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Why Thimblefuls?

Naming a product line, business, or blog can be a fun and challenging exercise. The process of brainstorming names for my Indygo Junction sewing patterns has gotten more challenging over the 20 years as we have already used some of our favorite names. But I am always up for the challenge and we try to do this as a group over lunch which makes for a delicious experience! Especially when Secely, Cheryl, Dian, Annette and I head to the Bloomsbury Bistro at the Mission Antique Mall. Lunch is always tasty in this cafe surrounded by 100’s of great antiques!!!

So back to the name of this blog..A Thimbleful of Thoughts…why? Take a look at this photo. It is a rare book from the 20’s by Mary Brooks Picken. Mary is my muse, my “Julia”; all who have seen Julie and Julia will eventually understand this comparison as I will continue to explain. I have a new book launching in September, Vintage Notions:An Inspirational Guide to Needlework, Sewing, Cooking, Fashion and Fun!  which features essays from Mary’s Thimblefuls of Friendliness, as well as my essays, Modern Notions, bringing attention the timeless charm of this material as it relates to modern living. So there you have it..I hope to inspire you with thimblefuls of notions, as they relate to my life, my businesses, and my passions for fabulous vintage content.


  1. Stacey Salisbury

    Thimblefulls of Blessings, one only needs to give a thimbleful of kindness to bless another’s day. A small gesture for a big reward. I love the name and the idea. Thank you Amy!

  2. Donna Bogert

    Amy, I absolutely can not wait for the book. You were so kind to give us a “peak” at it at the ME Home Companion Workshop. Loved meeting you! Blessings!

  3. Donna Martin

    Amy, I am looking forward to helping you with the spring market because of your new book and exciting patterns. We always have despite the hard work–you have a GREAT team. Donna


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