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Hammock is heaven!

Ahhh! the joy that is felt on the first swing of summer on our hammock – a liberating feeling knowing that in the days and weeks ahead the hammock will be there for a peaceful spiritual escape. I look up at the trees, leaves and blue sky take a long, deep breath -this is my escape hatch to summer.


I began thinking about the fun my kids have playing on the hammock, the memories of family and friends visiting our river escape!
Wanting to learn more about the history of the hammock, I found Pawley’s Island, South Carolina, where hammocks have been made by hand for more than a century and are still for sale today.

In 1889, a riverboat captain named Joshua Ward wanted a cool place to nap on muggy summer days, so he wove this deep, wide-bodied contraption out of cotton rope and hung it on the back of his boat. During the Depression, Ward’s brother-in-law, Arthur Herbert “Doc” Lachicotte, was running a small gift shop for tourists and desperate for business. “We started selling the hammocks because it was the only thing we had,” Doc Jr. — son of the original Doc — once told me. Today, the hammocks are marketed around the world. They are unusually comfortable — the mesh design catches the breeze — but they also serve as a symbol of the region.
(article from the Washington Post by Steven Roberts. May 30, 2010)

Searching a McCall’s 1904 magazine, I found this vintage hammock image and it got me thinking of the hammock as a wonderful tradition that has endured: simple design and wonderful purpose. Loved this illustration and the three key points: strength, comfort and beauty.
Reading on I realized this hammock was a gift to readers who brought on new subscribers to the magazine (at 50 cents per year). A testament to word-of-mouth advertising!

I do not have a beautiful hammock to offer but I will offer a discount code for 30% off any Indygo Junction purchase once we hit 3000 fans on Facebook! I encourage you to share the AB blog and Vintage Notions story with friends who might find vintage wisdom through a modern voice (ME) of interest!
Meanwhile, I will settle into my hammock and enjoy the final days of summer and the beginning of fall.

Do you have a hammock?  Where do you hang it and how often do you use it?


  1. Cindy

    Oh Amy, now it makes sense why I love you so much. Hammocks are my favorite!

  2. delnita

    Our kids brought us a hammock upon their return from backpacking in Central America. In the summer it finds folks resting and pondering while overlooking the White River here in the Ozarks.
    I do not use it nearly enough……

  3. Cedy

    Our very first hammock was a Pauley’s Island hammock! We loved it, it moved when we did, had it out every summer. It lasted over twenty years. We bought another one two years ago. This one is slightly bigger than the last one. For one person, it is a bit tricky to get in and out of, but we manage. 🙂 The five grandchildren love it. In fact, our Christmas card this year will feature a photo of all of them in it. Ah, a hammock on a beautiful summer day, life doesn’t get much better than this!

  4. Joan

    I bought a hammock in Mexico at a tourist market. It is at the cabin which I have not been to all summer. My sister is going to spend Labor Day there so I will have her bring it back so I can use it here. My niece has used and said it was very comfortable. Maybe I will be able to enjoy some of the summer yet.

  5. Sally B

    Unfortunately our PI hammock met it’s demise after many years of use. We miss it in our yard strung between two trees. It was not only a relaxing spot but a fun activity for our little grandchildren. Only the last two missed out on the fun,

  6. Karin

    We have a wonderful hammock that my Dad gave us as a gift many years ago – a Pawleys Island hammock. Over the years we have moved it around as our landscape allows. Right now it is too darn hot to lie in it, but soon it will be perfect again! Once I crocheted a hammock out of jute twine (can you say ITCHY?) and hung it between two old eucalyptus trees in our backyard when we were college students in Las Cruces, NM. We had to spread a sheet or blanket on it to make it more comfy, but my husband, young son and I all could lay in it together – it was wonderful!

  7. Mary Ann

    Had one in a frame but not the same as one connected between 2 wonderful trees. Your pictures look so relaxing – enjoy!

  8. susie chapple

    We have two hammocks, one for me and one for my husband. Mine was bought for me as a gift years ago to get me to slow down and enjoy the garden I worked on tirelessly. We hung my hammock under a japanese maple tree. One end attatched to the tree the other to our neighbours fence. On the fence grew rambling pink roses and underneath the hammock was a flower bed filled with perinnials. We had stepping stones through the flower bed to be able to get into the hammock. Once in the hammock one could look up a the sky through the leaves of the tree , view the distant mountains or enjoy the flowers surrounding you underneath and off to either sideof the large flower garden. It was magic! We don’t live in that house any more . I haven’t found a place that tops that for our hammock!

    • Amy Barickman

      Love reading and imagining the location you describe!! I have a photo similar to the one you describe, looking up thru the leaves in my hammock…When we are snowed in the winter it will be a wonderful reminder of my peaceful hammock and summer..thanks for sharing Susie!!

  9. Janice McLain

    I have no hammock as yet. However, as a recent retiree, I plan to put one in my tiny back yard where the now outgrown playset for my grandaughters now stands. I’ve got my eye on the Pawley’s Island variety. However, I will probably go with whatever is on sale at the time.


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