My First Library Order!

I am enjoying wonderful weeks in Michigan with my family and friends, three so far and two more to go. This is a much needed break from my daily work routine in Kansas City, here I refuel….time with my kids and enjoying all the beauty of “Up North” are at the top of the list. […]


Water, sun & moon

My visits to Michigan are calming to my soul. How could they not be – just look at how the sun and moon reflect off the lake, creating gorgeous colors and patterns. I feel so lucky to witness the magnificent Michigan sunrises and sunsets.


Windows, Gallery 1

More shots for my window image collection, this time from my adventures in Michigan. Windows can be plain or ornamented, shabby or freshly painted, but they all have personalities. I especially loved the little cottage with the window boxes, so sweet.


Nature Up North

During my visits to Michigan, I spend most of my time outside. I find inspiration in nature and love looking for the birds that are my neighbors for the summer and landscaping in the form of wild raspberries and lilypads.


Fourth Photos

Yesterday I enjoyed a morning at the Petoskey Antique Show with my mother and aunt. Here are a few shots..Loved this button flag from Top Hat Antiques, and the bark cloth pillows were in CJ’s booth, just visited her blog.. and wanted to share!!! My book Vintage Notions was a hit with dealers, particularly those […]

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