Traditional Craft, New Energy: Quilt Market

As I walked the aisles of the Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, I thought to myself this has to be one of the few trade shows for independent retailers that is thriving in todays challenging business environment¦the energy was so refreshing!!

New faces, fresh fabrics, young designers and shop owners walking the floor. I have a unique perspective with almost 22 years in the biz. I was one of the few from very my Generation X in the industry in 1990. Within the last 10 years an amazing movement has transpired and the shift has brought new life into the sewing and quilting community. This is what keeps me inspired and energized to architect our creative offerings for Indygo Junction..
Here are a few of my favorite finds from Market (all young entrepreneurs with amazing talent) :

And a few photos from the show.

Take a look and let this movement inspire you: a thriving creative community is calling…what designers inspire you??


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