work up to curves! I’m so happy to see rick rack making such a big comeback!

  897. Janet Jordan

    I love rickrack! Would love to experiment with the peek-a-boo method of installation for joining seams – to finish the hemline of a girls’ jumper for example. Wishing Good Luck to everyone in the Giveaway! Happy sewing!

  898. teresa

    Oh me oh my!
    Do I ever need to WIN this haPPy rick~rack!
    I’m opening a business called bags by BLOOM!
    I’m creating bags with lots of rick~rack!
    I’ve LOVED rick~rack since I was a little girl when my Mother used to sew it on everything. 😉
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    I want to try the stitch for sewing rick~rack on curves.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Attaching a link where I sewed rick~rack onto zippered pouches.
    I used a scrappy kind of sewing for my rick~rack.
    Happy Day!
    Delighted to find you!
    Your aprons are adorable!
    Bainbridge Island WA


  899. Shelley

    I’d love to try making flowers ( 3 dimensional ) from ricrac.

  900. Roberta

    I’d love to try it on curves, I’d never even THOUGHT of that before!

  901. Vonda

    I love ric-rac for everything from quilts to scrapbook pages to cards to headbands…would love some wide ric-rac for a peek-a-boo technique on upcoming kids quilts…thanks for a great giveaway!

  902. Elizabeth Barlow

    I love rick rack. I remember my mother using rick rack to decorate the dresses she made for me and my sisters. I love the added decoration it gives especially on pillows.

  903. Megan

    I’m beginning to handmake my own clothes, and the more I read others’ tutorials, the more I find ricrac used to make things pretty, feminine and visually interesting without overtly changing the larger design. I think I would really love to try it on curves!


  904. Rachel L.

    I LOVE the idea of incorporating rick rack into embroidery for embellishing! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the give-away!

  905. Mary Jo

    I love to use ric rac on towels and aprons, bur would love to try the rosette y