A Thimbleful of Thoughts

Nov 11

In a 1924 Woman’s Institute “Inspiration” publication, Katherine Rabuck wrote about the evolution of Institute Clubs, networks of women in cities around the country, and compared them to the Sewing Circles of days gone by…

The same spirit that drew woman together then, draws them now. Our Institute Clubs are but one of the many examples of this desire for companionship which means progress, but in this day of trains, autos and airships for easy and rapid transportation, and radios for spanning almost unbelievable distances with the quickness of thought, it is no longer a case of isolated settlements and an exchange of self-taught knowledge among a few. Our Institute Clubs, even though one, two, three, or a dozen states away, are still neighbors and find that a give-and-take of their store of womanly knowledge is comparatively an easy manner.

I’m first struck by how the need for connection, for the “desire for companionship,” is a constant through the generations. No matter the distance or need, in spite of or in the company of progress, we have always found a way to find meaning in the human exchange. I’m also truck by the fact that every generation of women has embraced innovation in order to service a need for human interaction.

I suggest that blogs are the new sewing circles. Instruction in all forms, unleashed creativity and the sharing of technique, opinion and support…now aided by realtime and mobile technology. And, as it has no built in limitations (e.g. the size of a church basement or the frequency of mail delivery), it shows no sign of slowing down. How many times do you visit a favorite blog and get lost visiting a seemingly endless list of someone else’s favorite blogs and so on and so on and so on. And, the amount of talent out there right now is staggering. I don’t know whether technology has unleashed a torrent of undiscovered creativity or whether it’s merely more visible now.

In the spirit of the Sewing Circles and Institute Clubs before me, I’d like all of us to share with each other our favorite blogs. Each week I’ll post a bunch of my favorite places to visit. From needlework to cupcake making, quilt design to home decorating…sometimes just featuring women sharing their lives. Let’s all take a moment to enrich each other, 2010 style.

Here’s my list for this week:

- Inside the Bubble (insidethebubble.typepad.com)

- Scrappy Jessi (scrappyjessi.blogspot.com)

- Raised in Cotton (raisedincotton.typepad.com)

- My Minutia (teresamcfayden.typepad.com)

I just met Cheryl (Inside the Bubble), and Jessi (Scrappy Jessi) via my friend Carol Spinski (Raised in Cotton). They stopped by Deb Dusenberry’s shop Curious Sofa on their way to Silver Bella, a wonderful “circle” of creative talent that is happening this weekend in Omaha. I hate to miss the fun this year!! All my best to Teresa (My Minutia) and all the creative spirits attending this wonderful gathering!!!

Please comment and share your favorite blogs with all of us too!

One last thought: technology cannot replace actual human interaction. Learning a new technique directly from another person is an irreplaceable experience. Passing on knowledge from mother to daughter, neighbor to neighbor cannot be replicated. If you can, find a local Quilt Guild, take a class at a local fabric store and join a Sewing Circle in your community. Once your there, share a favorite blog or two with them as well ~ Amy