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Crossroads Embroidery: Back Stitch

Welcome to the fourth video in the Crossroads Embroidery Series. During the remaining videos in this series, we will be learning some basic embroidery stitches and I will be sharing a FREE embroidery design with each tutorial. Last time, we learned the Cross Stitch and today I’m excited to teach you the Back Stitch. In […]


Crossroads Embroidery: Getting Started

I am so excited to share my Crossroads Embroidery Series with you! I recently finished this series of videos in partnership with Sulky Threads. I love to share hand embroidery with other makers, and I can’t wait to teach you how to get started stitching. The first two videos of the series cover the things you need to […]


Vintage Made Modern – Fabriflair!

Fabriflair™ is a new brand I created for Indygo Junction. It falls into my focus of products that are “Vintage Made Modern”. Here a little bit of the story behind the brand. This is the inspiration that started the process- a vintage star made with feed sack fabric that my mom found at a antique show. […]


Style File: 1920’s Fashion with Lanvin

With the release of The Great Gatsby last month, interest in 1920’s fashion seems to have exploded. For years now, my research and interest in the life of Mary Brooks Picken has immersed me into the world of 1920’s fashion and home design, which I have found fascinating and so inspiring. Of course much of […]


Vintage Notions Book Club: Faith in my own two hands

I’m reading the May chapter a little later in the month than I had hoped. I have just returned from my biggest show of the year, one that took most of my attention these last few months. The May chapter of Vintage Notions is dedicated to appreciating your mother. Reading this was really appropriate for […]

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