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Crossroads Embroidery: Back Stitch

Welcome to the fourth video in the Crossroads Embroidery Series. During the remaining videos in this series, we will be learning some basic embroidery stitches and I will be sharing a FREE embroidery design with each tutorial. Last time, we learned the Cross Stitch and today I’m excited to teach you the Back Stitch. In […]


Vintage Notions Monthly Club

Last year I launched my new Vintage Notions Monthly magazine. This magazine allowed me to share more of the material that inspired my book Vintage Notions. It brings to life more of Mary Brooks Picken’s writing and wisdom as well as the lessons the Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences. Mary & her students […]

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Vintage Notions Monthly!

It’s here – Vintage Notions Monthly! Thank you again for being a part of the launch! we am extremely excited to offer my Vintage Notions Monthly magazine to you. Here is the launch special you’ve been waiting for! Vintage Notions Monthly (print versions): Buy both Issues 1 & 2 for limited time and receive Issue […]

My 1st Edition copy of the Fashion Dictionary, signed by Mary Brooks Picken!

Define or be Fined!

It’s no secret that I greatly admire the life and work of Mary Brooks Picken. I’ve shared with you many of her words of wisdom, helpful advice, and thoughtful stories. She was constantly at work on one project or another, and had a seemingly endless well of knowledge to draw from. One of her best […]

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