A New Year’s Wish

As you know by now, one of the reasons I felt compelled to write Vintage Notions was due to how deeply I was moved by the writings of Mary Brooks Picken and The Woman’s Institute. As this year wraps up, I’d like to share another selection from an Institute “Inspiration” newsletter dated Jan. 1926. This […]


BHG Test Kitchen

On a recent visit to Des Moines for the AQS Quilt Show, I met up with Kelly Kegans, senior home editor at Better Homes and Gardens. She and I first met at the Creative Connection in Minneapolis a few months ago. We discussed my book Vintage Notions and the fact that Mary Brooks Picken was […]


Check Me Out in Design*Sponge

If you don’t know about Design*Sponge…now’s the time. Why should you know about this site? First, it is, without question, one of the best design-focused sites online today. Dubbed Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials¬Ě by the New York Times, Design*Sponge features an unbelievable wealth of information, DIY projects, reviews, gift guides, makeovers, recipes…and on […]


A Curious Closing

If you live in the Kansas City area, I’m sure you have already heard that Deb Dusenberry, proprietor of the fabulous Curious Sofa, is closing her Prairie Village store on Jan 15th. Why? As Deb said on her blog, she’ll “post [her] personal story about it later.” For now, though, I think it’s important that […]

Sequin Santa

Sequin Sparkle

I recently came across some darling vintage stockings and fell in love with one in particular, “ROB.” That is my little brother’s name so I had to have it…a perfect gift!! I thought I would share a few in my collection. I love the shapes and the simple sequin details. Here are some instructional diagrams […]

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Free Image! A Jolly Vintage Santa

One of the items on my thankful list this year was living in the creative community of Kansas City. We have Hallmark cards headquarters downtown which recruits a wonderful creative talent pool to my city. My weekend included a trip to the show “Crafty Chicks”, an annual sale where “Hallmarkers” share and sell their handmade […]


Best Intentions, never enough time…

As I am thinking of the Thanksgiving dinner menu I am thinking of Fall and of all the things I have enjoyed doing and all the things I had wanted to do but was not able to fit in. My mind never slows. A million creative ideas but how to fit them all in… A […]


The Joyous Blur Of Launch Weekend, Pt. 2

More Joyous Blur… In addition to the opening night activities shown in the previous post, the book launch offered me the opportunity to collaborate with some of my favorite retailers in Kansas City. Here are a few pics sharing some of our displays and activities. TomBoy this signing event was held during First Fridays in […]


Blogs: The Sewing Circles of 2010

In a 1924 Woman’s Institute ‘Inspiration’¬Ě publication, Katherine Rabuck wrote about the evolution of Institute Clubs, networks of women in cities around the country, and compared them to the Sewing Circles of days gone by… The same spirit that drew woman together then, draws them now. Our Institute Clubs are but one of the many […]

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